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Yesterday was the final day of the textile screen printing course I have been doing.  We could do anything we wanted in our last class and print anything using the techniques learned. I took the opportunity to make Christmas presents.  The images above are a present for Professor Valerie Lund.  She is the only Professor of Rhinology in the UK and a celebrity world-wide in ENT. Prof is also quite a special lady.  Not only highly intelligent and absolutely dedicated to her patients, she is also fabulous, glamorous and incredibly loyal.  I know her because I am her PA! On top of my business I work a few days at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital to bring in a regular wage.  I hope she likes these handkerchiefs with images taken from Henry Gray’s Anatomy.

The Shelby’s Burden [part 2]

Request: [part 2] I LOVE the Shelbys Burden! But I was wondering too if you could do a second part where she gets into a relationship with Isaiah and she tells him she feels like a burden and he comforts her?

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Turning eighteen was a huge milestone for you, mainly because you thought back to how your life was, and how it could have been if your biological father never dropped you off at Polly’s.

You smiled at all your family as they cheered after you had blown out all the candles of your birthday cake. You wished for your negative feelings about your place in the family to finally go away as you were an adult now. Aunt Polly began to cut the cake, giving the first slices to you and your nieces and nephews first.

You looked around at your family again, barely touching the cake in front of you. They were smiling, talking amongst each other. John and Esmè were as happy as ever while being occupied with another pregnancy. Tommy and Grace were giggling in the corner of the kitchen while Tommy bounced Charlie in his arms. Ada, Lizzie, Finn, and Michael sat around the table with you while talking about going out for the night or not. Arthur and Linda sat quietly, Linda whispering every so often into his ear and Arthur just nodding along.

Your family was happy, but you couldn’t comprehend why you weren’t too.

You weren’t sure why you kept bring youself down by thinking you didn’t belong, and that your family didn’t love you, you were sure they did.

Y/N,” Finn laughed, calling your name for the second time. You turned your attention to your brother, smiling to mask your doubts.


“I asked if you wanted to go to the Garrison tonight?” Finn asked while chewing on his piece of cake.

“Or we can stay in,” Ada told you after noticing your hesitation. You smiled again and shrugged.

“The Garrison sounds fine.”

Your entire family went to the Garrison an hour later. A trusted friend was taking care of the children and as soon as you all entered the pub, everyone began to leave tables empty for you. Tommy ordered drinks while you spotted your boyfriend from across the pub. He made his way towards you with the biggest of smiles.

“Happy Birthday Y/N!” Isaiah yelled over the loud chatter of the crowded pub. You smiled and engulfed your boyfriend of a couple months in a hug. Your brothers and Polly watched with unimpressed eyes. When Isaiah had first asked you on a date, you decided it was best not to hide it from your family. They only really allowed you to date a Peaky Blinder because you were honest with them about the relationship and Isaiah was a trusted friend, more like a brother to the men in your family.

Michael sighed, cutting between you and Isaiah to separate your hug. You rolled your eyes, it was typical of Michael and Finn to constantly ruin a moment for you and Isaiah as they had felt the most weary about the relationship than the rest of the family and it was only because Finn and Michael were closest to Isaiah.

“Here then,” Michael handed you and Isaiah a glass of champagne. “To Y/N!” Michael yelled over he loud voices of the bar and raised his glass. You smiled as the rest of your family followed suit, including Isaiah.

After a round of everyone hugging you and drunkily kissing your cheeks, you were finally left alone with Isaiah in the private room. The door was open as to not alarm your family and you sat side by side. You were playing with Isaiah’s fingers that was placed on your lap, and you felt his stare on the side of your face.

“Stop staring, Isaiah.” You mumbled, feeling tipsy from the glasses of champagne that kept coming your way.

“Not until you tell me what’s bothering you.”

You looked over at Isaiah, your eyebrows pulling together. He always did know when you were in a mood and you thought it was a gift as no one else would be able to tell when you were down. Isaiah wasn’t nearly as drunk as you were, he was barely tipsy. He had only drank rum before you arrived, and to show your family he cared for you, he stopped drinking and substituted drinks for cigars.

“How do you always do that?” You turned your gaze back to your lap, your shoulders slacking.

“Because I know my girlfriend. Now, tell me what’s wrong.” Isaiah gripped onto your fiddling fingers, interwining your hands. You looked up at him, feeling your eyes sting with unshed tears and looked away again, muttering under your breath.

“It’s silly.”

Isaiah squeezed your hand in his, releasing your hand and moving his arm to curl around your shoulders. “It’s not silly if you’re going to cry over it. Please tell me, Y/N. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

You looked up again, feeling tears stream down your cheeks. You rolled your eyes and rubbed the tears away with the back of your hand.

