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Giveaway! ☮📿💕

Hi flowers! I almost have 100 followers, which is a true blessing, considering I’ve had this blog for maybe two months! I want to show you guys that I am super appreciative of your love and support, so I thought I could do a giveaway. It’s small but that’s okay because who doesn’t like free shiny stuff? Anyways so when I get to 250 followers I want to give away one of my handmade crystal/agate pendants! Free US shipping, International will have to be paid separately (broke life, sorry guys)! Likes do not count! Don’t tag this as a giveaway!

So if you’re a crystal lover, reblog this and follow me! Namaste 🌈👁☉

Also, if you want to see examples of the pendants, visit my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/earth2hanley ! Peace and love 💕