I nose what I nose...

Yesterday was the final day of the textile screen printing course I have been doing.  We could do anything we wanted in our last class and print anything using the techniques learned. I took the opportunity to make Christmas presents.  The images above are a present for Professor Valerie Lund.  She is the only Professor of Rhinology in the UK and a celebrity world-wide in ENT. Prof is also quite a special lady.  Not only highly intelligent and absolutely dedicated to her patients, she is also fabulous, glamorous and incredibly loyal.  I know her because I am her PA! On top of my business I work a few days at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital to bring in a regular wage.  I hope she likes these handkerchiefs with images taken from Henry Gray’s Anatomy.

anonymous asked:

I have bad allergies and sometimes have to wear a filter mask. They have really cute designs on some. Would it look off if I wore them with Lolita of would it be better if I had a hanky. If the latter, where would be best to find some?

The latter would be better for the most part just because it wouldn’t limit you so much. If you really absolutely need the mask to be able to breath, that’s perfectly understandable, but if you want it to match your coord you’ll be a bit limited. A hanky would be better for the most part because it’s easy enough to carry around and access when you need it, but you don’t have to constantly have it on your face. You can find some really pretty and inexpensive ones on etsy. And if you find that you do need a mask at some point in the day, I can’t imagine it would be difficult to carry with you in a purse.