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5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot 

anonymous asked:

i mean i get your point, but this interview doesn't exist in a vacuum. eliza also rolls her eyes and says 'here we go again' about simple questions about the show if they're bellarke related (not even romantic), so people are gonna be a bit more wary of her answers.

Stop, oh my god. She didn’t roll her eyes, she was saying it in a joking way (I mean, she does get asked a LOT of ship questions) and even clutched her hands to her chest and said “I don’t want to torture you” because JASON HAS NOT TOLD HER ANYTHING!!! SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BELLARKE YET. At this point you are all just looking for reasons to hate her.

Also, that “here we go again” was in direct response to Marie’s “again with the Bellarke question”, and Eliza was clearly joking around a bit?

I’m not interested in getting into any debate about Eliza. It’s just really frustrating to see you all beating her up when she seriously handled all the questions great this year.

-women like her drown oceans

requestJuggie imagine where you act like you hate each other and Archie asks you on a date so you say yes and Juggie gets really jealous and admits how he feels about you and you kiss and stuff pleeeeease ♡♡ 

( i changed it to Reggie who asks her out instead of Archie and I also made them be best friends because I’m horibble and I can’t stick to half of what I’m supposed to ) 

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: if you’ve sent in a request, don’t worry! I will get around to writing them all and if any of you want to request just jump on into my ask box, it’s always open!! and guys thanks so much for the support, I appreciate it so much

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Not A Monster (Yuta x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can i request a vampire au with yuta from nct 127 fluffy like he’s scared he’ll hurt you pls – anon”
Fandom: NCT 127
Member/reader: Yuta X Reader
Genre/warning(s): vampire au, fluff, blood
Words: 2.4k
Authors note: Any time I think of vampires I think of Twilight so I tried my best to stay away from that! I hope you enjoy! Also, because it’s Yuta there’s a few cheeky bits, I had to include them since he’s a kinky fucker. He snuck up on me and became my bias from NCT 127 so I’m happy I got to write for him. Also to celebrate our ask box opening again I thought it would be perfect to do this request since we’re not writing for them as well!

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got7 runs a bake sale!


  • brought mediocre cupcakes with no icing (bambam: this is just a muffin then)
  • gets sad when his muffins are the only things not sold out by the end 
  • tries his best to help making the signs with ot6 
  • is in charge of just coloring inside the letters after jaebum sketches and outlines them 


  • the rate at which he’s eating the product is just not fruitful for their cause
  • i bet we could sell vitamin gummies 
  • nom nom nom , and then…….eat 
  • brought cucumbers to the baking party just to hear youngjae freak out over the cucumber 


  • store-bought cookies are just calories without love
  • suga hyung… I think we need your assistance when we bake (suga - so done w jackson’s jokes; Save_me.mp3)
  • tries to sell baked goods as if he’s being watched by a commercial recruiter 
  • my smile is really good today


  • if we buy all generic brands, we can make 4x profit
  • refused to let the smol child haggle the price.
  • nope. go away. this is $1. nope, no less. where is ur mom 
  • gave money to someone to buy mark’s muffins bc he was sad (mark: GUYS you would not believe what just happened)
  • (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)


  • wait is this for intermission for the high school musical next week?
  • n0! nooooo!!!!!!!! NO KYUKUMBER. i haTE that
  • contributes fudge brownies from the box with icing + a whole container of the rainbow granulated sugar sprinkles 
  • whenever a person buys one of his things, immediately breaks out in song singing the 고백 (confession) song 


  • attempted to make character shaped macarons 
  • only found that the one hello kitty and the one baymax macarons were good to sell 
  • designer macarons for $6.50!!!!  
  • dabbed right in mook’s face when the 2 designer macarons sold faster than moke’s 3 for $0.50 muffins 


  • brought the speakers 
  • wants to handle the cash box/register, but jinyoung doesn’t think he’s ready to handle it yet
  • sits on that one stool waiting for someone to prompt him to do something

ot7: maybe we should have gotten our moms to help us 

Touchy Feely- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by vanzish

A lot of Mo love lately which will please to no end! So here’s the second one in two days! Enjoy our lovable goofy Mo!

