— do it yourself.

request: I FEEL YOUR LOVE FOR RK900 BC I LOVE HIM TOO <3 Let’s love him together *sobs*!!! SO, how would RK900 react to you spoiling him with handmade gifts? Like, you make him a fish knot bracelet with charms in them (both of you have one of course ;)), a couple necklace with a bullet for a pendant (his model number and your name engraved in them) or a knitted scarf and beanie during the winters for him, and many more! Love you to the stars and back!!!

this idea was so cute anon!!!♡ i hope this is what you asked for! ps. i don’t think that’s a real saying but i’ve heard it somewhere.
i love doing diy gifts but they don’t always turn out nice :( 
i honestly got a bit teary-eyed because isn’t he the softest?? also winter is approaching and even if the christmas mood makes me warm and fuzzy all over then again the snow makes me a little melancholic, isn’t it strange?


• you’re always thinking ‘oh that would be so cute for him’ when watching a tutorial
• i mean, motivation is not easy to find but imagining him with things handmade by you? you could craft the world then
• but, the problem is, when do you find the time with a clingy android like him???• doing every project in secret is exhausting but also nice bc you get to see his surprised face
• and yes i know what you’re thinking, ‘what if he doesn’t like this? what if he finds it stupid?’
• well bitch think again because he’s so in love with you
• you could gift him a button and he’d keep it in his pocket 4ever so shush
• one time you gift him this really cute white-black-and-light-blue fish knot bracelet
• and he examines it for a good 5 seconds so you’re like ‘this is it. he hates it.’
• but in reality he likes it so much he’s frozen
• “you don’t have to wear it, i just–”
• “why are you gifting me this”
• “well, it’s not like i need a reason to give you a present, right? but i know it’s goofy so forget it.”
• and he immediately puts it on with such delicacy
• you’re the one now that doesn’t know what to say
• and he smiles so naturally
• and you melt
• “now I need to make you one so we’re matching, what colours would you like?”
• for his activation day birthday you gift him a necklace with a bullet
• and you have one too
• on his there’s engraved your name
• on yours his model number RK900
• “you know how the old saying goes: ‘there’s a bullet out there for every policeman’.” you chuckle, he knows that his job make you very worried “but as long as I have yours nothing bad can happen to you.”
• he hugs you so tight and for so long
• you tear up a bit
• and he can’t stop kissing the top of your head and caressing your back
• before christmas you start knitting like crazy
• you two, on the couch, relaxing, a blanket covering both of your legs, the tv is softly on, a cat purrs on your lap, the fireplace is giving off a warm heat, him stroking his fingers through your hair while gently hugging you, in the meantime you’re knitting him an orange scarf
• and you manage to gift him a really long and nice scarf
• and a black beanie
• does he need them? of course not. does he put them on though? fucking yes, you spent so much time doing these things and you did them for him
• you bet your ass he wears them every time he can
• his smile while behind him the first snow in Detroit is slowly falling?

ой не могууу..

вчера первый раз решила выгулять свою кофточку с динозавриком. в парке ко мне подбежала девочка и сказала, что у меня ооочень клёвая кофта

в этот момент я расцвела от счастья, потому что совсем не ожидала..