That day by day by day kind of faith…

Been thinking a lot about the idea of “daily bread” lately. And about the fact that sometimes we go through seasons of our lives where, like He did for the Israelites in the desert, God gives us just enough of Himself to get through the day. Just enough to get to tomorrow. 

So I have to make the choice, day after day, that He is enough for me.
Today, I choose to trust that He is in control. Today, I choose to pick up my cross. Today, I choose to lean on Him and on His strength.

And, Lord willing, I’ll do the same again tomorrow.


By the hand of @connie.rie 🔥💯🌟 - Worthy is the Lamb who was slain- this song was playing in my head while i did another experiment with embossing powder. This time the result is better on a smoother Craft Paper from Clairefontaine. Lesson learned: i should’ve used a blind transparent marker instead of black🙈 oh well.✒👑
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