Warning: one bad word

Anon Request: Hi can you do a Morgan rielly one where he is just really touchy that day whatever you guys do he won’t like leave you alone always by you


              Ok this was getting ridiculous.

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starspy101  asked:

Prompt: Could we get some super cute fluff with Davey asking Medda's blessing to propose to Jack?

This prompt made me so happy. I hope you like the fic!!

Davey was trying to stop his hands from shaking when he knocked on the front door of Jack’s childhood home. He loved Jack’s adoptive mother; this shouldn’t be scary. Except he had a terrifying question to ask and if the answer was no then he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Maybe he just shouldn’t ask – if there was no chance of getting told no then he wouldn’t be expressly denying Medda’s wishes when he went ahead and did the thing anyway. Because he would. Medda’s acceptance was desired but not required, exactly.

The door was opening and it was too late to run.

“Miss Larkin-” Davey began, ready to get out a pre-prepared speech before he had time to second guess himself.

Medda was having none of it. She ushered him inside, correcting him and telling him to always call her by her first name, like she had countless times before. Taking his coat and pulling a plate of freshly baked biscuits seemingly from nowhere, she had him sat in the living room with a cup of coffee and one of her cats in his lap in less than three minutes.

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(requested by anon)

  • soulmate!au in which u feel whatever physical pain ur soulmate feels 
  • it starts at a different age for everyone but,,,,,,,,,,you haven’t felt it once in your entire life
  • like as a kid ur classmates were like !! i felt it!! in the middle of class or at recess or whatever but u were just like :-) someone kick me i wanna see if its real :-)
  • and in middle school almost everyone you knew had felt that lil kick of random pain and u were just waiting for it to happen,,,,,any second now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eventually,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • time went on tho and nothing happened and tbh you just kinda gave up on it ??like u stopped anticipating it and just stopped caring in general?? the one thing that was a big deal to everyone else didn’t matter at all to you,,,,,,,
  • while all your friends made guesses abt their soulmates u always just kinda sit there like :////////// Can’t Relate and u get all jealous whenever they start talking about things they felt or how they met their soulmates like Ok Jennifer We Get It You’re A Normally Functioning Human Shut The Hell Up Now Jeez
  • and all ur friends and family is like “oh it’s fine! plenty of people start late! there’s no need to worry! just be patient!” and ur just like ok,,,,,,but,,,,,what if i have some disease,,,,,,,what if i’m immune to pain and i’ll never feel it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what if i don’t even have a soulmAte?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god im broken
  • u’ve even gotten checked by doctors bc there must be SOMETHING like just give me a diagnosis idc if its fake ????????? give me meds ????? put me in a medically induced coma ?????????????????
  • but after searching for a g e s and finding nothing u just kinda threw in the metaphorical towel……like………………lmAo fUck tHIs………..
  • but i mean of course u still want to feel something yk
  • like whenever u hear someone complain abt a little sudden pain ur just like :))))))) hm :))) must be nice :))) huh :))))))))))))))) wish i was in pain :)))))))
  • across town tho the person that you’ve been resenting for not making u fEel anything is feeling everything because of u
  • in fact, he’s been suffering since he was f o u r
  • (since he started the earliest in his entire family, everyone thought he would get married like before 20 like his parents were READY, wedding planner on speed dial and an array of tux options)
  • of course, cheol can’t wait to meet u and fall madly in love with u but ,,,,,,,,sometimes he wants to strangle u,,,,,,,,,,,wherever u are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • bc as much as you hate to admit it, you’re the clumsiest person alive and it has caused cheol to get stubbed toes and imaginary table corners in the shin for almost two decades
  • he even has a scar from the time YOU tripped down the stairs while he was handling a box cutter (which he holds a grudge against his Mystery Soulmate for)
