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“Sugar Coated Damage” is a comic book that reveals an ever twisting abstract story,that dives deep into thoughts and comes back to the surface with an uncertain confidence that being damaged or causing damage in any way, may or may not be nicely awful. It is more or less a psychedelic chain of events that transform and fuse together without any good reason.

Paperback first edition, 52 pages, measures 23 x 17.5 cm, risograph printed with black soy ink on recycled fine paper.

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We Were Gods - Chapter 1

10 facts about Achilles


ἄχος - ahkos; grief.
λαός - laos; people.

An embodiment of the grief of the people.

It’s a burden to wear, isn’t it?

Achilles is fire.
Achilles is the burning sky and blazing flames.
He’s wrath and spite and a kaleidoscope of different emotions that pass his eyes.
He’s raw knuckles and the blood on Hector’s jaw.
He’s a forest fire that no one can stop.
Not even Chiron.
Not even Patroclus.

One day while they’re studying for a test in his mother’s garden with handmade lemonade and sugar-coated raspberries, Briseis tells him his eyes shine brighter than the sun.

The girl uses a dozen different metaphors and alliterations - golden urns, a canopy of breaking sunlight, wheat in a summer breeze - but Achilles stops listening.

He watches the steady waves of his father’s pond and blocks out anything else.

His mother tells the story every New Year’s Eve.

He had been five, a weak little creature with too much energy for his little body.
His mother says he had been a real wretch of a boy, too eager to explore the world, too wild to be tamed.
One day, he had bolted her hawk-like eyes and tried to slide on the thin sheet of ice over his father’s pond.

It did not end well.
The ice broke and he drowned.

His mother says she gripped him by his heel and yanked him out of the freezing darkness.

Achilles can’t remember.
But if you’d ask him, in-between breaths, he’d tell you he died that day.
And death was silent.

Sometimes he wakes up and feels like running.
He can’t quite fathom where the need comes from, but it starts like a venom in his veins and suddenly he’s bursting from adrenaline.
Then he stops. Posed, legs spread, arms crossed.
But he should be running. Rough concrete under his soles, fresh night air, the cold.
He can feel it.
All of it.
He grabs a hand. It’s Patroclus’ of course.
Achilles is not ready.

Chiron is more father than his own ever was.
Achilles doesn’t even bother to explain it to his mother.
He doesn’t need to.

Achilles hates Hector from the very beginning. It’s not the fact that Hector’s seriously drunk and tries to sell Achilles anabolic. It’s more like an instant feeling of déjà vu, that grips Achilles by the shoulders and wrenches his stomach around. He just doesn’t like the bloke.

Well in dubio pro Hector, it isn’t a career choice Hector consciously makes to sell anabolic.
It just -
It just happens.
One moment the boy is watching a BBC documentary about chemical reactions and required ingredients, and the next he’s thinking, yeah, I got that. I can do it. Should be easy.
Hector spends four nights researching the process to the best of his ability and buys cheap supplies underground. He installs a lab in his treehouse. None of his parents care.

Achilles hates Hector.
The feeling is entirely mutual.

Everything looks rusted.
The creases between his hands.
The race track.
Red lights.
Sometimes, he can taste it on the back of his tongue.

The realization hits him one Saturday morning when he returns from his morning jog, sweating, reeking of cheap Axe Africa. He’s out of breath. Something lightens his veins- it’s overwhelming and warm and his heart is beating with the force of war drums inside his fragile ribcages; almost as if it tries to claw its way out of it.
It’s a heavy weight.

Patroclus, he thinks.

He tumbles to the ground and lays still. Fingers scratching over the cold surface of fake Italian marble tiles.

Patroclus, he thinks again.



Achilles is angry.
He always is.

Trinkets of Treasure-Newt Scamander x Reader

Trinkets of Treasure
Request: Newt x reader. Newt has bought the reader a necklace for their wedding anniversary. To only have the niffler steal it

A/n: Another imagine done, I hope this is alright. I’m still working on finishing requests and I may be writing some based on my own angsty ideas in the future (and one of these may or may not be influenced by a song from Hamilton *wink wink*). Thank you all for being kind and I’m sorry that my writing isn’t as frequent as it once was. On my to do list for imagines I have a ton of ideas and requests that will eventually be done, including a few continuations of the Hogwarts headcanons, the valentine’s day imagine, part two of Tickled Pink, and a few others that may have multiple parts as well. I’m trying to write as often as I can, but unfortunately life is a thing that likes to push me down. Anyways, you are all so lovely and I hope you are all having a wonderful day and night. Enjoy!