“Y/N,” Isaiah pulled you closer to him. He had little experience with girlfriends, let alone comforting one, but as soon as he saw his girlfriend’s beautiful face become sad with tears: he knew exactly what to do.

Be there for you as best as he could.

“My biological mother visited me,” you cried. Isaiah pulled away from you slightly, eyes wide. “It wasn’t recent,” you told him. He nodded, beckoning you to continue. “It was three years ago, she said awful things to me and I,” you shook your head, placing your head on Isaiah’s shoulder, welcoming the warmth of the close proximity your bodies brought to each other. Isaiah rubbed you back, letting you know you were okay.

“I think the woman was right,” you finally choked out. Although Isaiah was still unsure of what you spoke about, he pulled you even closer as sobs escaped you. “I’m just a bastard child, a burden to my family, to Polly.”

Isaiah pulled away completely and you missed his body against yours. He faced his body towards you, placing his hands on either side of your waist so that you could look at him. Isaiah looked disappointed.

“Why the hell would you say that?” Isaiah’s voice rose slightly.

Because,” you cried. “Aunt Polly has Michael now, her son. And to my brothers, I’m just Arthur Shelby’s bastard, born from a whore.” You placed your hands over your face, embarrasment riddling you. “They all have their own families now, I’m just here. Floating in the family like a stranger.”

“Y/N,” Isaiah cupped your face in his hands. “Don’t you dare say that. I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but fuck your biological mother for being a swine and telling you things that aren’t true.”

You looked at Isaiah through your tears.

“Look,” he said. He twisted your face to look out of the open door to see your family laughing loudly and getting drunk off their asses. “What do you think they’re here for? They’re here to celebrate your birthday.”

You felt your shoulders relax and your tears stop. You suddenly felt foolish for crying over something a woman who wanted nothing to do with you in the first place said. You looked back out the door, and felt Isaiah kiss your cheek gently.

“You’re right where you belong, Y/N.”

You looked at Isaiah as he handed you his handkercheif. You wiped your tears away.

“You’re family loves you, all they ever have to say about you is good things.”

“Really?” Your smile widened. Isaiah nodded, a smile forming on his own face.


You leaned into your boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his neck and drunkily kissing his plump lips. He held onto your waist, kissing you back with as much passion. He leaned his forehead against yours, his heart beating rapidly against his chest as he thought of what he’s been wanting to tell you since you started dating.

“I love you, Y/N. You will never be a burden to me either.”

You gasped looking at your boyfriend with a blush and a big smile. “I love you.” You leaned in and kissed Isaiah once again. This kiss was far more intimate than any you have shared with him before, and you found youself ready to give him a piece of your heart. You were lucky to have caught the eye of Isaiah Jesus, but he felt like the lucky one too.

“Y/N!” Tommy interrupted your kiss and both you and Isaiah jumped away from each other. Tommy was too drunk to really process what was going on, but Grace smiled at you from over Tommy’s shoulder. “Come out here, your missing your party.”

You looked at Isaiah, giving him one last hug before you sprang to your feet and englufed your brother in a hug. His drink spilled slightly and he extended the cigar he was holding out of your way, hugging you back.

“I love you so much, Tommy.” You mumbled into his shoulder. He smiled, patting your head as he told you he loved you just the same. Grace smiled at Isaiah, wondering how you had gotten in such a better mood than a couple of hours ago. You then englufed Grace into a hug and told her how much you loved her too.

Soon, you had hugged everyone and told them how much they meant to you and that you loved them. They all just figured you were incredibly drunk and in a good mood because it was your birthday.

But you had actually come to the realization that you weren’t a burden, and were hardly a bastard child.

You were a Shelby, inside and out.

a/n; (Isaiah has been added if you want to request an imagine with him.) So I really liked the anon’s request and wrote this right away… I should probably start doing my requests in order! -e



We finished our date! Some things happened.

Picture 1: Bruce loves hanging out in the cemetery to absolutely no one’s surprise.

Picture 2: Robert has a cute dog

Pictures 3 and 4: Bruce gave a very Bruce-like response to receiving a handkercheif. HIS PARENTS ARE DEAAAAD. Damien seemed into it, thus further proving they are the perfect match.

schakira  asked:

Companions react to the Sole Survivor actually being a synth (after dying or after checking in the Institute's database, you choose)

This gave me all the feels… and it ended up really long.

Tiny bit of background here to save time: Sole discovers a hidden file on The Institute database when on Father’s terminal. Upon reading it they find that their heart gave out in Vault 111 under the extreme stress of Shauns kidnapping; and when he became director Father ordered the creation of a perfect synth copy of them. Synth!Sole was placed back in the cryopod with all the memories of the original and woke up not knowing the difference.

