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How do you think giving our puppy a collar would affect him? I'm not sure if your version of him has one. Just imagine the awe on his face if you gave him a handmade collar! One that is mistaken as a choker, and can be used for "sexy times" ;3 -A pupsy lover (:This is not a request, just an idea I would LOVE to hear your idea on!)

Personally, I’m not into pet play so I don’t see the collar as that. I love the symbolism for ownership though! In a way, I think it’s like a marriage proposal. 

Plush Sans Commission


65USDollar– 70USDollar depending on detailes


60USDollar – 65USDollar depending on detailes


70USDollar – 75USDollar depending on detailes

Accessoires like bones, souls and so on, (the things they can hold in their hands) and things like collars will cost 5 USDollar extra per accessory.

Shipping is not for free and can be (depending on the country you come from) pretty high. Keep that in mind please :)

The plushies are made of soft plush minky and felt. The patterns are made by myself and still worked on. I use a sewing machine and simple hand-sewing.
The arms are movable and the faces are all uniquely made of felt sewed to the minky, the jacket is to be opened and closed with Velcro. The plushs can be ordered with magnets so they can hold small stuff in their hands like plush hearts or bone attacks x)
Their clothes are completely removable except the tank-top for their arms are attached to them. There is also an elastic band in their pants to make sure it fits the plush. :)
Each plush is around 35cm from head to toe.
Everything I do is completely self thought and not perfect. I’m still learning with every plush and trying to get better so please, if you’re commissioning me, tell me in a formal way if something bothers you or should be changed and I will see what I can do :)

Please consider that since they’re Sans and only have low health they won’t survive washing machines x)

Okay now that you know about the plushs themselves

let’s talk about some rules :)

-I will work on 2 Sans’ at a time. If you’re planning to get all 3 of them Sanses at     once we can discuss how to deal with it in PM to save shipping costs :)

-I’m still going to school and only do the sewing in my free time, so please don’t rush me. I don’t mind you asking for updates and I want to work close to you so we can make you your own unique plush, but if you’re getting on my nerves it will only slow the progress down

-As said I want to make your plush special, so if you wish for certain details (examples at the end of the rules) please tell me and I will try my best to get it as close to your imagination as possible

-I would prefer sending the plush insured to make sure it comes to your place safely, which however will rise the price. You can ask me privately if you want to know what the shipping costs would be and if you know a cheaper way please feel free to tell me. I’ll send them from Germany :)


-I’d prefer PayPal for the payment and if you’re commissioning me I would like a partial payment, means half of the price before I start with your plush and the other half when it’s finished and befor I ship it to your destination.
It’s just to make sure I don’t get tricked, I hope you understand :)

If you want to commission me please take a look in my blog description. I will make sure to update there if commissions are open or closed.

Here are some examples and how updates will look like:

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YOI STUFFED DOLLS FOR $18USD (plus shipping)!

  • Payment method is via PayPal
  • Includes 6 stickers
  • Height: 10.03 inches (25.5 cm)
  • Handmade, washable and printed on BOTH sides.


Send us an email to johannathemadshop@gmail.com and get yours now!


Recently updated my etsy shop with my most recent handcrafted one of a kind healing pendents / dread beads ! check out my shop ✨🌟✌🏼️ www.etsy.com/shop/jupiterscollection Thank you all for your support ! Much love ✨😘💌

This spell is designed to increase your self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. In particular, it may help you to have the confidence necessary to perform important tasks that might otherwise make you feel nervous or unsure of yourself. 

I myself found this spell very helpful in preparing for several new projects I’ve been working on, and I can imagine it would work great in a variety of situations.

The only object needed to perform this spell is a bit of jewelry or something else you can wear, specifically a piece made up of beads. If you like such things, pearl necklaces work well (I used one for this), but also handmade items are a nice touch. 

There are many tutorials out there for making your own beads with inexpensive materials, too. You needn’t spend a lot of money on this - any small article of beaded jewelry will work, regardless of where you got it! 

You’ll want one with at least ten beads on it, but I don’t recommend trying this with more than perhaps fifty or sixty beads. Put bluntly, the more beads you use, the more powerful the spell will be, but as the number of beads increases, so does the difficulty of the spell, so keep that in mind! 

You’ll also need to actually wear the beads, so be sure to choose something that you like to wear!

Beginning at the spot where the jewelry clasps together, hold a single bead between your fingers. If your jewelry doesn’t have a clasp, you can really start this process anywhere along its length - just be sure to mark that point (with a bit of yarn, perhaps) so as to not lose track of where you started. 

Hold the bead in you fingers and, aloud or silently, compliment yourself. Do this in a very specific fashion. “I am clever,” is good, but “I am adept at learning new things,” is better. Try to be as specific as possible. 

Move, then to the next bead, and supply yourself with another unique compliment. Continue moving along the length of your jewelry, holding each bit in turn and reciting a compliment to yourself as you touch each one. 

I realize this is a somewhat daunting task, and all he compliments must be unique. Thus, it’s best to do this spell when you have a lot of time to yourself, and are not feeling stressed, in preparation for more difficult situations.

Once you have reached the end of the beads, where the clasp is (or at least where you started), you piece of jewelry is charmed and ready to wear! Don the beads whenever you need a boost of confidence. If you’re unable to wear them openly, tuck the beads into your pocket or another hiding place, but keep them on your person to experience the spell’s effects!

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this spell useful, and that your life is full of wonderful magick!


Have you ever wondered how a museum goes about spring cleaning? Here we see our Gallery Maintenance team members Hilary Wang and Alisa Lenander scaling the heights of our galleries to vacuum our stunning Persian rugs. Using low suction vacuums and nozzles handmade for conservation, the team regularly cares for our rug and tapestry collections, some of which are several hundred years old. In this way, we keep them in stable condition while on display and limit the accumulation of dust.