  • initially he sorta disliked u for it like bc ????was it always gonna be like that? were u just gonna cause him pain all the time?????
  • that said though, he’d grown to not mind your clumsiness as much over the years and sometimes even thinks up ways to keep you from further hArmiNg the both of you
  • (he thinks it’s kinda cute tbh) (bc it gives him an excuse to be touchy with u) (for “safety” reasons) 
  • cheol has been anticipating the day he meets you for YEARS he literally dreams about it sometimes, wakes up all smiley 
  • he’s tried to give you hints over the years, doing the typical pinch-your-phone-number-on-ur-arm n stuff
  • but he’s never gotten a response from you :-((((((
  • (nice going)
  • and tbh he kinda starts to think ur ignoring him,,,,,,,like ok boo :-) be like that :-) fine :-) 
  • he gets a lil,,,,,,,testy with it too like one time he drank hot sauce from the bottle just to try to get u to stop ignoring him
  • like sEungcHeol thEre are oTher wAys cHill oH my gOD
  • back to u tho bc ur what rly matters here
  • so ur at work again, prob ur least favorite place tbh
  • you always dreaded work because all of ur co-workers had either 1) felt their soulmate’s pain or 2) met their soulmate
  • and they always treated u like a baby bc !! u still haven’t felt it !! how cute huh !! (No Janice It’s Not Cute Fuck Right Off)
  • it also kinda isolated you from Work Talk because ?what else r people supposed to talk about? celebrities? weekend plans? blockbuster movies? red carpet appearances? new albums? politiCs? gLobAl waRmiNg? deSTRoyinG thE paTriArcHy? disMantliNg wHIte sUpreMacy? CLEaR pANTS???????? NO! 
  • only talk about ur soulmate. workplace rules. sorry.
  • bUt here to free you from it all: 8:30 on a friday night aka the end of ur shift can i get a heck yeah (chorus: heck yeah)
  • so u clock tf out and leave the premises asap and start walking to ur bus stop
  • not after plugging in some earbuds and blasting yacht by jay park isa banger go listen some uplifting songs to get u out of ur After Work Mood
  • ur on ur way to the bus stop as usual, texting ur roommate to order some food, you’ll be home in 10
  • when u feel it
  • yES IT
  • u feel a sudden pain in ur foot, like you kicked something, but when you look down there’s…….nothing there??????? just siDewalk oMg
  • and u just kinda freeze
  • but then u start running bc bOy is ur roomie gonna wanna heAr abOUt thiS
  • the bus ride to ur neighborhood is the longest it’s ever,,,been,,,,,,,,it feels like your grandma is driving,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like ur great great great great great grandma is driving,,,,,
  • (as u ‘patiently’ sit on the crowded bus u text ur roomie “big news :-)” to which they respond “oh rly ;-))))))) get it ;;;;;-)))”)
  • u practically jump off the bus before it comes to a full stop when u feel another little pain, this time in ur shoulder
  • ppl give u looks as u pass through the crowded street bc the smile on ur face is so big that its borderline creepy
  • then all of a sudden ur on ur hands and knees, hair in ur face and heart about to fall out of your chest
  • OKOKOKOKOK let me explain
  • as ur rushing through the crowd of people, you’re bumping into people left and right (which is a lil rude ngl) but it doesn’t matter bc ur on this,,,,,,,,,,,high,,,,, this holy-shit-it-happened high
  • but then u knock shoulders with someone and go falling to the ground, ur knee bashing into the ground bc ????why tf not?????
  • and tbh it didn’t hurt that much when ur shoulder collided with whoever it was,,,,,, but then this pounding feeling of pain wipes onto ur shoulder and u know it’s That Feeling
  • before you can even turn your head to see who you ran into, he’s kneeling by your side, clutching his knee
  • and he looks at you with really concerned yet shocked eyes
  • and u can’t help but stare at him, even though you’re still on all fours
  • “are you….did you feel-”
  • “is your kn-”
  • “that was the first-”
  • “is your knee okay? i’m so sorry”
  • u don’t even realize that the boy, your sOULmATE HELLO, is helping you up and over to a bench, propping your leg up across his lap until he asks you what your name is
  • you tell him, stuttering, and he nods and tells you his name, seungcheol
  • you sit there quietly as seungcheol runs over to the convenience store a few buildings down and continue to sit quietly when he puts your leg back on his lap and disinfects your scraped up knee
  • as he’s putting the bandaid on you manage out a “so are you……”
  • “your soulmate? i guess so.”

