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Eternal Steel and... what should I name Hancock’s?

So I was quite proud of myself. After months of self-doubt, I finally bit the bullet and mixed up fragrances for Maxson and Hancock.

The result? Fucking perfection. I based these on their coats. Both involve tobacco and booze, but that’s where the course alters. Maxson’s has leather, cold steel, rich bourbon and vanilla tobacco, a touch of ozone from laser rifles; an interesting mix of warm and sharp notes. Hancock’s has a hint of grape mentats, a touch of gunpowder, and a pleasant blend of musk, patchouli, and amber (all sweetened with a bit of caramel) because damn, that’s an old coat.

Show me some interest and I’ll reopen my Etsy shop. I’ve sold fandom-based perfumes/colognes for years, and before closing it, I did have scents for Danse (”power armor grease & testosterone”, indeed), Valentine, MacCready, Piper, Nuka Cola (and cherry as well), Fancy Lads, perhaps a few other things. If I’m being honest, they tended to sell out immediately.

I had already made base notes for things like hubflowers, tarberries, etc., and had a Cait fragrance in the works. I suppose Deacon will have to be limited to products like body butter, because he’d be fragrance-free, right?  ;)

Encourage me if this sounds like fun. Got any good ideas for companions I haven’t mentioned here? Please let me know!!  :)

I’ve made you so happy and so sad,
But which should I be more sorry for?


hey y’all! my name is silas and I’m a 21 year old nb trans artist living in mississippi.

I do all sorts of art but what I typically sell on etsy are my handmade mixed media fan collages. they’re on hangable wood panels of various sizes. I work with a lot of glitter which is hard to photograph sometimes!! everything is very well sealed with semi gloss varnish. I really do pride myself on how sturdy and durable my collages are. these things aren’t flimsy, the glitter if used is definitely not going anywhere, and I work really hard on keeping air bubbles out of my work.

here’s a link to my etsy and while you’re there check out my 94 positive reviews and my past 278 sales!

right now I’m trying to get some commissions! I’m out of school right now so I have a lot of time to work on them right now. this is also my only source of income right now. 

when you message me about a commission, let me know your budget, what size you want your collage, and what all you’re looking for me to include. you can send me specific photos too!

I am selling my Ghirahim plush that I made for myself a while back!

$125 + $15 US Shipping. Payment through PayPal

He is about 12″ tall, made of minky, fleece, and poly satin

I do NOT make these as commissions anymore, so if you wanted one, this is your last chance to get one!!

Send me a direct message if you’re interested. Thanks!


My Lelouch Minimee head sculpt borrowing my Limhwa Mano’s body. I always planned for him to be a floating head, but he fits fantastically well on this body. The body is very narrow and too small for its intended head, but works rather well for Lulu. The arms are a tad bit muscular for him, but not too exaggerated. I wish I had hunt down a second body while I had the chance, because the match color-wise, is pretty darn close as well.

The first image is a PSed version of his wig, I suck at making wigs and styling anime hair has always been my biggest nightmare! I am thinking of making a new one for him, but I hate wastefulness, so I might just try restyling this one a bit further. I love Lulu very much, he is one of my favorite characters of all time. I think DIM did a good job on this head, it’s very accurate to the source image we provided as the main reference for them to sculpt the head (top anime screen shot in the third image). My goal is to get his wig to look a bit nicer and less like crap, like in the bottom anime reference image. I’m also contemplating darkening his lids a bit, but I suck at painting miniatures and to top things off, as much as I love anime, the style is not my forte.