handmade leather satchel


abigail “abby” fox // entp // rosamund pike

defining traits: knowledgeable, enthusiastic, curious, quick thinker, original, charismatic, energetic, argumentative, disorganized, unfocused, impractical, creative, artistic, sarcastic, laid back, confident, witty, friendly, whimsical, protective, loyal, lazy, procrastinator, chaotic, unstructured, caffeinated, unrealistic

aesthetics: lattes in a hand painted mug, scattered manuscripts, stargazing, staying up so late you can hear birds chirping, handmade leather satchels, sunny days, organized chaos, ink stained hands, purple everything, all nighters, effortless chic, a bookshelf full of unread books, leather oxfords

parallels + tropes: lorelai gilmore, deadpan snarker, angelica schuyler, chaotic good, tyrion lannister, gryffindor, captain james tiberius kirk, badass bookworm, peggy carter, spunky young lady, type 7 wing 6, adorkable, beware the nice ones, princess anna, large ham, chandler bing