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Nobody on Steven Universe has brandished a scythe as their weapon yet and I’m cliche as fuck SO I TOTALLY THINK NEPHRITE JADE SHOULD HAVE ONE

my first piper of 2017 :’) by god i love her


decided to try this out in a custom game!! it’s probably gonna be patched very soon so try it out if you want to quick!

i drew our boi

From my KakaIru emotional hunger and breakdown on twitter (I just need more of them, OK? Is that too much to ask? *I’m looking at you ‘kakairu’ tag on tumblr*)

Palette #45 chosen by contrailed

“His flame not dimmed so early. But while he burned brightly, I was blessed to cross his path several times, and he was every bit that delicate combination of earth-bound yet ethereal that can often weigh down those bestowed with greatness and purpose. And tragically, it proved too much to handle. I loved him as artist and human. […] Together we organized to bring attention to cruelty against gentle creatures. At the time, little did I realize dear River was the most fragile creature of all… and would be broken and gone a few years later. I miss him. I cherish him. “I’ll see ya when I see ya…” - Tim Sullivan on River.


“I’m sorry.”

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I don’t think Dragon Ball Z will ever get a super saiyan transformation as effectively breath-taking as it was for Gohan. 

Ever since Cell saga ended, Dragon Ball Z as a genre ended up throwing around different forms of super saiyan left and right as if it were nothing. I’ve been starting to notice there hasn’t even been much achievement in turning super saiayn too. It was a struggle for Future Trunks, Gohan, and even Vegeta. 

Turning super saiyan was an achievement that came out of raw emotion. 

When Gohan managed to reach ssj2 you could feel your heart stop as he stood there with tears flowing out of his eyes and the stares he got from everyone, even Cell, who knew this child had reached something higher than just super saiyan. 

What was even better was Gohan was always a sweet kid who showed a lot of power for his age. Not only did we finally see what was hinted since the start in action, we could see it change him. 

It was like he was an entirely different person. 

He was malicious, he wanted to torture Cell and this is Gohan

Watching this kid change and fucking kick ass was exciting. It was like this whole side of him that you know if it comes out the person who messed with him is going to be dead. 

I love the series to death but it’s lost a lot of excitement since it caved in to particular fan desires and struggles to keep itself afloat among that…I don’t think it’ll ever reach that peak it had during the Cell saga. 

But man, the artistic genius that went into the creation of this powerful alter ego was magnificent. I still get goosebumps watching the whole transformation and fight all over again.

Theory: Jay Park’s “Aquaman’ is the response to Tinashe’s “Superlove”

“I’m tryna make you, my baby daddy…”
“I want you, I want you, I want you to be my baby
Settle down we’ll settle down, then give you a baby.”

“…let me call you Mama
cause we about to make a baby.”
“…I’ll go underwater just like a fish
the way I stay down there, you gon’ think I’m Aquaman.”

  1. Both songs are summer bops with catchy hooks (I know that’s the case for every song but I’m including it)
  2. Both videos are centered around water
  3. Both Jay’s models and Tinashe are wearing swim suits 
  4. Tinashe is saving guys from drowning 
  5. Jay Park doesn’t need to be saved from water (trying to act cool, like he can handle everything)
  6. Both artists have a square platform that they dance on; Jay’s is white, Tinashe’s is black (that can NOT be a coincidence)
  7. The model in the orange swimsuit in Jay’s video has similar characteristics to Tinashe (petite, light skinned, long curly hair)

I wanted to point this out because I thought of Superlove and went back and read the lyrics so….. I’m just going to leave this here.