I went to an event called Handi-hour yesterday, hosted at the Renwick Gallery. My new HR friend told me about it, and though she said she would be going, I ended up alone for the evening. Even though I thought it would be less fun flying solo, it worked out, because I could get into my zone.

The medium was old books. They had a variety of suggested crafts with instructions for paper blossoms, geometric paper balls, woven paper baskets, envelopes, postcards, paper beads, and decoupage. I went for the decoupage as you can see from my photos. I was one of the first dozen people to the supplies table so picked up a variety of children’s and illustrated books, as well as book sleeves with interesting graphics. (When I returned the books I didn’t use, the volunteer thanked me, saying it was a hot stack and others had been asking for the kinds of books I’d taken!) There were nine long tables in the Grand Salon, seating 20-30 people each, and scattered supply stations comprised of scissors, glue, modpodge, sponge applicators, tape, and rulers. I didn’t modpodge mine because I didn’t want to carry it home, all sticky. Thankfully I have modpodge in my own supplies (presently in storage), so I’ll seal it up sometime in the future.

In addition to craft supplies and media, my ticket got me two gourmet sodas ($5 more for two beers), and they had finger foods out as well.

The next Handi-hour is in July, and we had a chance to vote for the theme: Leather, Garden, Felting, Softies, or one other I can’t recall. I’ll definitely go again, it was a fun evening!