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“The question is why doesn't he has any piercings.”

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Omg he is LOVELY and I completely agree 100% he needs more piercings. Thank you for submitting!! I love your @dailymaeshughes blog; you are seriously doing God’s work over there.

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young, naive, and immature cheryl at sec 2: I can handle so many content-heavy subjects, no problem

stressed, dying under the amount of content to remember , and anxious cheryl at sec 4: why

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Riiiiiiight, gather around children, its time for THE TALK.

We have all by now seen Sebastian’s mustache that he is sporting for I Tonya, and both here and on facebook i have seen the resulting discussions as some people aren’t sure how to handle the content of the film, and are worried how the fandom (and those outside of the fandom) will react to Sebastian playing a ‘negative’ role - ie someone who in real life is a very horrible person.

This very much reminds me of about 2 ½ years ago when Tom Hiddleston signed on to play Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a movie about the tragic singers life. He transformed physically, he lost a drastic amount of weight and a few people did not find him attractive. Others were concerned about romanticising aspects of a persons life that were far from pretty or kind, in fanfiction. Well, what happened was a pleasant surprise. There was very little to no erotica fanfics written about Hank. There are some out there which are AU Tom ones, the kind where someone hooks up with him in his trailer after a days shooting etc, but generally everyone just kind of thought as a collective ‘smut aint right for this’. And THAT is what i am sure will happen in the Standom. You can however do as you damn well please as its your blog and no-one can/should/has the right to, police a fandom.

I personally am looking forward to Sebastian really pulling on those acting muscles (yes i know there technically isnt a muscle but just shhh), as I Tonya is the kind of film that would hopefully do the Festival circuit, and be the kind of thing that gets labelled with that ‘Critical Acclaim’ tag, perhaps even win some awards. And dammit that boy deserves it, he’s been working so hard, and i think this coming year will really prove that he is more than Bucky (a role we all love), as we’ve got what, at least 4 independent movies coming out that all cover darker tones and genres? When you look at his TV back catalogue, with Political Animals, Kings, even Once Upon A Time, all were roles with deep characters, and he was completely believable in every. single. one. 

So a big thumbs up from me for the mustache, and an even bigger double thumbs up for that boy doing some awesome movies

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Minimum item level exists. It does not exist bar people from entering content at that item level. It exists to give people a starting point at which they can handle the content gear-wise. It will be a bit harder for them yes, but every player has a right to enter any content once they reach the item level for it and fuck you if you think barring those players from going into content (especially a PUG) at minimum is a good practice. That mentality is like saying I shouldn’t queue up in raid finder for A9S to learn as a DPS because my SMN is only ilvl247. Regardless of the fact that my ACC is perfectly level to hit 100% on that fight should I choose to do that. Regardless that I gave myself some extra cush with VIT materia on my right side to survive some attacks without sacrificing too much of my DPS.

We were all at minimum item level at some point (case in point: me and my old FC doing the fist tiers of Coil in fucking Darklight gear). Just because you advanced first doesn’t mean jack squat and if you have a problem with these innocent players in your duty finder, then take your venomous attitude back to your pre-made and stay there.

– Mod Mhi

for some reason it really bugs me when people say it isn’t, so just so we’re clear: animorphs is a children’s series. it’s written expressly for children and preteens. it’s young adult lit at the most. it’s goofy and full of holes and ridiculous plot lines sometimes. yes there are dark and fucked up parts, but there are dark and fucked up parts in 98% of novels and series targeted to that age group. i mean, look at harry potter! those are meant to grow with the reader, but it’s still a kid’s series. it’s made for kids and kids read it and can handle the content and it’s good. you don’t have to say “these aren’t for kids!!! they’re SO MUCH BETTER and DARK and GRITTY!!!” to make people take you or the series you enjoy seriously.


James Marsden is an interesting actor. He has leading man good looks but seems content in handling supporting roles. That actually might be a good long term strategy - it’s better to be a long term working actor than a flavor of the month star.

I’ve liked Marsden in most movies I’ve him in. He stole “27 Dresses” away from Katherine Heigl. I especially liked him in “Superman Returns”. It could have been a thankless role, with the audience naturally rooting for Lois to dump him, but he seemed genuinely good for Lois and her son. It made the love triangle especially different.

