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Hi there! I was wondering how I should learn vocabulary and memorise verb endings. I just feel like I can't remember anything and I don't know (when I go to sit down and study) how to actually learn languages and feel like I'm being productive. I'm really struggling and loosing motivation :( any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you so much 😊

Hi! I’m sorry for taking so long to answer. Here are some tips:

How to learn vocabulary

  • Learn common vocabulary and vocabulary that is useful to you.
  • Write the words in a notebook with their translation and/or definition.
  • Make your own sentences using the vocabulary you learn.
  • Use the words you have learned in a conversation with a native speaker. 
  • Make themed vocabulary lists.
  • Read the word, write the word down, listen how the word is pronounced, say the word out loud.
  • Use mnemonics, associations, and visualizations to help you remember the word better.
  • Use flashcards (handmade or electronic).
  • Make your own vocabulary tests and quiz yourself.
  • Write words on a piece of paper or a post-it note and stick it somewhere where you can see it often.
  • Use apps and games to make learning new vocabulary a bit more fun.
  • Immerse yourself to the language: listen to music, radio, podcasts, audio books; read books, newspapers, magazines, blogs; watch tv, movies, youtube videos; play video games, etc.  

How to learn verb endings

  • Look at conjugation tables and look for patterns. You can write or highlight different verb endings with different colours to make it easier to see them.
  • Don’t try to learn the whole conjugation table at once but concentrate on one tense/mood/voice/aspect/etc. at the time. Start with conjugating verbs in the present tense (I am, you are, s/he is…) and then move on to next one.
  • In many languages verbs are divided into different groups. For example Japanese has three verb groups: u-verbs, ru-verbs, and irregular verbs. Practice conjugating verbs in those groups.
  • Pay attention to irregular verbs! With them there’s no other way but to learn them by heart. 
  • Print or make your own (I recommend the latter) verb ending cheat sheet and keep it somewhere you can see it often/when needed.
  • Get a textbook or a workbook and do verb conjugation exercises.
  • Make your own sentences to practice conjugation.
  • Mnemonics, associations, visualizations, flashcards, quizzes, apps, and games will help you here as well.
  • So does practicing with native speakers and immersing yourself to the language.

I hope this helps, good luck and don’t give up!


Paul’s Handmade Kits: My Zombie Flashlight

I’m really excited about this Zombie Battery Flashlight kit. It uses a “dead” AA battery to power an LED. How does it do that? By using a circuit called a Joule Thief. A Joule Thief gets its name because it “steals” energy (a Joule is a unit of energy) from a AA battery that won’t work in other devices because it’s “dead.” (Most devices can’t use a battery that falls below 1.0 V, but that’s why the Joule Thief circuit is so cool!)

This kit comes with everything you need to build a Zombie Battery Flashlight. All you need is a dead AA battery, which you probably have a pile of in a drawer in your kitchen.

It’s great for beginners and pros alike because you can either use the included crimps to hold the wires together, or you can use a soldering iron.

Find this along with my other Handmade Kits in the DIY Market.

- Paul Long, Workshop Coordinator at DIY

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New Handmade 2 channel Band/Scoop Filter w/joystick attenuator.

Hi All,
Here is demo of a the band/scoop filter i have been working on.

Issues: Change out a 10k resistor for 100k on low pass. I
missed this on the build and need to correct. The low should be much more noticeable.

2 Channel Hi/Lo pass filter with finger tap left/right cut-outs.
Joystick controls amount of treble or bass:
X- axis Left-right= Right channel hi-lo pass
Y- axis Up-down= Left channel hi-lo pass
The knobs control the amount of effect for each channel.
The Buttons act a tap controlled cut outs for each channel. For cool oscillating pan effects.

I have family in Baltimore. My cousin and her husband, an interracial couple, if that makes any difference to anyone, own a small boutique in Fells Point, a business which they emptied their savings account to open, one that was just getting back in its feet after a brutal winter. A labor of love, this little shop was a place that sold fair trade items made by craftsmen and women from impoverished countries around the world.

I use the past tense because last night a bunch of cowardly thugs with an agenda far removed from justice for the abomination that was the death of Freddy Gray, saw fit to smash the windows of the shop and either destroy or steal everything in it that wasn’t nailed down. There were no big ticket items sold there. No TVs, no appliances, no high end electronics. Just handmade crafts made and sold with love so that the families of these talented artisans could eat. Nothing that would be of any value to a thug.

I am angry today. I am angry and I am sad and I am trying really hard to focus on the good that inevitably surfaces after tragedy, like a crocus pushing through the dirt. I am trying, but right now, right this minute, there are so few flowers and so much dirt.