handmade amigurumi



I really like the way he came out, except for his color which I think is wrong for him. It’s a bit too beige. 

I actually wrote down some semblance of a pattern, but it’s basically just scribbles right now. I might make another one with better matching yarn, or perhaps make Curie in her robot form.

Also; he has a removable bowler hat!


Alright Emergency Time!!!

My depression has caused a HUGE blackout for me. I haven’t been productive or receiving orders as much as I used to because I’ve been inactive.

I am a girl who

  • goes to school
  • is about to graduate
  • has monthly psychiatrist appointments to receive my Anti Depressants/ Anxiety reducers
  • and pays 3 bills a month (Phone/Credit Card/Hospital Debts)
  • receives no family help.

I only have $4 in my account and these are my top priorities. I’m asking you to please consider helping an artist with her living needs by looking at my shop. These are 100% handmade, made with yarn. These are known as Crochet’d Amigurumi!

If there’s something you want but isn’t listed please send me a message and I’ll make you a personalized Custom Order. I CAN MAKE OTHER THINGS OTHER THAN POKEMON

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