handmade by lani


A friend recently gifted me a shiny Eevee and I fell in love with shiny Sylveon shortly after evolving it. This doll was a quick personal project. Sometimes I have to do things like this to remind myself that I am still sewing for fun and not just work!

I got to experiment with oval shaped noses and eyes with this one. I think I’ll definitely be using them again. ETA on this one was about 5 hrs. I worked through the superbowl on sunday…. The majority of it was handsewing, so it took longer than I thought it would.


Lifesize Magikarp! Made this back in December for my sister who’s favorite pokemon is Magikarp. Made entirely of minky and is mostly handsewn. The mouth extends all the way to the tail so that you can…? Put your entire arm inside? Hide things? …

Unsure of the completion time. I worked frantically though two nights while my sister was away at school! It was a holiday gift.


made this blanket for my mother for christmas a few months ago. it features our two current dogs (the two on bottom) and the dog i grew up with on top. squirrels are her favorite animals, and the marigolds were added to give it some extra color. with my sisters help we used spoonflower to have the fabric printed and i did the assembly. it has a nice plush back since the cotton material isn’t best for snuggles.

my mother is very happy with it! ironically, she wont let the dogs near it.


Growlithe puppy!!! I have got a TON of orange fleece I do not wish to own anymore so I am lookin to make a ton of these little guys. He’s 8 inches tall and 8 inches front to tail, with copic marker detailing. 45$ shipped to anywhere in the world! Send me a tumblr ask* or an email AT kmckenrick @ gmail if you’re interested!! I’m only taking orders for these lil dudes thru DA/tumblr/etc! Help me weed thru my fleece collection ;D;

*if I don’t respond to your tumblr ask within a day, it was definitely eaten ;_;

If you have any other suggestions for orange pokemon I can make, send them my way!! ?