#ConorMcgregor was on it today in #Toronto lmao #FloydMayweather looked like he couldn’t handle it. #UFC #MMA #Boxing #Irish 🍀🇨🇮🇺🇸👊

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Jake and Peanut: Troublemakers Find Their Perfect Place

Jake and Peanut arrived at Farm Sanctuary not in a crate or a trailer, but tied down flat in the bed of an open pickup truck with bungee cords. A family with small children stated that they had found these two just wandering and brought them to us. The weeping of the children suggested a very different story, however — but seeing that they were being handled more like boxes than goats, we decided to take these boys off the family’s hands.

Just out of the pickup truck and their original home! The boys enjoy every day!

And as that first day progressed, we realized that there was likely a reason their original home was not working out. These two were clearly escape artists and also lovers of trouble. At the time of their arrival, we still had our animal hospital area in our original office/shelter building called “the white house,” with pens in the back that were more than four feet tall.  

Are they plotting their next move? Peanut telling a secret to brother Jake — and that secret seems to involve head-butting. 

And although the boys were just tiny baby pygmy crosses and very short, scaling that wall was no problem. What was a problem was their refusal to adhere to our ISO practices (we isolate all of our incoming animals from the general population until they are confirmed to be healthy, but Jake and Peanut were eager to meet new friends!). We would find them in the kitchen, in pens with chickens eating their food. Clearly, they needed a different setup!

Why do we live in this chicken barn again? 

So we moved them to an area set up for birds, with a wooden six-foot-tall fence around it. And although they did not escape, they ensured that the farm assistants had plenty to do — turning over the cans used to take out their soiled bedding, jumping on those cans in an attempt to jump over the taller fence, and butting their tools or the staffers themselves — they really kept everyone on their toes.

“Helping out” the farm assistants with their barn cleaning. Peanut is being particularly helpful in this shot.

Finally, after their quarantine period was over and they’d received a clean bill of health, the boys were ready to move to the big farm.

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simplymoemega  asked:

So, I have head cannon that Ace is completely obsessed with anything fluffy. He often tries to hind his endearment towards such things but fails most of the time And one day Sabo and Marco come back to their apartment/house only to find Ace asleep in a pillow fort made of every soft and fluffy blanket and pillow they own with three kittens curled up on top of him. One black with barely noticeable ginger splotches, another strawberry blond with burnt spots on it's side/face, and the other a tabby

“Oh. My. God.” Sabo mumbles, hands covering his mouth with a deep blush on his face. He is rocking back and forth like he want’s to scream but knows he can’t.

Marco isn’t in a better state himself, he is gripping his hands to his chest while making a noise similar to a squealing piglet. 

But who can blame them? The sight is too adorable. 

Thier living room has been turned into a massive pillow fort, where almost all of their softest objects have been carefully placed. The sheets have been held up by the dining chairs and the couches creating small tower like peaks. The pillows were stacked like walls along the floor and in the center, they form a mini nest.

There is where their boyfriend is.

Ace is fast asleep laying on his back, arms spread at each side while three kitten rest on his chest. None of the felines can be bigger than their palms, each one curled up against each other and still leave some room.

They rise and fall with Ace’s chest. 

One is black with barely noticeable ginger splotches donning it’s tiny body. This one is closest to Ace’s chin. The one curled into it’s back is strawberry blond with burn spots on its side. Its hard to tell how far up the burns go since the kitten’s face is squished into black fur but the two blond guess its high.

The last one is half over the strawberry one and a half over Ace. It is a Taddy and it mows gently before curling into his tiny arms.  

Ace mumbles in his sleep exactly in tone with one of the kittens as the little black one starts kicking its feet. The freckled man turns his head a bit to rub it against a furred pillow and settles ones more. 

