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Wear your heart on your wrist instead of your sleeve. by KatsCreationKorner
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Hello, my name is Katherine. I’m an 18 year old queer Canadian girl and I’ve opened an etsy store called Kat’s Creation Korner! 

I make earrings and beaded bracelets, with a focus on pride flags, including optional letter beads! My store is also aromantic and asexual inclusive. 

Some things you can find there are:

With many flag options! I also have a stealth option where every second bead is black, so the pride colours are broken up and look less like a pride flag.

You can also find OTP braclets, such as:

Every bracelet is made with pony beads, bamboo cord or stretch cord, and glue to hold the ends. Custom orders are available too! 

Why support my shop? Any income I make from this will go towards things I need like university, food, and keeping my animals happy and healthy - and this way you get something from it too, instead of just donating. 

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Thank you!


introducing snailpals on etsy !!!


this shop is run by two disabled, mentally ill, jewish lesbians trying to make things that make people happy !!

i am one of those people and i cant get a job due to disabilities so this is my job and i want to get money for us to move out in july !!

our shop will feature jewelry, stickers, stuffed animals, and crayon sculptures, all handmade ! there isnt currently that much stuff up but we have a lot made that we will be steadily adding so keep looking out for all of it !!



because, y’know, it’s summer and sunshine and everything is pretty and I don’t feel like giving up on the whole making a living through my art thing just yet, so here’s the deal:

get 20% off any purchase at my etsy shop with a coupon code ZRND20OFF. the coupon’s gonna last till mid-July, and it applies to all purchases made at my shop, including custom orders.

all items are hand-sculpted by yours truly, coated in non-toxic glazes and fired in a kiln at high temperature, making them 100% functional cups and plates and bowls you can use to eat and drink from instead of simply setting them on your shelf to stare at. 

no matter what beverage you pour into a rainbow pride cup, it will taste like magic and acceptance and love. ace cups will show you swirls of galaxies in the depths of space, and poppy cups will pour so much positive energy into your drink that you’ll be able to do things you thought weren’t possible. 

add some colour to your everyday meals!


Some of my favorite pictures from my day trip to Bath during my Europe trip! I wore my hand embroidered Regency gown that I made myself, and definitely just pretended to be a Bennet for the day. Pictures at the Roman Baths and at the Jane Austen Centre (where I definitely met Mr. Darcy himself!!)

These are 2 Rainbow Pride Bats I made this past week and they are for sale on my etsy.  18" wingspan.  They are ready to go to their new homes. :)   Thanks for looking!  Pattern by BeeZeeArt. Link for pink bat:  https://www.etsy.com/listi…/514778611/pink-rainbow-pride-bat
Link for blue bat: https://www.etsy.com/listi…/514778853/blue-rainbow-pride-bat