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Mental health is such sensitive obstacle I constantly need to be aware of at all times, but life is too finite to let it take control ⏳ Part of what makes me feel defeated sometimes is when my mind puts my body in a chokehold, and I can’t make my own moves; I feel like a pawn in a chess game ⚜️It’s a daily battle to fight for myself, but always worth it. I’ve learned that when my demons are playing my favorite tune, don’t sit and watch the show; get up and dance with them 🎶 Work with what you have, it’s still you. Take the time to talk to your enemy and work together. You have control. Take control. Sometimes it can be easy to feel like a ghost in the machine that is your body, but I promise you, there is so much life to breathe in. I write this with ease, but I still struggle with this often. Art and all of you bring me to life. Thank you for being the reason my socks get rocked off 💕So many of your kind messages have really been making me feel like a thousand bucks, and it means so much that you appreciate my words. Happy Monday, I hope you conquer this week 😊

After moving to Bend, OR from rural California, we are slowly figuring out the wood market here in this new part of the world. One standout tree is the invasive juniper, scourge of local wildlife and aquifers. It’s taken over much of the prairie landscape and crowded out local wildlife, endemic plant species, and drained many a creek and stream. However, it has BEAUTIFUL grain, so we are happy to be helping the environment while also introducing a colorful new element to our woodworking practice.