“Get a camra! get a camera!” Sabo whispers-yells shaking the older blond. “Hurry before he wakes up!” 

Ace loves soft fluffy objects- they know this from the many times the raven haired man slams his face into the soft teddy bears at the store or when they want to buy pillows. 

He is obsessed with anything fluffy. 

He hates to have it pointed out though so they try not to comment on his obsession too much but sometimes? Ace just makes it really hard not to coo at him. 

“Marco…Sabo….it’s so fluffy…can I have it?” Ace says in his sleep rubbing his cheek against the pillow. The kittens don’t move, from their place but the strawberry and taddy meow gently. 

Ace smiles. 

“He’s so freaking cute!” 

Do you ever just see people complaining about a character/actor/ship and, without even knowing the context go, “nope, not getting into that. I’ve had a good day and the last thing I need is your negative energy” and just keep scrolling?

I’ve done that like four times today. 

+ pizza is cute but u cuter +

I killed the engine on the motorbike i had on and whistled while I adjusted my blue cap. I unzipped the bag that held the still hot pizza boxes and checked my phone to see if i had the correct address. This seemed to be it. I was walking the short steps to the front door when someone cleared their throat from behind me and I turned around cautiously with my eyebrows raised.

It was a guy with brown hair that reached his neck. He was holding a pizza box too but the red logo gave away everything, not to mention the matching red cap he had on with the Pizza Hut logo on it.

“Do you have the wrong address?” He asked, voice rough and deep. I shrugged at double checked again to make sure.

“Nope. How about you?” I asked.

He frowned and checked his phone, looking up at the house again and if possible his frown deepened.

“Well there aren’t laws that forbid you to order pizza at the same pizza place right?” I asked as i knocked on the door.

I turned to the pizza hut guy and he was scowling at me. I almost snickered, almost. But his scowl was adorable so i kept my mouth shut.

“Mom!! the pizza is here!” The door opened to reveal a girl my age, and her eyes went wide when she saw the both of us.

“Mom! where did you order from!” She shouted, voice carrying out through the house.

“Pizza Hut and Dominos!” a lady shouted from inside and I grinned at the girl.

“That’ll be $25.30” I said, handing her the pizza.

It took her a while but she handled all the boxes and i turned towards the pizza hut guy who was still scowling.

I started whistling the tune to “Why can’t we be friends” and he seemed to recognise it because he turned a glare towards me.

I laughed because he seemed to want to seem intimidating but i found him really cute.

He seemed taken aback and I realised I had said that aloud but before he could say anything, the girl came back with her change and gave us a thanks before closing the door.

I counted my change and sighed.

“Aww, no tip” I pouted, pocketing the change and taking my cap off to push back my blonde hair.

Surprisingly, i heard a chuckle and i looked up to see the pizza hut guy smirking at me.

“Maybe she picked the most attractive between the two of us” He grinned, showing me an extra 5 bucks.

This time i was the one scowling as he made his way towards his motorbike. Stupid attractive moody pizza hut guy.

Another laugh came out of him -Dammit, “I said that out loud again did i?” i sighed, getting a bit embarrassed now as i put my cap back on.

“You’re adorable, dominos.” Pizza hut guy said, grinning now.

Fuck, he is SO attractive. No wonder he got a tip and I didn’t.

“I have a name, just so you know!” I went to his motorbike and grinned at him.

He raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

All i did was take his cap and exchanged it with mine, jumping back when he reached for it back.

“But i guess you gotta find that out on your own if you want your cap back” I said, already walking backwards to my own bike.

“Or i could just get a new one!” He called out.

I winked at him, “Sure, but you won’t know who i am” Before turning around and getting on my ride.


It took Bucky 3 days. He couldn’t stop smiling after the delivery that his boss sent him home for being too happy and ruining his mood. His best friend and room mate Steve was creeped out by the second day, and his classmate Sam asked who he was by the third day.

So It took Bucky 3 days to go to the nearest Dominos that was near the house and asked for the cute, blonde dominos delivery guy.

