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heavens-to-the-betsy  asked:

I saw your post about Kurloz and I have a mute friend so I figured maybe I could shed some light. You are right. In my friend's case, his vocal chord don't function properly. But he's a handicapped badass who is doing very well despite that. He's able to hold down a job, he drives, and he gets really good grades. He even plays sports. He's also a Homestuck fan and loves to cosplay as Kurloz. But mutism is a very interesting handicap, because everything else works properly. He just can't talk.

Here’s an irl handicapped badass for you guys!

That is cool, mutism is a really interesting handicap.

Tell your friend we say hi!

New Guest Contributions!

This blog has been on hiatus for far too long, but now there will finally be new content for you guys!

Theo, a good friend of mine and a fellow lover of handicapped badasses, offered to contribute her own extensive knowledge of handicapped badasses to this blog. You’ll be able to find her posts under the “theo post” tag.

I’m also going to be giving this blog a revamp in the next few days (fixing some tags, replacing broken images, maybe a new theme?) and I’m going to do my best to start making some more posts of my own soon, too.

So thanks to everyone who’s stuck around during the hiatus! You won’t have to wait any longer for more content.

anonymous asked:

Vanellope von Schweez from Wreck-It Ralph has pixlexia - a disability of the gaming world.... (spoiler alert) while in the beginning, she is discriminated for it, being called 'glitch', at the end she figures out how to use it to her advantage.

I have heard of Vanellope and her pixlexia! I haven’t watched the movie and I wasn’t sure how exactly they portrayed pixlexia, whether it was some kind of passing joke or if it was really played as a disability.

I’ll have to watch the movie and find out!

thebigdeepcheatsy  asked:

I got another one! What about Peacock of Skullgirls? She's a war orphan that is an amputee, blind, and mentally unstable, but she is the only one who can annihilate the evil Skull Heart.

I’ve never heard of Skullgirls (I really need to get into video games), but it looks very cool and Peacock looks awesome! She has that great balance of cute and creepy…

Thanks for yet another great rec!