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Don’t Take Up Spaces that Aren’t Meant for You

I go to use the elevator in a high rise building only to find a sign that says “Please ask security for access to this elevator”. A week ago, that sign wasn’t there. When I ask the security guard why the sudden change in policy, they said that people from other floors in the building had been abusing their access to the elevator and that they needed to lock it down. 

Let me make this perfectly clear: I could no longer independently access the only elevator available to take me to this part of the building because other people decided to use / abuse a space that was not meant for them instead of taking the stairs right next to the fucking elevator.

Here’s another example: In order to have access to an accessible room on a cruise ship, I have to submit a form stating that I do in fact  have a physical disability that prevents me from using a normal state room on the ship. I have to do this because able-bodied people have, in the past, been dishonest about the level of accessibility they require in order to have access to a larger stateroom without having to pay a premium.

How about this one: I go into the restroom of a massive convention center. Every single stall  in this restroom is empty except for the one handicapped stall in the back, which is being occupied by someone who does not need to use a handicapped stall. I now have to wait for that one person to exit the stall before I can use the restroom. Remember: This bathroom has 7+ other stalls that are built specifically to work for them, but they chose  to use the one space that is available to people like me.

Dear able-bodied people: Handicapped bathroom stalls, seating areas, staterooms, and elevators are not meant for you and you should not use them.

I do not care how big of a hurry you were in and how that elevator got you to where you needed to go faster. Because of you, I have to go find someone every time I need to use this elevator and if I can’t find them I GET NOTHING. 

To you, that cruise ship can house 2000+ people and you have an opportunity to get a massive stateroom at no extra cost if you’re wiling to fib a little. To me, that cruise ship has a capacity of around 12 (the number of accessible rooms on the ship) and if they’re all full, I GET NOTHING.

To you, that movie theater has four really great seats right in the middle that just happen to have a handicapped accessible sign on them. To me, that theater has four seats and if they’re all full, I GET NOTHING.

And let me address the bathroom thing in particular. I don’t give a flying fuck if the handicapped stall was the only one available. You should pretend like it doesn’t fucking exist and wait in line like everyone else. *

Don’t take up spaces that were not meant for you. Because everything but those few precious spaces were not meant for us. 

* Unless it’s literally the only stall in the bathroom or you’re about to absolutely shit yourself. Then it’s fine. 

most of my coworkers at work don’t understand why i don’t automatically put customers with a lot of items in “the big fitting room” like…. binch that’s not “the big fitting room” that’s the accessible one… you know… for disabled customers??? if the other rooms are full and we have a line, sure i’ll put someone in there. if there’s a mother on her own with a baby stroller she needs to take with her, sure i’ll put her in there. but unless it’s absolutely necessary, we need to keep that room empty. because we have a lot of customers who come in in wheelchairs? or with crutches and canes? or even just with service dogs who can’t fit in the smaller rooms. that room is there to make our store accessible. if you’re sticking able bodied people in the when you don’t absolutely have to you’re making it to where our store is temporarily inaccessible…. like….

Hey y’all

So. The world is pretty fucking ableist. And it makes my life very annoying, especially since a lot of people can be really inconsiderate about accessibility.

So I’m gonna say a thing.

Before I became supes disabled (aka back when I was lowkey disabled and not Disabled™) I didn’t give a lot of thought to how wheelchair accessible the world was. And I didn’t realize how scarce accessible areas were.

Bathrooms for instance. If there are multiple empty stalls, if you are physically able to use normal stalls, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not use the handicap stall. When I was more abled I was guilty of this. People generally don’t do it to be willful or spiteful. I’m not shaming you guys. I’m just trying to raise a bit of awareness to both the importance and scarcity of handicap friendly things in the world.

Because here’s the thing. Even if you haven’t seen a person in a wheelchair, or using a walker, or any other sort of mobility device, that doesn’t mean we don’t exist in public areas. And it really REALLY sucks to go into a bathroom, and have the ONE stall I can use be occupied by someone who could have used any other stall. Because then, I’ll be sitting there. In a public bathroom. In my chair. And every single abled person who walks in will stare at me, ask me if I’m ok and talk down to me, treat me like a leper, or just in general make me feel super awkward.