“Oh, look who came looking for their cap back” Bucky looked up from the floor he was studying and smiled.

“I believe you owe me a name” He said.

“Clint. And you are James Bucky Barnes” Clint grinned at the shocked look on Bucky’s face.

“You were really slow, it turns out my friend is dating your friend and he knew exactly who i was talking about the first time i told him about you” Clint shrugged, shoving his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

Bucky was impressed, and fairly really attracted.

“So, what do i have to trade for your number?” Clint hummed in thought, eyes twinkling as he directed the question at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes and stuck a note on Clint’s tshirt.

“Call me if I’m so slow then!” Bucky called out, back turned but a smile on his face even though Clint couldn’t see him"

Clint grinned at the fluttering his heart felt and took the note off his shirt.

to ; adorable dominos boy


anonymous asked:

I remember this old post about if Ford's hands are normal and if Stan was the polydactyl. How does the elder Pines twins personalities change if that was the case? Is Stan more violent or shyer? Is Ford more protective of his twin. Does he develop an interest in the supernatural?

Oh gosh, this is such an interesting set of questions!  Apologies for the late reply on this, Anon, I didn’t mean to seem like I was ignoring it; I was giving this some time to percolate in my head.

I haven’t actually run across any posts before that discussed in depth the idea of Stan being the one who was polydactyl, instead of Ford!  (The main post I can think of that I saw mentioning it was this one here, and I don’t recall seeing follow-up discussions?)

I guess the first question is just: how much of Stan’s and Ford’s personalities are innate, and how much were influenced by their circumstances (in which I’m including the polydactyly as a circumstance). There’s reams of other meta out there about the natures of both elder Pines twins, and some of the assumptions in some of that meta, as well as just the “general consensus” popular in the fandom, undoubtedly influences how I think of them.

For example: I’m firmly in the camp that thinks that both Stan and Ford are very smart; but, I think that they process information and express their intelligence in different ways.  Ford seems to have a natural affinity for “book-learning”, by which I mean traditional schooling and research. The way Stan is portrayed as a child makes me think that he isn’t so great with traditional learning, and that’s what led to him being an under-achiever, because in the late 50s and early 60s, schools were not as good at identifying when a child was falling behind or acting out because they needed a different learning style to thrive.  I’ve always though of Stan as a more “kinetic” learner, good with physical tasks and also better at learning by demonstration than by lecture/reading.

(The usual sidenote applies here: if this is true of Stan, then it makes his teaching himself to get the Portal working again that much more impressive.  Just because he might be more comfortable with non-book-learning doesn’t mean he can’t learn from so-called traditional sources.  It just means that it’s a different kind of challenge for him than for someone who meshes very well with that form of learning.  Both Stan and Ford are very stubborn and tenacious.  In my view, Stan slacked off as a child, and cheated in school, because he was rebelling against school not giving him what he needed; and, I feel, because it was a vicious cycle in which he was being told by parents and school authority figures that he wasn’t good at it, and he internalized that and stopped trying.  When it came to fixing the Portal, he put aside doubts and preferences and single-mindedly devoted himself to that goal.)

In ATOTS, we’re told that it’s Ford’s polydactyly that creates his interest in science fiction and anomalies.  And yes, that’s an easy answer, but… I’m not sure that necessarily has to be completely true.  You don’t need to have an unusual trait like that, to be a very smart little kid who becomes deeply invested in scifi/fantasy and all of that stuff.  I do think that his unusual trait created for him an additional feeling of connection to those subjects, and I do think that he used that connection as an additional means to cope with the anxiety that his unusual status, and the teasing he received because of it, created.

So, if Stan is the one who’s polydactyl – well, I don’t think that changes the fact that as a little kid in the 50s/60s, he wasn’t as well suited to the style of schooling he was forced into.  He’d still have those unaddressed learning problems in school, and that would probably still have caused him to receive negative feedback from his parents and teachers.  It’s just that little polydactyl Stan would have the additional problem of being regarded as a “freak” by classmates (and maybe by adults too), as well as regarded as “lazy”, and a “cheater”, and a “class clown” (which seems probable; we’re not told specifically that he was, but, it seems pretty likely given everything about Stan’s personality, and the principal does refer to him as a clown).