Ada: Sole tells Ada straight out, and the automaton doesn’t appear fussed in any way. “We still make a good team, sir/ma'am.” A while down the road she turns to them again, “After thinking about this I feel gratitude that you would share this information with me. We must be good friends.” Sole grins at her, agreeing.

Cait: She knew something was wrong from the amount Sole had drank since their most recent trip to The Institute. Eventually she all but grabs them in a headlock and drags them out of the bar to sit on the banks of the river. “You’re going to tell me what’s happening.”

Sole stares at her through bleary eyes before it all comes out like word vomit. Cait’s shocked, and she can’t say it didn’t make her recoil a little. But when she sees the pain in Sole’s eyes all she can do it put an arm around their shoulder comfortingly. Cait thinks about all the synths in their patchwork family and decides that if she can get along with them (sort of in Danse’s case) then she can definitely get past this for the person she cares most about in the world. She doesn’t tell Sole this, she simply shows it by not changing the way she treats them.

Codsworth: Sadness is all he can call the feeling he gets, knowing that the final person in this horrible world that he knew from before is gone. His family is gone. He reassesses the imposter before him, but he can’t find any difference between them and the human from before the war. Not even tiny scars he remembers them having two centuries ago.

“You say you remember me, sir/mum?” he asks.

“I… well they gave me all the memories. I remember coffee in the morning before the office. And you being so good when Shaun was born and I was so lost.” Their eyes shimmer with tears and he can’t help but rummage around for a stained handkercheif for them.

It’s different, but so is everything else now. He can live with this.

Curie: She listens to the whole story as Sole sits opposite her over a kitchen table at the Co-op. Placing a soft and small hand on top of theirs she smiles warmly, “ma chère, you are still the same wonderful person I know. This does not change you. Did you feel differently about me when I changed?”

Sole argues that it isn’t the same but Curie won’t hear of it, “I am still me, yes? Then you are still you.”

She watches Sole as they consider what she’s said, trying to hold back her scientific curiosity and a hundred questions.

Danse: He stares at Sole openly when they turn to him and blurt it out. They mistake his shock for disdain and start to feel sick, and a little indignant. The big man is just struggling for the right words, but he registers the storm of emotions crossing their face. Just as their finger comes out to jab him in his power armored chest, mouth full of words like hypocrite and asshat, he puts a hand on their shoulder.

“Before you launch into your speech can I say something, Knight?”

They narrow their eyes at him minutely before dropping their hand.

“When I was going through something similar, someone very dear to me told me it didn’t make a difference to them. This clever person - who may or may not have a temper problem – assured me that I was still me when I was ready to end it all. All those things that person told me are the same things I want to tell you” a soft blush touched his cheeks at his openness.

Aside from feeling better, Sole also starts to feel a little bit like a hypocrite themselves. They talked the talk when Danse went through this but it was all different when it was them.

Deacon: He watches them carefully from behind his shades, “This one of those times you try and fail to prove you’re a better liar than me?”

They roll their eyes at him, “D, I’m serious.”

Deacon holds his hands up, “Can’t blame me for checking. You know you can’t trust anyone, right?”

Sole looks away from him and stares at the crumbling walls in the catacombs, “So I’ve been told. But I wanted to tell you this, don’t you have anything to say?”

“What do you want me to say? I don’t care Wanderer, it makes no difference at all to me. You know I work for the Railroad don’t you?”

They drag their eyes back to him, “It changes nothing?”

He rubs his chin, “Only that Glory now has competition as the most badass gen3 I’ve ever met.”

“There’s no competition there,” Sole gives a small smile, “I wouldn’t ever want to challenge Glory to anything.”

Dogmeat: Always knew his human wasn’t actually human. He smelled it as soon as he met them, same as when he met that big metal man, the one in the trenchcoat and the sweet one who talks funny. But he sits and wags his tail happily as they talk to him about it, working out all out in their own head more than anything.

Hancock: “You gonna talk to me about what’s going on or not?” he asks as Sole reaches for a Jet inhaler. As soon as they changed to a chem they made a point never to take; it confirmed something was eating at them.

“I’m fine John,” they gave him a tight smile.

He sat back on the stained couch, “Don’t kid a kidder, friend.”

Hancock hadn’t been expecting what they told him though. He was a ‘live and let live’ kinda ghoul but he couldn’t say he didn’t shudder a little at the idea of Synths. And now one of his favourite people was flatly describing all the ins and outs of them being one. He didn’t really know what to say to Sole, it didn’t change anything he supposed. So that’s what he assured them, but occasionally he would catch himself watching them even though he wouldn’t know if they were any different than their pre-war counterpart.

Maccready: He’s quiet, but Sole can see it all turning in his head like gears.

“Well shi- shoot.” are his first words after Sole’s little bombshell.

