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WARNING: contains non-graphic murder, violence, and brief mentions of bullying.

I really like the idea of Elsewhere University so I tried to write a thing. I hope I did the school justice (and didn’t offend the fair folk). :)

She calls herself Angel and tries to live up to the name.  She says please and thank you and sorry and excuse me with almost every breath and always with a smile. Ask her to share her food and she’ll happily oblige; ask what you owe her and she’ll respond with a wave and a smile, insisting that your company is payment enough.

You can find her in the churchyard on Sunday afternoons, offering to tell your future in exchange for the story behind your question.

Sometimes people will knock at her dorm room, heartbroken, homesick, worried, or just generally out of sorts. They leave after an hour or so, soothed with tea and conversation and carrying a few sprigs of peppermint. Peppermint tea, as Angel tells her guests, fixes everything.

There are rumours that Angel isn’t human, with her pale skin and perpetual smile. Those rumours quickly dry up when a too-bold freshman confronts her and she shows him the handmade iron clasp on the ribbon around her neck. She doesn’t, however, do anything to dispel the rumours that she has found favour with the gentry, or that she is somehow behind the minor accidents that happen to the tormentors and former paramours of her guests.

Angel does her best to be kind, to be helpful, to be accommodating. The gentry take notice. Angel reads the future in her cards for students with too-bright eyes and offers tea to students who flinch from the steel of her allergy bracelet. When they ask what she wants in return for her kindness she passes on the stories of unfaithful lovers and cruel classmates and leaves the rest up to them with an admonition not to do anything too nasty. She claims it’s easier on her conscience, not that anyone believes her.

Everything changes when Angel’s younger sister is Taken during orientation. (She names herself Beitris after a character in a story she wrote and follows a group to see the beehives… which don’t exist.) When she isn’t back by nightfall Angel takes action.

It should take more than a few minutes for Angel to leave her dorm room with a little bottle of salt and rosemary around her neck and a wooden dowel with iron nails hammered through one end in her left hand. It doesn’t, but it should.

The forest should not have lights and music coming from the ash grove. Evidently, no one has told the forest.

“Where’s my sister?” Angel demands of the first gentleman she sees.

“How should I know?” he sniffs.

“Where. Is. My. Sister?” Angel taps her weapon against the gentleman’s ankle with just enough force to draw blood.

“Ah! Singing! She’s singing!”


“Far end of the grove, under the blue banner.”

Angel moves swiftly through the crowd, mercilessly swinging her weapon into anyone who tries to stop her. She and her sister gather up the other Taken and leave without hassle. There isn’t really anyone left to hassle them.

“I thought angels were supposed to be nice!” calls the one gentleman left alive, trying to hide the fact that he was obviously favouring his iron-burned ankle.

“Sweetheart,” Angel drawls condescendingly as she turns to face him, “ did no one ever tell you that angels are warriors?”



New Ecthelion of the Fountain photos from C2E2!  Sadly I didn’t have any of my Silmarillion buddies in costume that day, but I never get to wear this costume and I finally got a new wig, so I figured why not XD I was surprised I actually got stopped a fair few times just because people thought it was pretty even though nobody had any idea who I was.

On that note, I think I can finally call this costume done? XD I’ve been wearing it in various states of unfinished since fall but I don’t think I need to do anymore to it, and it actually ended up being one of my favorites.  The design is mine, and everything is handmade besides the clasps/jewelry and boots.  Patterns are either created from scratch or modified from existing ones, and the decoration is a mix of machine and hand embroidery with a teeny bit of hand beading.  I did do a teeny bit of photoshopping on my eyes since I’m not sure what happened to my contacts. XD

Ecthelion- Me
Photos- Corey Crowley
Editing- Me

“She called me her little scorpion and only said my name aloud once…”
This piece was inspired by the blood scorpion that serves as Miss Ives’ protector, and was drawn free-hand to resemble the Penny Dreadful scorpion logo as closely as possible. It is handmade entirely from .925 sterling silver. It is completely hand-cut with a jeweler’s saw in a single piece, which is fused to another piece of sterling. A single, faceted, teardrop garnet sits clutched between the scorpion’s claws. This pendant is finished with lengths of sterling chain and genuine garnet accents. A handmade toggle clasp holds it against the hollow of the throat. (via i-am-pale-fire)

Wire Wrapped Pendants! 

Who’s still looking for a gift for a special someone? All these pieces are now available to be wrapped in either sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire. There’s only one each available at this time, and to claim one, all you need to do is email me at rebekka@bekkathyst.com with the name of the stone you’d like and I’ll let you know if you were the first to claim it or not! The price includes an 18″ chain of either sterling silver or 14k gold fill (depending on what wire you chose for the stone- if you don’t want a chain, the price will be lowered) complete with a handmade clasp. These will all come gift wrapped with an additional little crystal gift. Here are the stone names and prices: 

Top row (left to right): gold sheen obsidian ($50), blue labradorite ($50), amethyst druzy ($55), rutilated quartz ($60), gemmy rhodochrosite ($70)

Bottom row (left to right): purple labradorite ($75), dendritic opal ($45), agatized fossilized coral ($45), Mexican lace agate ($40), rose quartz ($50)

prompt: "ornament"

characters: hitsugaya, karin, ukitake, kurosaki family
pairings: hitsugaya/karin, mild isshin/masaki
note: for ichilover – i was her secret santa!! :D merry christmas and a happy new year’s to you, beautiful ^__^

The smithy was especially scorching on a summer day like today, but Hitsugaya used every ounce of concentration he had to focus not on the sweat dripping down his back, but rather on the hands at work before him.

“Ukitake-san,” he asked his mentor, “what are you making today?”

The blacksmith’s smile was kind as he brought down the metal to his eye-level, so the boy could peer at it closely and possibly discern what it was. His lip curled, however, at the shapeless lump of steel, and unable to even remotely guess what it might be, he was forced to ask, “What is it?”

Ukitake laughed as he put it back on the table. “An old friend came to see me a few days ago,” he explained fondly. “Isshin-san and I have been friends since we were young, and it seems the anniversary of his wedding is soon approaching, so he came to me especially and asked if I wouldn’t mind making him a gift for his wife.” At the sight of Hitsugaya’s confused, expectant stare, he laughed again and elaborated, “It’s a hair ornament.”

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