On the flip side, little Ford may be “normal”, but he’s still abnormally smart, and his excelling at traditional schooling wouldn’t have changed.  And as many people know, that alone can become a cause for being ostracized and bullied by classmates.  He may still have developed an interest in scifi/fantasy and the supernatural, as a sort of intellectual/emotional “escape”.

But, the further thing I think might happen is that little Stan may also develop more of an interest in that direction (maybe with Ford’s encouragement?).  In ATOTS, when they were little, we saw monster-movie posters and that monster mask around Stan’s bed; and even into adulthood we find that he’s interested in things like taxidermy and stop-motion animation and stuff.  Might little polydactyl Stan have gotten into that even more, if he (like Ford in canon) felt like he “belonged” among the “freaks” and side-show attractions?

Going back to similarities and differences between the two of them – Stan is obviously the more outgoing of the two, the one with the “big personality”. And he does seem like the more aggressive of them – but, they’re actually closer in that regard than it seems at first glance.  There are plenty of moments in the show where we see that Ford has a temper and becomes aggressive towards threats.  Both Pines men have a tendency to turn fear into anger (think of Stan yelling at the kids when he’s fighting the zombies; think of Ford threatening Probabilator when he’s tied up).  Stan still seems to be the more extroverted of the two, and Ford the more socially awkward.  But Ford’s aggression likely isn’t a completely learned behavior (i.e. a survival mechanism only learned while dimension-hopping). It’s probably just a Pines trait that he had all along, but as a small child wasn’t confident enough to rely on.

So I do feel a bit like little polydactyl Stan might not have needed quite as much standing-up-for as little Ford did.  Even from an early age, Stan seems to instinctively turn attacks back on his attackers.  Crampelter calls them losers, and Stan’s response is basically to say, “takes one to know one”.  Little Ford’s response to bullying was to let it get to him; Stan’s is to turn it around and throw it back in the bully’s face.  What I can easily imagine is little Stan doing just that to anyone who teased him for having six fingers – turning it into a joke, or just a belligerant “yeah? what’s it to ya?” I don’t think he would have been unaffected, deep down – just as, in canon, he clearly was affected by all the people who called him a loser and said he’d never amount to anything.  That got to him, even though he tried to cover it with bluster and over the top confidence.  

Little Ford is harder for me to figure out, just because I’m not quite sure why he was so passive as a little kid, since he would develop that Pines pugnaciousness once he got to adulthood.  He took all that bullying really hard, it’s clear; and he needed a lot more support and reassurance than little Stan seemed to.  Or is that the point?  Did little Stan (in canon) also really need that stuff, but he just covered up the need with bluster, while little Ford didn’t?  Meanwhile, in this AU – if little Ford isn’t being bullied for being a “freak”, and is “only” being bullied for being the typical too-smart little kid, does that result in his being a little bit more outgoing and willing to stand up for Stan?

I could go either way on that.  I’m having a hard time seeing little Ford playing the belligerant, “get lost, bullies!” role in defense of his brother; just as I’m having a hard time seeing little polydactyl Stan NOT standing up for himself (even if it does hurt deep down).  I could see a little bit of both, perhaps?  But I do see little Ford trying to be supportive of his brother.  And if little Ford is still a scifi nerd – and especially if that’s an interest his brother shares a bit more – then I could still see him being interested in the anomalous, as a way to keep trying to prove to his brother that being an anomaly makes Stan cool and special, rather than “a freak”.

At least, that’s a dynamic I’d like to *think* would happen.

