handmade caps

The Signs as Tumblr trends
  • Aries: aesthetic posts
  • Taurus: grids
  • Gemini: art socks
  • Cancer: plants
  • Leo: embroidered ball caps
  • Virgo: handmade patches
  • Libra: monet paintings
  • Scorpio: "things my exes said" posts
  • Sagittarius: sterility's art
  • Capricorn: tennis skirts
  • Aquarius: art hoes
  • Pisces: eyebrows

Cath Grace 

“These are the Steampunk costumes I made for my kids at my son’s request. The clothes and all the accessories were made by me, out of both new and upcycled materials. My son is wearing wool knickerbockers with brass accents, a cotton vest with steampunk style buttons and accents, a “flame thrower” backpack, a leather eye patch with watch parts, a handmade tie, and a newspaper boy cap with handmade optical attachment. The shoulder armor was made from a brass pot.My Daughter is wearing a Victorian style gown made from wool with an ostrich pleather waist cincher and vintage lace chest ruffle. She has leather wrist-lets that are fastened by vintage keys, and a tiny top hat that has watch parts attached to the net. (The jacket has a little bustle on the back too.) Her little robot dog was hand painted to look steampunk.”


6/28 meN-meN’s birthday party live held at Ebisu club aim. SOLD OUT ! !

Celebration summary: All stuff like costumes for members and setlist - all was up to our honoured meN. Theme for the looks: “ROCK BAND”.

Chamu: “If Codomo Dragon weren’t into VK, we’d definitely go for this theme.”
“It’s already 29th, but still, Wish him all the best again. I’ve spent with this guy 2/3 of my life. Moreover our birthdays are close (23th & 28th), we’re childhood friends and neighbors, we’ve been celebrating our birthdays together like all the time, he’s like a family to me. I hope we will stay together forever from now on. It’s a buddy-love after all. If he hadn’t been around me all this time, I’d have never become such a splendid entertainer. Well, maybe not exactly splendid. But still. Thank you, buddy.“

Kana: “One of Menmen’s presents: 6 boxes of jagariko potato sticks lol. Also handmade cap by me (Seems like Kana doesn’t really want to spend money on his mates. All handmade, and he’s not even good at it XD)
I tried to make a cap of “Menmen’s image”. And I think I did a great job lol. Pretty original.”

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