Here’s hoping for his continued success and a large role in season 2 of “Westworld”.

At the BFI TFP screening panel discussion, Benjamin Caron and Mark Gatiss respond to a moderator question about the process for handling “dark” content.  Paraphrased (full transcription under the cut):

Mod: What kind of conversations do you have and decisions do you make about dark and perverse material, for instance violence, given this is family television?

Ben: Content restrictions come from above, but your imagination can be more explicit.

Mark: The emotional turmoil is worse, and more powerful.

I’m posting this to illustrate a potential (disturbing) pattern in answers to challenging questions.  I’ll follow up, but meanwhile, see if you can spot it.

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160124 ~ BTS 2nd Muster [TRANS]

A fan said Yoongi gave a hint to release a slow-jam version of 고엽 (Dead Leaves).


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Have you guys seen Denial I watched it by accident the other day (my dad thought it was a spy movie with a similar title) it's really good it's based on a true story about a court battle where a Holocaust Denier died a Jewish Historian, Deborah Lipstadt, for libel about him in her book on Holocaust Denial. It talks a lot about not giving Holocaust deniers a platform to speak since he is transparently trying to use the case to make Holocaust denial seem reasonable. What did you think?

I did see in December, because I missed it’s theatrical release. I was so glad that the leading actress was actually Jewish, and I think the content was handled well. I know the director was also Jewish! I don’t know about the writers. It definitely wasn’t what I expected, but I was surprised and enjoyed how much focus was on the main character refusing to go to court because the Holocaust should not be on trial and how firm she was about not giving deniers even a chance to plead their case, because they don’t deserve it and there’s no grounds for them to stand on. It’s a slow burn kind of movie, but I like that. I’m glad other people saw it. For anyone interested, it’s currently streaming YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google for $5!

- mod g

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I saw a post you made of Jude, you said he was a low content wolfdog? Do you know if he is easier to handle than higher content wolfdogs? I've always loved the idea of having a wolfdog, but I know I don't have the time and focus to handle and train the wolfdogs I've read about.

Jude is a low-content wolfdog. He is also a rescue, and had developed several bad behavior problems in prior homes as a result of being passed around so much. His previous owners didn’t do a very good job of training him after he was around 6 months. So by the time we got him at a year and a half of age, Jude was hell to deal with. 

In many ways, raising Jude from that point was much harder than raising Ivar from a puppy. The advantage is that I was able to raise Ivar right, from the very start, and it shows. Ivar continues to amaze me with his impeccable behavior, even now at 10 months old. 

That said, given the opportunity to raise Jude from the same early age as Ivar, using the same knowledge and dedication I was able to afford to Ivar, things would have been much better for Jude. That’s why I often describe Jude’s early days with us a “prime example of what can become of a wolfdog if someone doesn’t take the time to raise it properly.”

The more wolf content, the higher the margin for error. If Ivar, for example, had been raised the same irresponsible way that Jude was to start with, he would be a wreck; likely the kind of animal bound for a sanctuary, and deemed untouchable. That’s why responsible breeders screen their buyers so heavily before allowing them to purchase a pup. 

Overall, wolfdogs aren’t easy animals to care for. Even lows are more intense in their primitive behaviors than a typical northern-breed dog. You can learn more about the behaviors of different contents HERE on the Pack West Website.

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I honestly don't know how to handle all this destiel content??? I know it's bad to hope with this ship and this show but I kinda feel like the show's going in the direction of canon destiel???? And idk how to cope with all these *Crowley voice* feelings?? Help????

The pessimist is either never wrong or pleasantly surprised :P I’m just taking it as it comes, episode by episode, is this show still enjoyable and pandering to me, and currently the answer is yes and I happen to be a Destiel shipper, so double good. 

Being ACTIVELY pessimistic eats you up as badly over long term as the optimism crushing you in seconds (repeatedly, over and over >.>) so I try very hard to just enjoy what I enjoy and not get into any speculation - and the less I think about it or let myself listen to it in either direction, the less it affects how I actually view the show and after however long I’ve been practising this it’s mostly stopped affecting me entirely. The writers are clearly dedicated to at least playing with the ambiguous subtext indefinitely so while we’re still far off any actual resolution the least I can do is avoid the weekly panics in either direction.

(Snark, snark is good. In which ever way.)