Let me insert a sidenote here about the boxing lessons.  In canon, Filbrick signs both boys up for boxing lessons, after little Stan is shown being picked-on by the older bullies.  There’s an implication that the boxing lessons gave little Stan confidence, and caused him to blossom from a nerdy, dorky-looking teen, into one who gets the girl.   Meanwhile, Ford is hiding his face in a book rather than paying attention to practice.  While adult Ford appears capable of handling himself, the boxing lessons don’t seem to have given little Ford as much confidence.  One thing that interests me about that, going back up to a point I made above, is that if Stan is a “kinetic” learner, that might explain why the boxing lessons worked better for him.  So this too may not change if Stan is polydactyl.  I don’t see any reason why being polydactyl would have a negative effect on learning to box. (I don’t think that’s why Ford didn’t take to it as well.) Plus – when you’re boxing, if your hands are in gloves, nobody can see that you’re polydactyl?  It sort of evens the playing field, as it were.

(This leaves completely aside the slight timeline difficulties of that sequence, as well as the question of whether some of the details were Stan, telling the story to Soos in his memories, deliberately conflating details of Ford’s and his childhood experiences.  Tiny glasses-Stan being bullied in Dreamscapers could be true; and little non-glasses Stan standing up to bullies in ATOTS could be post-boxing-lessons, having gained in confidence.  The part that bugs me is why he would then go from more-confident little non-glasses Stan, to nerdy/dorky glasses-wearing teen Stan at the movies, punching Carla’s attacker.  But, ehn.  For purposes of this discussion, let’s just go with the broad strokes of what that sequence conveys.)

So, where does that lead both of their lives, though?

Does polydactyl Stan come to rely even more on his brother as his only friend, the person who makes him feel like his unusual hands aren’t just no big deal, but are in fact special?  Does that just make Stan even more reluctant to see Ford go away to college?  Unfortunately, I could see that happening.  I’m not sure that reversing the circumstances does anything to address the problems that led to their falling out – the lack of good communication that arose as they became teenagers, or Stan’s dreams of leaving everything behind to pursue a dream career.  

Plus, I don’t know that it affects another innate quality that Stan seems to have – like his mother, for some reason, Stan is drawn to performance and to conning people.  He has a talent for it (at least, he does some of the time, since we have to remember all the sales pitches and cons he failed to pull off).  In that context, the polydactyly is both a curse and a blessing.  A curse, because it makes it less easy for Stan to blend in and become anonymous; he’s always going to attract SOME attention, and he has a trait that he can’t easily hide, the way he can grow out or cut his hair, or grow a mustache.  But a blessing, if he took it that way, because used correctly it could make for a great distraction, as well as a great prop in certain kinds of cons.  

Meahwhile – with the connection to anomalies being through his twin, rather than through himself, does Ford still become as motivated to pursue that study as a life’s work?  In particular, what happens to that interest if/when he and Stan have a falling out?  Would Ford still continue to pursue that line of study when it would be a constant reminder of his twin? Or, bitter at what he thinks of as Stan’s betrayal and untrustworthiness, does he also bitterly reject the subject he once loved, and once wanted to pursue out of love for his twin?  Does he wind up going into some other field, like quantum mechanics or engineering?  

I guess I’d conclude that whether their lives go off on substantially different paths, or not, comes down to many different decision points, not just that one difference.  Ford could wind up on a path that never takes him to Gravity Falls or brings him into contact with Bill.  Or, you could still find a way for that to happen, even if some of the details proceeded differently.  Stan might have somehow used that extra motivation / sense of identification with the weird to propel him into a still shady but viable career path earlier (inspired by his mother’s similar career; that is, himself starting something like the Mystery Shack elsewhere, and earlier, a kind of carnival barker / P.T. Barnum showman). …Or, Stan might have been just that little bit even more dependent on Ford for a feeling of validation, and still messed up, resulting in a rift between the two.

Personally, I think that changing a detail like that becomes more interesting if the results are markedly different from canon.  But basically, I’d be happy to read it, either way.  :)

Title: The Best Day Ever (Reader x Natasha Romanoff)

Summary: Natasha and the Reader are having a laid back, relaxed day of staying indoors and cleaning. All is full of rainbows and smiles until Natasa insists that she can handle cooking a box of macaroni and cheese.

Word Count: 1129

A/N: OMG THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE AND UGH ADORABLE. I love it so much, and hope you do, too. I hope you enjoy! :)

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