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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I recently bought a bullet journal and I was wondering if you had any tips for a newbie like me. Btw I love your photos you post here and I adore the way you write your titles (how did you get so good at calligraphy???)

heyyy!! first of all, i’m so excited that you’re going to start bullet journaling so thank you so much for sending this ask! and wow i’m honoured to give advice (i just hope i do a good job ;;) sorry this took so long I wanted to put some thought into it to give my best advice

Some Quick Tips and Tricks when it comes to Bujo! :

  • it doesn’t have to be perfect- if you saw my first bujo spread you might cry haha- just start and it will improve over time!! 
  • everything you need you can probably find at home!- you rly don’t need to print off photos or buy expensive stationery to have a nice bujo! all of it comes from creativity and your own imagination! 
  • look for inspiration!- there is plenty of nice bujo spreads on #studyblr so find something you like and try an inspired spread! over time you’ll develop your own system and style of spreads so dw! 
  • keep it practical-  there’s a fine line between artsy and practical- customize your bujo but not to the point where it isn’t but productive anymore- in the end it is supposed to be helping you so find a happy medium of creativity and productivity!

Tips on getting into Hand Lettering & Calligraphy (also I’m nowhere near a pro I’ve only been doing it for a bit over a month!):

  • *again you don’t need fancy calligraphy pens* - expensive stuff is nice but actually you can hand letter perfectly with crayons markers! and if you don’t have those the down and up strokes that are usually done with pressure can just be done using extra lines!
  • there are plenty of great tutorials you can learn off of so watch videos and try it out! use inspirations and try different styles of hand lettering!
  • lots of experimenting! hand lettering is a lot of trial and error!! you may not like your work at first but try out quotes, or words that are nice to write (my favourite word to hand letter is “beautiful”!), figure out what letters are fun to write and which ones are trickier! and practice! (I usually hand letter a quote 2-5 times before I do a final copy if I’m not just messing around)

That’s all I can think of atm!! I hope I did it justice Im always afraid I give bad advice ;; hope this was helpful!!! If you have any more specific questions, feel free to dm me or ask me! If you want to see more pages in my bujo or more handlettering (or certain quotes or letters and how I write them) feel free to ask me too!