handle me like you handle your guns captain

Prompt fill: Shot Through the Heart

Quite a while ago I asked for people to send me asks for short fic prompts. I got three, wrote some of each of them and then broke my phone. Long story short, I lost ALL MY SAVED WORD DOCUMENTS and I was devistated. Today I had a bit of time in between business, so here is the first of those prompts!

@ct-hardcase, you asked for Rex teaching Anakin to use guns. Here you go. I hope you like it😀. There’s no cut, as I’m on mobile. Sorry.

Shot through the heart:
(Because I couldn’t resist)

“No Sir. No! You can’t hold a pistol the same way you handle your lightsaber. She has to be handled with care and respect”.
“I was respecting her!” Anakin pouts. “I just think she doesn’t like me very much. Show me again how I’m doing it wrong”.

Padawan Skywalker has just taken control of the 501st company under the authority of General Kenobi, and he thought it was important to get to know his captain better. They were currently in the combat arena at GAR headquarters getting to know each other’s fighting styles. Rex definitely appreciated a commanding officer who understood the need to work as a team. Skywalker was brilliant with a lightsaber, taking out targets with precision and ease, but had apparently never been trained to properly handle a blaster.

“My master always says blasters are uncivilized”, Skywalker states matter of factly. Then, “lightsabers are a more elegant weapon,” he says as if he is quoting something.

Rex had been nervous at first, not really knowing how to engage in conversation with someone who wasn’t a brother, let alone his Jedi superiors, but Anakin Skywalker was remarkably easy to get along with. He claimed command of the 501st without even being a General and seemed to honestly care about the clones. It was just as confusing as this training session, but the commander had asked that he be trained as if her were any other. Rex was starting to like the commander. He didn’t seem stuffy, like he thought the Jedi would be, and he didn’t think he was better than Rex or any of his brothers. Anakin Skywalker seemed to be a genuine guy.

“A blaster, unlike your elegant lightsaber is not so much a part of yourself, but more… More like an extension of your ability with the force” Rex tries. When I watched you training, your lightsaber was being used to block and damage an opponent at close range, but a blaster can be very useful to a Jedi for longer range attacks. Like the way you used the force to destroy the droid before it even attacked when we were training earlier”.

“Oh,” Skywalker shakes his head “I get it. It’s not that I’m not doing it wrong, it’s more that I’m approaching it wrong. Ok”.

The Jedi stands up straighter, holding the blaster out in front of him, just like Rex had shown him, and fires at the target droid straight between it’s eye sensors.

“Good work sir. Excellent shot. I knew you could do it,” Rex smiles. “Now lets see how you do with a moving target.”

As it turns out, Skywalker is as much an excellent shot as he is with his lightsaber. The two of them play through several combat scenarios before the Jedi is able to take out all the targets using only his blaster, but Rex noticed his accuracy increasing with each shot.

Both men are sticky with sweat when they finish their fifth practice round, Skywalker having been challenged to rely on the force as little as possible. He is smiling brilliantly though, and Rex feels a surge of pride rush straight through him. It is surprising, this whole working for the Jedi thing is not at all like he was taught.

After a moment, Rex smiles back.

“Nice work Sir”.

“Yes Anakin, You’ve done a fine job”.

Startled, both Rex and Skywalker spin around to see General Kenobi walking towards them. Skywalker’s smile grows impossibly wider at the praise, and Kenobi claps him on the back, smiling a brilliant smile of his own.

“Captain, I thank you for teaching my padawan the finer skills of blaster pistols.”

Rex glances at Skywalker, surprised by the praise. “Thank you Sir”, he says after a moment.

“Would you gentlemen care for a competition?” Kenobi says with a small smile playing on his lips. “Blasters only.”

“Absolutely Sir,” Rex replies, eager to discover just how inelegant Kenobi is with a blaster.

“Never underestimate my master Rex, he plays dirty.” And with that Anakin Skywalker sprints over to the training mat ready to take on the world.

“Come along Captain,” Kenobi lilts, grabbing Rex