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Hi again!!!!

Remember that time I asked you all to buy stuff from me? Well, I haven’t gotten any requests yet, and I’m assuming that’s cause you all just can’t decide what you want! Also, I’m sure a few of you might be doubting whether I have the skill to make whatever it is you want! So to help you out here are a few examples of stuff I’ve made. I think these items are a decent representation of what I can do, considering I found them all to be very easy projects. (Also please excuse the not weaved in ends on some of them, I was lazy. I promise anything you order will be done neatly and properly)



Winter Hat (This one fits me regularly and with my giant clip on pigtails)

Flower Crown:

Stuffed Owl:

Please keep in mind that this is not all I can do, these are just a few quick projects that happened to be sitting in my room. If you have any questions about what I can make for you, or if you want to buy something from me, just drop a message in my ask box. Please please please help me out and buy stuff!!!


NEW TWIN STUDIOS PRODUCTS ON ETSY NOW !! Makes the perfect gift!

Product 1: Custom Corset Lace Up Rainbow Hooded Crop Top with a Spiral Pocket

Product 2: Adventure Time Bubblegum Princess Crochet Vest

Product 3: Giant Crochet Rainbow Hood

Product 4Neon Festival Crochet Hooded Granny Square Vest XS-S

Product 5: Teddy Bear Crochet Ear Warmer/ Headband


My current pride and joy… Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time bottle items. This set includes potions (blue, green and red), a fairy, a bug, a fish, lon lon milk and the four poe sisters. All of the bottles come with an identifying tag and on the back is the in game selling price of the item in rupees.

All of the bottles can be purchased separately <3



I know you have all been waiting for this on the edge of your seat, but wait no longer!  

Midnight Magicks is back with new products in addition to the old!  

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Now, before you say “Hey, Margo - that’s not enough items to warrant the hype and a midnight posting”, I’ve got two things to say to you - one, quality over quantity.  Every item in my shop is handmade by me, and the newer items have been in development since February.  Two, I have more on the way.  Don’t worry.  

I’ve been working very carefully since the beginning of the year to plan out a new line of products for my shop.  It’s been a long process, so please - click, browse, enjoy!  Also, being that this might end up being my only source of income before the end of the summer (there’s a long story there that I don’t feel like sharing yet), please reblog this post and help me out!  You never know who might like these items!  

And yes, there are pictures.  :)  Enjoy!

Shell and Crystal Necklace

Amethyst Gear Earrings

Boho Steam Charm Bracelet

Freshwater Pearl Victorian Earrings

Cat Bridge

Give Mr. Whiskers the secluded lounge area he deserves by installing the cat bridge in your home. This handmade item offers your kitty cat a secure spot to relax in – or even re-enact your favorite scenes from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Check It Out

Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


So, as you all probably know, I’m in the process of opening a new store called Cutie Crochet, which will be on storenvy. In this store I will sell all sorts of items that I’ve made myself, such as hats, bags, toys, and shrugs. However, there are just a few things that I need to get in order to perfect my products and put them on the market. So in the meantime )and in order to make the money to get those items) Ima take commissions!!!

How this works is that you (wonderful friend and super supportive person that you are) will message me right here on tumblr in my ask box, and I will respond with a price/more details. However, please don’t ask for big projects like sweaters/blankets/anything that will probably require more than one ball of yarn as I have a very limited supply and I need to make it last until I can save enough money to buy some more. 

Once again, if it can be crocheted, I can crochet it. So please, hop right into my inbox and tell me what you want!

EDIT: Also you’ll want to have a paypal account so I can send you an invoice


Another inspiring visit yesterday, as we traveled into the mountains of northern Nicaragua to meet with a women’s group based in the tiny village of Cinco Pinos. This is an agricultural community, with very few other opportunities, especially for women. So, it was inspiring to hear how these women decided to form their own group sixteen years ago, with the purpose of learning how to produce, and sell, crafts made with pine needles that are abundant in their area. They have progressed significantly since that time, and their products are now not only sold in stores in Managua and Masaya, but also exported to the US.

SOFT OPENING] { About Japan Lover Me Store } Our items shall range from one and only one products, limited edition and hard to find items, handmade crafts and many more and hopes to be presented with the truly original flair a-la Japan Lover Me style. Later on, we hope to sell originally products and items that we hope to achieve interactively within this community of sharing our talent and resources with everyone. It is our dire need and passion to connect with you all folks out there and make the digital community complete with analog functions and filled with warm and happy interactions among us. Truly, without your support and activity here, we could have not made it so far. Importantly, because this is mainly a self-financed project ever since as manifestation of our love and penchant for the Japanese culture, we resolved that in order to grow this community bigger and achieve our dreams to reach out to everyone and empower our lives more than just our banal presence here, we will need to be also self-sustaining along the way. In this respect, your patronage and support in the form of purchases and availing of our services, we will be able to grow and expand our projects and fund our immediate goals to empower ourselves with the capacity to dedicatedly continue our efforts in bringing Japan and its culture closer to you. We dream big and dream to make this community sort of a virtual country or planet in which we are all connected and linked by our common interests in leading happy, fulfilling and empowered kawaii lifestyles with hints from Japan to which we are all in admiration of the rather contemporary soft power that it has all affected our lives. And so we sincerely, hope for your kind sharing of anything that we will be publishing here in our platform being the unofficial self proclaimed Japan Culture Club for everyone alike. - www.japanloverme-store.com/about (P.S. We will be announcing our first official JLM bloggers soon! Thank you for your entries, JapanLovers!) www.instagram.com/japanloverme.store | www.japanlover.me