I have just enough money to cover my rent for August, but beyond that I have basically NOTHING to go towards other bills and food. So at this point I’m basically begging for help from y’all.

I still take digital art commissions, and I have a few things for sale.

First off, I have a few finished krogan plushies that are looking for a new home
+small (25$ USD w/out shipping)
+medium (40$ USD w/out shipping)
+large (60$ USD w/out shipping)

Second I have an unused leather+fur water-skin for 75$ USD w/out shipping

And finally, I have a bunch of crystals/gems for sale, and they will have the added bonus of a simple doodle of a Steven Universe Gem along with them (will be done on a 3x5 index card)! The cost will be 20$ USD, and this includes the stone, doodle, and shipping.

It’s first come first serve with the physical items, and I can only do shipping in the US at the moment. Anything purchased over the next few days/weekend will be shipped out some time next week if everything goes well. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHYSICAL ITEMS HAVE BEEN AROUND CATS. THE PLUSHES WILL BE WASHED BEFORE SHIPPING.

If interested in any of these, please send me a private message or email me at madcat15@bellsouth.net

And as always, thank you for your time and SIGNAL BOOST PLEASE.

Timeless Luxury Elegance ➡️ Viola Milano

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