170314 // Hii guys 😗 sorry for being absent for such a long time, so here’s a little update: Semester started three weeks ago and somehow I’m already overwhelmed - BUT I’m getting the hang of it thanks to stable routines, bullet journaling and a good balance of work and life 🤗🤗

So here are some snaps of my daily logs (which I tried for the first time, I always do weekly ones) and some handwritten lecture notes.
Happy journaling everyone ❤


bujo pics + my emo reflections lol
these pics r taken from my ig!!! u can follow me on there if u want to ;)) it’s oikawastudies as well!!
ive been rly stressed out with stuff lately but spring break is in just one week so i’m still :’)

Day 18: A photo of your favourite pen(s) to use

{30 day studyblr challenge by @hayley-studies}

is this a day late? i lost count 😩

where to find them: markers, pens