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NEW TWIN STUDIOS PRODUCTS ON ETSY NOW !! Makes the perfect gift!

Product 1: Custom Corset Lace Up Rainbow Hooded Crop Top with a Spiral Pocket

Product 2: Adventure Time Bubblegum Princess Crochet Vest

Product 3: Giant Crochet Rainbow Hood

Product 4Neon Festival Crochet Hooded Granny Square Vest XS-S

Product 5: Teddy Bear Crochet Ear Warmer/ Headband

Hi again!!!!

Remember that time I asked you all to buy stuff from me? Well, I haven’t gotten any requests yet, and I’m assuming that’s cause you all just can’t decide what you want! Also, I’m sure a few of you might be doubting whether I have the skill to make whatever it is you want! So to help you out here are a few examples of stuff I’ve made. I think these items are a decent representation of what I can do, considering I found them all to be very easy projects. (Also please excuse the not weaved in ends on some of them, I was lazy. I promise anything you order will be done neatly and properly)



Winter Hat (This one fits me regularly and with my giant clip on pigtails)

Flower Crown:

Stuffed Owl:

Please keep in mind that this is not all I can do, these are just a few quick projects that happened to be sitting in my room. If you have any questions about what I can make for you, or if you want to buy something from me, just drop a message in my ask box. Please please please help me out and buy stuff!!!


Tweet tweet! One of my favorite non-fandom designs, meet the Crown Of Birds! With red and blue flowers framing an adorable flock of bluebirds and cardinals (all with their own personality), wearing this crown will for sure show your love for those feathered friends!

Find it here!

Wear Your Flower Armor


Hey all. Things aren’t going as I had planned. Majorly not really… Just as my store transfer was finally going into the last steps, the store was hit by a tornado. In fact this happened maybe an hour ago from this post being posted. I have no choice but to move still but find myself in a tight spot. I need a little money to be able to eat off of. Now I do not expect any donations or anything. I come from a family that likes to earn the money we are given. What I do ask is that you all look at and consider ordering from my Etsy shop. Or perhaps signal boost this if you don’t have a lot of money. I will even send coupon codes for my shop to anyone who helps me in this time of need. I just ask you all to excuse me if I reuse a box from something my dad ordered or whomever my roommate will be when I move in this weekend. My Etsy shop is PokeRosesandMore www.etsy.com/shop/PokeRosesandMore I also have a Facebook page of the same title. www.facebook.com/PokeRoseLady Please consider helping me during my time of need.


I know you have all been waiting for this on the edge of your seat, but wait no longer!  

Midnight Magicks is back with new products in addition to the old!  

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Now, before you say “Hey, Margo - that’s not enough items to warrant the hype and a midnight posting”, I’ve got two things to say to you - one, quality over quantity.  Every item in my shop is handmade by me, and the newer items have been in development since February.  Two, I have more on the way.  Don’t worry.  

I’ve been working very carefully since the beginning of the year to plan out a new line of products for my shop.  It’s been a long process, so please - click, browse, enjoy!  Also, being that this might end up being my only source of income before the end of the summer (there’s a long story there that I don’t feel like sharing yet), please reblog this post and help me out!  You never know who might like these items!  

And yes, there are pictures.  :)  Enjoy!

Shell and Crystal Necklace

Amethyst Gear Earrings

Boho Steam Charm Bracelet

Freshwater Pearl Victorian Earrings

Etsy shop sale!

We have candles, soaps, jewelry, and other handmade items. All candles are made with high quality soy wax, and our candles and soaps are completely cruelty free and vegan. We would really appreciate if you checked us out as things have been really slow lately and we need to move stock. We ship worldwide!


BEESALE2015- 15% off ($5 minimum purchase.) Ends August 18th.

50FREESHIP2015- Free shipping on purchase over $50. Ends September 30th.

Product Review: Eya Naturals

Product Review: Eya Naturals

Happy TGIF!

Clarissa Bannor of Get Out There PR  sent me some Eya Naturals products last month to review here on my blog. I was sent the Eya Naturals Basic Essentials Hair Care Set pictured below.

External image

About Eya Naturals

Eya Naturals is committed to working with, and building the local community and hence only sources their raw unrefined Shea Butter and African Black Soap from a women’s co-op in…

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So, as you all probably know, I’m in the process of opening a new store called Cutie Crochet, which will be on storenvy. In this store I will sell all sorts of items that I’ve made myself, such as hats, bags, toys, and shrugs. However, there are just a few things that I need to get in order to perfect my products and put them on the market. So in the meantime )and in order to make the money to get those items) Ima take commissions!!!

How this works is that you (wonderful friend and super supportive person that you are) will message me right here on tumblr in my ask box, and I will respond with a price/more details. However, please don’t ask for big projects like sweaters/blankets/anything that will probably require more than one ball of yarn as I have a very limited supply and I need to make it last until I can save enough money to buy some more. 

Once again, if it can be crocheted, I can crochet it. So please, hop right into my inbox and tell me what you want!

EDIT: Also you’ll want to have a paypal account so I can send you an invoice