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Method to my madness…

“It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.”

- Nina Simone

🎁Holiday Art Commission/Request Sale🎁 *Accepting 5 (9"x12") commissions 
*1 commission per vendor
*$50 1 person/character - no background
+$25 per additional person/character
*Open: 11/27/2015-12/4/2015
*email requests to: JavereIrie@yahoo.com

     Last tuesday was my highschool carnival and I made this Ursula cosplay from the Little mermaid. I’m kinda proud of it (yeah, it don’t happen that often).

    I sewed the dress and the tentacles. I also “sculpted” the wig and made the jewelry. Sadly the foam in the tentacles fell at the botom so they looks weird.

     I’m sorry for the phone and the bandaid on my chest, but I didn’t have any pockets and I had to protect my tatoo from the sun.

      I also made an evil queen (from Snow white) cosplay for my friend. But I’m not quite sure she want her face to be show on tumblr

Handmade Tangled Inspired Button Picture available on Etsy


Each Tangled Sun Button Picture is 10x8 but please don’t hesitate to contact me for more sizes. This beautiful piece is mounted on a high quality white canvas and will arrive to you unframed in bubble wrap, wrapped with brown paper and string and packed in a bubble postal sleave.

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Bendy and the ink machine poster.

I decided to dip my toes in the BATIM games and really wanted to try my hand at those classic posters. I made two edits, the first was hand made, the second was edited using photoshop.