They sit nervously on the couch next to him on top of Red Rocket, no idea how he’s going to react. He stares at them intently, trying to make sure they’re not about to laugh their head off at his gullibility. When that doesn’t happen he frowns deeply, gazing at them with an implacable expression. Sole hates this, the times Mac has been quiet they could count on one hand; they ache for him to make a joke, a snide comment… something.

After what feels like an eternity for both of them he shrugs with a nervous smile, “Guess you’re too late for the robot discount on my services, huh boss?” Sole could punch him and hug him at the same time, but they settle for smiling back at him thankfully.

Maxson: When Sole’s resignation lands on his desk he’s taken aback to say the least.  You can’t just resign from an army, he frowns, especially with no reason. He commandeers a vertibird down to The Castle and finds them sat in the Generals quarters poring over supply lists.

“Paladin.” he says stiffly, “I believe we need to talk.”

Sole gestures for him to take a seat, girding themselves to avert any kind of fight if possible. They haven’t forgotten his reaction to Danse’s status. Once it is all in the open the Elder falls deadly silent. His steely eyes lock onto theirs, searching and assessing.

“I didn’t know about this when I joined the Brotherhood.” Sole said as evenly as possible.

Maxson glares at them, appraising the situation. It would do no good to start a fight with the Minutemen to eradicate one synth.

“I accept your resignation, General,” he gets to his feet and strides out of the office without a glance. Sole feels sick.

Nick: They stand together outside his office, smoking as Sole explains the whole sorry mess. Nick lights another cigarette and offers it to Sole, “Seems like a two smoke problem, kid.”

Sole smiles weakly at him, accepting the cigarette, “A detective referencing Sherlock Holmes. Cute.”

Nick shrugs, “You know me. I’m nothing if not cute.”

They stand quiet in the bustle of Diamond City, save for the whirring of Nick’s exposed circuitry.

“Listen kid,” Nick places a hand on their shoulder, “This doesn’t change who you are. What you’ve done since you escaped that icebox. Take it from someone always living in another’s memories, you’ll be ok. It’s not the end of the world… that already happened.”

Sole leans back heavily against the shack, “You’re right Nick. As always.”

Piper: She visibly recoils as Sole rushes through a hasty explanation.

“Blue this isn’t funny.” her eyes dart around their face.

“It’s not a joke Pipes,” they frown.

Piper tries really hard to get her head around it, and eventually she does. But for a few weeks after the revelation she keeps her distance. She knows it’s hurting Sole but she needs some space to consider how this changes everything. Sure it’s the same Blue she’s known since they first met but…

Of course, it’s Nick who talks her round with the whole thing. After that Piper tracks Sole down at Abernathy Farm and apologises.

“It’s fine Piper, honest,” Sole is just so grateful to have her back that they hug her tightly and grin.

Preston: “I don’t know what to say General,” he rubs the back of his neck nervously.

“Me neither Preston. But here we are.” they glare out at the horizon.

He hates that note of self-loathing in their voice that he’s never heard before. After everything they’ve done. Everything they’ve been through and all they’ve sacrificed. Preston can’t bear for them to think badly of themselves.

“General with all due respect; snap out of it.” he’s as shocked as they are by his borderline insubordination.

Choosing to just plough on, he continues, “You’ve done more than anyone I know. I’ve never met someone with a kinder heart. You’re the best thing to happen to The Minutemen. You may be a synth but I’ve never met someone more human.”

Sole gapes at him, blushing heavily under the glow of his praise. Preston blushes slightly too, shying away from their gaze.

“Preston…” they put their hand on his shoulder, “Thank you.”

Strong: “Strong no care, puny human.” If supermutants could roll their eyes he would.

Sole’s not really sure what they expected.

X6-88: He regards the Director coolly from behind his shades.

“Ma'am/sir, I was under the impression that you already knew.” he all but shrugs.

Sole’s head whips round so fast they almost sprain something, “You knew?!

He continues to stand impassively, “Yes.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me?” they’re shaking with temper, hands balled into fists.

X6 frowns and looks down at them patronisingly, “As I said, I was under the impression that you already knew.”

anonymous asked:

I have bad allergies and sometimes have to wear a filter mask. They have really cute designs on some. Would it look off if I wore them with Lolita of would it be better if I had a hanky. If the latter, where would be best to find some?

The latter would be better for the most part just because it wouldn’t limit you so much. If you really absolutely need the mask to be able to breath, that’s perfectly understandable, but if you want it to match your coord you’ll be a bit limited. A hanky would be better for the most part because it’s easy enough to carry around and access when you need it, but you don’t have to constantly have it on your face. You can find some really pretty and inexpensive ones on etsy. And if you find that you do need a mask at some point in the day, I can’t imagine it would be difficult to carry with you in a purse.