No warnings just fluff :)

Newt frantically paced back and forth across the floorboards of the bedroom that the two of you shared. He furiously ran his hand through his locks, muttering and whispering under his breath. Your melodious voice filled the room as you were happily singing a tune in the shower and getting ready to head out to a restaurant downtown to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Normally your sweet song would calm Newt down instantly, but right now, he was in a full state of panic.

Knowing that your anniversary was right around the corner, Newt had gone out and purchased a divine necklace for you as a gift. A being as lovely and beautiful and understanding as you deserved something just as special as a gift, and he had searched for the perfect one for days. He even enlisted in Queenie’s help, begging her to read your mind to see what you wanted, in which she only replied with, “She’ll love whatever you give her sweetheart. She does love you after all.”

Newt had selected the necklace, after about a week of looking and deciding, and had hidden it where you would never find it. Now the day had arrived I which he would present it to you, except he couldn’t present it if it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

You were the most important person in his life. You never yelled at him for spending too much time with his creatures, and you never got cross when he accidentally almost burned the house down while trying to cook, and oh Merlin, you were so stunning and smart and kind as well. He still couldn’t believe that he had managed to steal your heart like you had done with his. He remembered the night he proposed, as your eyes brimmed with tears as you broke into a smile, and he remembers your wedding day, and oh how radiant and stunningly elegant you were. Everything about you was perfect, and he was mentally scolding himself for screwing things up today.

“Where did I put it, oh Merlin why can’t I do things right,” he mumbled to himself with hints of panic. He sometimes felt that he looked like a plain fool next to you, and in times like this, those harbored feelings from within him were only amplified. He just wanted to make today perfect for you. He didn’t want to let you down.

He once again began to sift through drawers and his memory for the location of the necklace. He pulled a wooden drawer open off the desk and began to flip through the excess notebooks and papers, hoping that it would be there. Defeated, he continued to look around the desk, on the shelves of the closet, even under the bed but he was still met with nothing.

“I must have misplaced it. Oh Y/n is going to be disappointed if I don’t get her something.”

You hadn’t asked for anything and you didn’t expect anything but Newt’s love and affection, but Newt felt that you not only deserved a gift because you were his lovely significant other, but you had also gifted him something as well. Your gift was simply a new handmade coat, but to Newt it was everything. He was going to get a gift for you regardless, but he would feel incredibly guilty if he was empty handed. As he was shuffling through his pockets, he heard the shower shut off.

You would be out soon, and he still hadn’t found it. He was beginning to panic once more and his head felt fuzzy from all the anxiety. He was scrambling once more around the room when he heard a click to the right of him. He paused and turned, only to see one of his latches on the case standing up like a building. He had neglected to get it fixed still, and at that instant moment, a realization dawned on him.

The Niffler.

“That shifty bugger,” he spoke as he unlatched his case entirely in a flustered fashion. He stepped into the shed and began to head out in search of the furry thief. He mentally slapped himself, for he should have looked there first. His brain was so scattered that he had forgotten to add the Niffler as an obvious suspect. It was clear as day now that the Niffler had taken it, for this beast was the exact same one who had attempted to steal your wedding ring when you took it off to help Newt prepare medicine for the others so that it wouldn’t get messy. He jogged through the enclosures since you could be out any minute.

After a bit of searching and a few greeting to the other beasts, he found the Niffler scurrying back towards his nest with various objects in his hand, including the necklace.

“Bugger,” muttered Newt once more as he sped up to chase the Niffler, who had now caught sight of what Newt was trying to do. He retreated to his nest and placed the necklace inside his pouch with the rest of the coins that at in his tiny paws. Newt sighed and lunged toward him, yet the Niffler still narrowly escaped. Newt Stumbled slightly as he watched the creature once again escape with the necklace and around to the side of his home. When the Niffler paused and scanned the area, Newt caught him and started to tickle him in an attempt to grab the necklace back.

“You are a tricky pest you are. Do you know how much stress you’ve caused me today?”

Newt continued to tickle him as coins spilled out. He wasn’t angry at the creature, just extremely annoyed. By now Newt was begging to have the necklace back.

“Please give it back, it’s for Y/n. I’m trying to make today special and -,”

“Newt? Are you in here?”

