handmade in berlin

I love shopping so much, and the ability to buy vegan ethical sustainable fashion in Europe is amazing.
Here is my haul from the annual Green Market in Berlin on the weekend:
- Tote bag, 100% recycled from a mixed blend of plastic bottles and cotton (Róka Fair Clothing)
- Recycled/Upcycled handmade ethical underwear (Anek Dot Berlin)
- Ethical and sustainably made tops (Braintree Clothing
- Ethical, eco-friendly hand printed sweet wear top, this one featuring “Kale ‘Em with Kindness” (Plant Faced)

Also the top with the slight blue cloud colouring is from a sustainable fashion store my friend and I stumbled upon in Budapest, Hungary. They’re one of the first Budapest, and I hope its not the last. Please check out store, named Prezent Budapest, the owner is a lovely sweet woman who cares about the products she stocks and is great to have a chat to!


Turn around of the matryoshka for AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire ordered by Russian fandom!