We’re thinking of moving to Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is a neighborhood in Mexico City which is known for its shopping, nightlife, gay community, and its recently established Korean community. The neighborhood is officially part of the Colonia Juárez colonia or official neighborhood, located just west of the historic center of Mexico City.

The area is one of Mexico City’s primary shopping districts and nightclub areas. Streets are filled with bars and nightclubs, which fill on weekends. Among these clubs, men’s clubs with table dances and gay bars stand out. In total, there are 714 businesses in the area, 137 of which are restaurants, which cater to foreign and Mexican visitors as well as businessmen who work on nearby Paseo de la Reforma. From its bohemian and intellectual heritage, there are also art galleries, bookstores and the like.

There is an antiques mall on Londres Street, and a large handicrafts and souvenir market called Mercado Insurgentes between Liverpool and Londres street, where a number of shopkeepers speak English and some take U.S. dollars. Approximately 100,000 people pass through the area each day, and an estimated 12,000,000 pesos is spent here each day.

It is also the site of the Corridor de Arte José Luis Cuevas, which occurs on weekends when an average of 40 artists display their works for sale. On this street stand around 40 sculptures created by young artists of the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas of UNAM.

Another prominent retail segment includes businesses that cater to Mexico City’s gay community. Since they were established in the 1990s, these businesses have grown in size and number and include sex shops, bookstores, movie theaters and exclusive hotels, as well as bars and nightclubs.”

Queer gente, artists, book lovers, sex workers, Gs, foodies, different cultures… Sounds fun to us… lol

Today we remember a the artist Miriam Schapiro who passed away this weekend. Schapiro is a pioneering feminist artist who, with Judy Chicago, founded the Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts in 1971, the first program of its kind to encourage women to make art from their personal experiences. A leader in the Pattern and Decoration movement, Schapiro is known for her “femmages,” or collage paintings, which aim to reclaim traditional handicrafts associated with women’s work, such as embroidery and sewing. 

This large-scale painting was part of an ongoing Collaboration series begun in the mid-1970s, in which Schapiro dialogues with and pays homage to famous women artists, in this instance Frida Kahlo, whose self-portrait The Broken Column, 1944, is reproduced in the center. Stylistically this painting mimics the look of a collage, recalling Schapiro’s long-standing commitment to the belief that decorative elements and women’s work are viable artistic means to express female experience, having both political and subversive potential.

See more of Schapiro’s works in our collection here.

Posted by Brooke Baldeschwiler

This is the first time I’ve crafted one of these sharptooth bikes, but it proc’d.. hm, to sell or use. I have 3 mounts, and originally I wanted to use it, but now that it proc’d.. choices! I’ll probably use it, I miss having the green bike from that one event they did ages ago.

Mastering handicraft in 3, 2, 1…

Step one: raise funds to buy ALL the catalysts. Step two: open a fuckload of malevites. Step three: go make a stupid gif or something while you craft them all…

I wish I had Helvetica installed for maximum effect x3

Knitting is dark sorcery

And apparently I haven’t spilled enough blood yet to learn how to knit through the back loop. I’ve read three tutorials and watched a video and I still can’t fuckin do it

Winter 2013/2014 NorCal Edition

I have a love/hate relationship with this particular season (not winter in general, but this winter in the here and now). 

-It’s not cold…during the day. I feel cold in the house and walk outside and all the sudden I’m sweating. I don’t like that. 

-We are in the middle of a drought. The river is low. Not acceptable. It literally makes me thirsty just thinking about it. 

-We had one week of hard freeze, which I wouldn’t mind had it not been in the upper 60s since then. I could still have small amounts of tomatoes and peppers right now if it weren’t for the freeze.

-It’s warm outside but the days are not long enough for my compost, so I have to buy accelerant. 


-I can ride my bike more without feeling like my hands are going to fall off (because I don’t like wearing gloves). 

-I can go to the river and forage for things/improve my photography.

-I’ve had a successful bout of crocheting.

All in all, it’s not so bad and Winter still has a couple more months to warm to me (hopefully not literally). 


I made a video about the process of crafting the new Ceramium medals.  Here’s the basic outline:

  1. Get handicrafting over 516p, but ideally as high as you can with a cheap craft.
  2. Gather the necessary items (all shown).
  3. Find a master chef to make the adaptive idium crystal.
  4. Farm animas, craft and be amazed at how long it takes.