handmade food


Source: Mimine Miniature 


Katy Perry’s new lyric video seems to have “borrowed” some mini kitchen video motifs, but damn they did it well.

Me? Pushing my mental illness onto comfort characters? Surely not.

-krupp accidentally letting parts of his split personality slip into his normal one, dissociating when it happens

-him finding that whenever he has “memory lapses”, his house starts having changes to it. Subtle at first, like the lightbulbs getting replaced and the drapes getting opened. More light in the building. Then theres a vase of flowers on the table. Handmade food in the fridge.

-captian underpants coming to terms with the fact that he is his own worst enemy and becoming derermined to make sure krupp becomes a kinder person so that his favorite sidekicks (not that he picks favorites!) are happy and safe

pls add more if you think of them i love this sm


YOU GUYSSSSSS. It’s finally over! I can finally share with you what I have been up to! This is my entry for the 2015 Creatin’ Contest! The Candy shop features many assorted handmade candies, as well as some indulgent sweets like macarons and cakes! Here are a few pictures to share my excitement for this project. I will be sharing more detailed images in the coming days/weeks.

Little life update- I recently finished another semester of school, GOT ENGAGED, then my fiancee graduated from college! Life. Has. Been. Crazy! There will be a video for my YouTube channel where I will talk a bit about this build. There may actually be a few videos because I now have a personal channel (DIY, lifestyle, vlogs) AND my good ole’ miniatures one! My A Bohemian Bazaar channel has long been neglected but I hope to bring it back to life in the coming new year.

I have wanted to learn to dye yarn for years. I finally started teaching myself, and I am so in love.
Here are the first two happy hanks, and here’s to many more to come. 🌟