handmade daggers


Hidden dagger hair sticks by Anna Petlick (myself)
I forged and sharpened the blades out of brass rod. The sheaths are made of bronze and patina’d with peanut oil. Each stick has a moonstone cabochon set in the handle.

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Privileged (6/?)

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“When everyone realises that Octavia has gone missing *yn* puts aside her differences with Bellamy to help him find his sister. *yn* has to deal with the drama between Clarke, Finn and Raven as well as worrying about the safety of the rest of the delinquents. The search party runs into grounders along the way and things take a turn for the worse.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death

Notes: Based on 1x06 “His Sister’s Keeper” of the 100. 

The last section of this part is ESSENTIAL to part 7 & lets just say things get very interesting from there…. ;)

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Loud shouts and boisterous laughter filled the camp as the delinquents enjoyed their limited time off around the small flickering flames of the bonfire.

 The noise was a dull roar compared to what it had been when they had first arrived on the ground, the excitement of being free from the Ark had quickly worn off once they realised they weren’t alone down here. 

*yn* sat propped up against the trunk of a tree as she silently observed the rest of the delinquents and made sure that no one started causing too much of a ruckus. 

Her eyes darted across the camp to Bellamy and she quickly realised that he wasn’t acting like himself. She watched him as he hurriedly walked from tent to tent and frantically ripped open the flaps before shoving them closed again in frustration. 

Something was definitely wrong.

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Finished the sheaths for the deer leg bone handle daggers! These are available for purchase in my etsy shop. They do come together as a set. The dye color was supposed to be more red in color but it turned out more purple. I think it looks nice! its much darker in low light and in person. Heres the link to my etsy shop. 

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LunarLightForge?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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Order a sword built specifically for you. From initial design of concept through the fire and final handle assembly watch your sword come to life. Scabbard included with purchase and will vary on materials and decoration. I will start with a concept illustration based off of requested time period and other considerations. Then I will make a schematic and start the build. I blog my progress as I go so you can follow along with me. Timeline says 9-10 weeks but it can take longer depending on what is decided on.
*note: swords displayed are my creations, however items pictured are from previous builds and are not for sale.

Also, I just released some new pricing options for various lengths. Give it a look.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.