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Gift Tags for Handmade Gifts - What Crafters Really Think!

These tags and card are all from Etsy. I know a lot of knitters who would love these.

For more gift tag printables I know you will like, go here: diychristmascrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/gift-tags

Here are some free printables for handmade gifts 

DIY Gift Tags for Handmade Items free Printables from Pretty Prudent here.

DIY Gift Tags with Care Instructions for Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Quilters and Crafters from Eskimimi Makes here.

My Bullet Journal

Since I’ve been getting a ton of requests I decided to finally make a post to show my bullet journal setup! My style was heavily influenced by a lot of other bloggers but mostly by staticsandstationery. To start, this is a pic of the notebook I use for journaling.

I use an Extra Large Dotted Softcover Moleskine Notebook in Khaki because its a chill colour. I use a dotted notebook because I find it less restricting than a grid print and I’m sure I’d start getting dizzy staring at grids all the time!

This is my legend for entries into my bullet journal. When I started the journal I didn’t leave a page for this so I just kinda stuck it on the front page on a sticky note!

This is my index page which is basically empty since I only just started this journal two weeks ago. Behind it you can see what was only a disastrous attempt at creating a fall schedule so I didn’t include a pic. I’m going to recreate it with my new erasable highlighters right before my September month spread.

Next I decided to have an nice inspirational page before every month just to keep the journal pretty and artsy.

 My monthly spread is a little chaotic right now. I think next month I’ll give my monthly tasks a whole page instead of a sidebar just to give myself more room. In the top right corner I have another quote and below that I keep track of my hours at work on small sticky notes to make sure I’m getting paid properly.

This is my most recent week entered in my journal currently. and it also happens to be the cleanest. I’m sorry it’s terribly blurry. I had to use my old phone camera but I can post clearer pics if anyone is interested!

Last thing I have here is a picture of my entry for today. 

The only pens I use for my bullet journal are the erasable Pilot Gel Pens. The black ones I have are .7mm and the coloured ones are .5mm. I also have a 20 pack of Staedtler pens due to arrive tomorrow so my journal should be getting a lot more colourful soon!

That’s the jist of my bullet journal! I would love if you guyssent me your bullet journal setups too! Also, stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be posting my mini school supply haul that came from a trip to Wal-Mart for some milk, oops.