handmade by yours truly


IT AIN’T FAIR, TETSUO!!! FIGHT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!! very siced bout this jacket. the jacket itself was thrifted, and the back piece is 100% handmade, hand sewn, hand embroidered by yours truly. The embroidery on the text alone took about 18 hours while rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2. I also designed the pattern myself in Photoshop. Now that I’ve finally unveiled this project in full, I’ll be posting close up pics of the embroidery on Twitter.

No one celebrates like Donut


This precious pink bastard has his pockets filled to the brim with homemade confetti and glitter.

He never reuses old decorations, finds new recipes for every season and d*mn straight you’re going to get the most meaningful, thoughtful present of all time.

Remember that one time you said you missed the winters where you’d cuddle up next to a fire and read your favorite literature?
Handmade quilt and a copy of said book from yours truly, Franklin Delano freaking Donut

He will go out of his way to make everyone feel special and involved on every single holiday whether he celebrates it or not.

He might even have celebrated Hanukkah with Church one year or two so he wouldn’t be lonely.

No one is allowed in the kitchen during any holiday event. He can and will scream and throw food, pans and plates at whoever dares enter his domain.
Just let him have this.

Happy Halloween! Treat-or-Trickster!

(Yes I know I need to do their hair doodads, I will. Eventually). 

Everything you see here is 100% handmade and handsewn by yours truly. I have an FAQ here, but please feel free to send in any questions you might have about them or what have you. I will answer them. Eventually. As always you can check out my scalemate tag for more photos of my scalemates. I really need to update both my pages and make that tag easier to navigate.

✨Sharpie and colored pencil handmade flier by yours truly ✨🌸✨🙏🏼✨JOIN THE OHANA THIS SATURDAY AT THE KAVA HUT IN KAPA'A✨🎨✨from 3-10pm!! Live art! Jewelry! Tarot Readings and Palmistry! Veganic Cocoa energy balls and MORE! If you feel called to join us, please feel free to bring your latest artwork, yoga moves or whatever makes you feel good that you would like to share with the aina!! Sending you all love and aloha from Kaua'i! Bless you!!! ✨🌈✨
Maximum respect ~Tori Bird Pope~
~ @jah-feel ~

More Scalemate Projects!

Original posts where you can usually find more pictures:Callie Ohpeee Davesprites Puff Mr. Suit Snoutpack

As always, everything you see here is 100% handmade by yours truly. I have an FAQ here, but please feel free to send in any questions you might have about them or what have you. I will answer them. Eventually. As always you can check out my scalemate tag for more photos of my scalemates.


Looking for some input here…

Apologies in advance, as this is totally non-fitness related.

Last fall, I started making blankets. I found a crochet pattern that I really enjoyed using, and made the big cream-colored blanket above, which my cats obviously love. I also made two more, smaller in size, for my mom and mother-in-law as Christmas gifts. The grey blanket shown above was not made by me, but is a photo of a blanket made from the same pattern.

These blankets are so lovely and so SOFT. I absolutely love mine. It looks like it might not be so warm, because it’s so chunky and loose-looking, but they are really warm too. 

I want to make more of these, just because I have a lot of fun doing it. But I’m running out of people to give them to. So I’m wondering…

a) Would anyone here on tumblr be interested in having one of these handmade for you and shipped to you by yours truly?

b) If I were to look into Etsy or something similar, what would you consider paying for a blanket like this?

The final dimensions of the blankets I’ll be making will be the same size as the brown and cream colored blanket above, about 76″ x 50″. 

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


I’ve just recently got 6k followers and I wanted to cellabrate by doing another giveaway!!

Here’s the rules:

Mbf me

1 reblog=1 entry (you can enter as many times as you want but just don’t spam your followers.

What you win:

1st prize gets a handmade fiatc .give me liberty but give me depth. t shirt (Men’s M)+ a MCR “The Midnight Curfew” DVD + 2 prismacolor markers (red and sand)+ 3 scorpion temporary tattoos+ 2 drawings made by me

2nd prize gets a handmade Hesitant Alien t shirt (Men’s M) + an unused HA download card+ 2 Gerard Way guitar pics (they’re custom made with images of gee on them)+a handmade Party Poison mask made by yours truly+ a gerard way sharpie doodle made by me and a grow your own alien ( it’s one of those things that you put in water and it grows to be a squishy alien)

3rd prize gets a Green Day American Idiot t shirt purchased from Hot Topic

This giveaway ends March 17th, and I will choose winners by using random.com. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. Once I have chosen winners, I will contact them via ask box and if they do not respond within 24 hours, I will choose another winner.

Good Luck!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Ps. If you have won a previous giveaway, you are not able to re-enter this one, I want to be fair.


Just in time for Age of Ultron, the Avengebears are proud to unveil the new and improved Iron Bear armor, now with gold plating and detachable LED-powered arc reactor.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for…b3n3aththesurfac3 finally does a tumblr giveaway!

To the darling 1,854 of you,

As a thank you for following my blog, and as a thank you for being such awesome people that care about ‘orcinus orca & other cetaceans’, I’m finally doing a giveaway! TWO(2) WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN!


  • One (1) orca necklace, handmade by yours truly, in any color you would like! I can also do a classic black and white orca :)


  • You must be following me.
  • You must reblog this post. Likes count as a bonus entry after a reblog.
  • Maximum two entries will be counted for each URL.
  • You must be 18 or older as per tumblr guidelines.
  • Reblogging multiple times does not count, you only need to reblog once.
  • Contest ends June 18th, 2015 - 11:59 PM Eastern Standard US Time.

You have to be comfortable giving me your name and address. Know that I do run my own Etsy shop and I completely understand how to handle your information and respect your privacy, I would never give out that information. Winners are selected by a randomizer, I’ll give you 48 hours to claim your prize once you’ve won, otherwise a new winner will be chosen. I’ll announce winners through tumblr mentions on this post and contact through private messaging. Errr…I think that’s it so…good luck fellow whale nerds! <3


Edit: shipping international for this guys!