handicapped couple

So, this is my girlfriend. Yes, she’s handicapped. She is paralyzed from the chest down. We met just over a year after the accident that changed her life forever, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes love isn’t about finding someone perfect, it’s about loving someone imperfect perfectly.

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I'm not trying to downplay how much of a bunch of shitstains Bannon, Ebell and Pence are but... what can they realistically do? Also like yeah the republicans have majority but there's still some democrats in the House/Senate/Congress right? Surely they'll block/filibuster what BS reforms they try to pass.

A lot, my friend. 

To be quite honest, we have no idea what the hell Bannon was going to do. “Chief Strategist” isn’t a position that existed before Trump put Bannon there, so there’s no precedent to refer to. However, we can be fairly certain that Bannon will wield a great deal of influence within the Trump White House, if not direct power—the fact that he and Priebus are the only named cabinet members, that Bannon shares a long history with Trump and a relationship that managed to survive the whole campaign

If Trump keeps Bannon around, I think we can assume that some of the rhetoric and direction of the administration is going to bear his stamp.

Pence is VP and this is another role which lacks direct routes of power. However, my initial hope—that Trump would stonewall Pence due to their fractious campaign—clearly was in vain. Pence is chief of the transition team, which makes him the gatekeeper for literally everything that happens in the next 60-something days. It also signals some of the things noted on the campaign trail: that Trump is planning to largely outsource the presidency and Pence might be on that managerial shortlist.

Ebell, climate change denier extraordinaire, is currently hinted at being head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA is one of the many federal administrative agencies, and it in particular is tasked with enforcing the US’s myriad of clean water, hazardous waste, endangered species, clean air, and insecticide/pesticide legislation. Like all administrative agencies, the EPA does this by issuing regulations

You know what Ebell can do, if he feels like it? Not enforce them.

…….okay, that’s not true, there are existing regulations surrounding the practices of the EPA. However, there is nothing stopping Ebell from issuing new regulations either repealing or altering the regulations on the books. There are only really four rules:

  1. Any rule will be subject to a comment period of 60 days,
  2. The Government has to demonstrate that it took the comments into consideration,
  3. The regulations cannot contradict the legislation (so, for example, Ebell couldn’t overrule the Clean Water Act, he could just change the way it’s enacted in certain ways to make it ineffectual)
  4. All regulations are always susceptible to judicial review, if the new regulations are unconstitutional or the process was followed improperly.

But if tomorrow Ebell wanted to throw out all of Title 40 and start new, he could do that. It would take a while, but yeah. He could.