He turned with the Niffler still in his hands, and he did not see the necklace plop to the ground. You stood wondering the case in search of Newt, and it was then Newt understood how much time had passed. Your eyes met his and you smiled and headed over to where he was still awkwardly holding the Niffler. You stopped in front of him with a questioning look on your face as you tried to hold in your giggles.

“Newt darling, what in the world are you doing?”

“I am, um I’m…”

“Are you giving the Niffler more attention than me on our wedding anniversary?” you said as you smirked at him and pretended to be offended.

“Merlin, no love I just was looking for this.”

“Newt I was kidding.”

“But I wasn’t. I really was looking for this.”

He set the Niffler down gently and handed him his coins in an apologetic fashion. The Niffler let out a tiny purr and nudged Newts hand lovingly and with gentle assurance before scampering back to his treasure trove. Newt held the necklace he had been searching for and held it in his hand. He took in your breathtaking beauty and his cheeks flushed before he spoke.

“Love, we’ve been married for some time, hence today’s special meaning, and you’re just so kind and sweet and you’re everything I could ever imagine to find in someone, so I wanted to get you something special. I…well…the Niffler found it first and this wasn’t how I wanted to give it to you because I wanted to do it at the restaurant but…you’re just so unbelievable special to me and I wanted to get you something that was almost as spectacular as you are.”

He presented the necklace and you gasped. It was insanely beautiful, and you didn’t feel deserving of its beauty. Its chain glistened and its gemstone was (your favorite color), and all around its exquisite and artistic craft was beyond gorgeous.

“N-Newt this…this is gorgeous, but I don’t deserve this,” you spoke while trying to hold back a few tears, as you were touched by the wonderful man you had married.

“Of course you do Y/n, you’re my lovely darling and you deserve everything. Here, let me clasp it on you.”

You pushed your hair aside and he leaned in close to put it on. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck and you felt the same butterflies that had occurred while you two were still dating. When he was finished, he turned you back around to take you in. Your eyes were highlighted with the gleaming jewel, and he enveloped you in his arms for a kiss. His lips softly pressed into yours. Your arms found their way around his neck while his found your waist, closing the two of you in a bubble of your own world. His kissed you passionately and he didn’t hesitate to deepen it. He pulled you closer into his chest, breathing in the scent of your shampoo and perfume. Your lips were one with another, effortlessly molding into each other while his heartbeat increased. It had been years since your first kiss, yet this one was just as magical, if not even more. With a low groan your lips parted and his eyes swelled with adoration and love as he whispered a sweet ‘I love you.’ You giggled and held his calloused hands in yours still, and his fingers graced over your ring.

“C’mon dear, it’s almost time for our reservation,” you added as you kissed him briskly again.

“Yes, let’s head off,” he paused to wrap and arm around your waist to lead you out of the case and to your promised dinner, “I love you my darling, and happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary, and I love you too Newt.”

He kissed your rosy cheek and led you out of the case to your destination, and you could both agree that your love would blossom more each day and stronger with each moment.




Cape designed and sewn by me. You can buy it on Etsy.

The ruffles are 100% handmade and hand sewn.

Almost 10 meters (3.2 feet) of handmade ruffles! The ruffles are 100% made by us.
- We cut 4 cm wide strips of velvet and sewed them all together to make a 10 meters long velvet ribbon. .
- We then cut 10 cm wide strips of lining fabric and sewed them all together to make a 65 meters long ribbon! (213 feet)
- We then pleated by hand the 65 meters long ribbon reducing it’s length to 20 meters. (65 feet)
- We then hand sewed the 20 meters of pleated ribbon on the both sides of the velvet ribbon.
The ruffles alone took about 3 weeks to be made!


How much of Strike’s character visually is defined by his coat?
Yes, the coat is the genius of our costume designer Suzanne Cave. Really, she painstakingly had that coat handmade, finding the right swabs. She knew in her head what it needed to be, I think from the get go. She had something in her head that was this mix of tweed and wool. This coat is very good quality. If you imagine it, Strike would have bought himself one good coat and this coat probably had to last him for 20 years, but it’s a good coat.

Once he puts it on, he becomes that Cornish Giant. It’s a proper private investigator coat. It’s just part of who he is and it almost makes him grow five inches I think. When he puts it on, with the broad shoulders, it’s a part of him, it’s part of the fabric of the man. - Jackie Larkin for BBC UK.