And I will sit there, outside the handicap stall, because I have no choice but to wait. And that means that if you are using that handicap stall, I will just be sitting there, listening to you do your business. I assume don’t want a captive audience when you’re doing the necessary. So please. Do not use the handicap stall if you do not need it, and if there are other stalls available.

Resources for disabled people are extremely scarce. Be a pal and keep us in mind

How Hotels, Resorts, etc., Can Improve Accessibility Without Spending a Bunch of Money

It’s simple, really. On your website have:

  1. Pictures of your accessible rooms of each type (standard room, suite, etc.) including the bathroom.
  2. Instead of saying things like “Our accessible rooms can accommodate most standard electric and manual wheelchairs”, give measurements for things in both inches and centimeters. Measure the width of any doors (including closets) as well as the height of fixtures like sinks or counter tops.
  3. A description of each type of accessible room that covers things like where the main power outlets are in the room, the distance between bed(s) and the nearest wall, and the distance between the TV and foot of the bed.
  4. Have a separate page on your site called “Accessibility” (or whatever your site’s copy editor agrees to) where you call out any unique accommodations your establishment might have that would help a customer with an accessibility requirement (e.g., a TTY in every accessible room, roll in showers, special accommodations for service animals, etc.,). Separate the list of accommodations by the type of disability they serve (visual, hearing, etc.,)
  5. Provide an online form specifically for answering questions about accessibility

Here’s the truth about accessibility in hotels: If a hotel is accessible enough to remove a stress point from my travels, I will always stay at that hotel (or hell, chain of hotels if they’re consistent). That hotel will have one a customer for life. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than staying at a place that cares about every type of customer that comes through its doors.

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shout out to the group of men who came into the food court where I work during the pride parade and moved a bunch of chairs around in a way that blocked the path the our handicapped accessible table, then huffed off saying "you'd think they'd make seating more accommodating to gay people during pride" after I told them they couldn't move the chairs there. Like you guys do realize that we legally have to accommodate the 3 handicapped gays more than the 200 able bodied gays in here right?

Plus-one (2)

As you wish, my friends. This is the 2nd & 3rd chapter I wrote squished into one. This weekend has been hellish, so I’m just getting to posting this now!

AU Cross-over of The Wedding Date and MMFD. 

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Also tagging: @arathewallflower @lilaviolet @bitchy-broken @bitchesbecrazy89 and @thatfunnygirllauren because you all showed some interest before for this one. 

I’ve been veering off course a little bit from the movie, but don’t worry it’ll still follow along mostly. 

Hope you enjoy and thank you, thank you for the feedback, lovelies! xx

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Why’d they put the Totem lathe so far away from everything? Oh right, this was Vriska’s doing. That explains it. At least she made the roof handicap accessible.

Having narrowly dodged obliteration, you take your place as the PAGE OF BREATH in the LAND OF SAND AND ZEPHYR.

So Tavros is the Page of Breath, eh? “Page” sounds less prestigious than “Heir” so I wonder what exactly the difference is between him and John. 

So far I’m 0 for two with my guesses for the troll’s titles. I thought I had Kanaya and Karkat pegged as the Maiden of Time and Page of Breath respectfully. 

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Junkrat, Hanzo, and McCree headcanons for dating someone in a wheelchair?

((here you go darling!! they are such good bfs ))

- having prosthetics himself, he will kind of understand,
- of course, that’s nothing like being in a wheel chair
- he’ll understand when you want to do something for yourself and will let you do it
- he will try and make sure that you keep what you do on your own within reason
- he just doesn’t want you to get hurt
- he will never complain about you wanting to push you
- he won’t bring up asking you if you want prosthetics, but if you talk to him about it he will discuss it with you
- Will make sure that your wheel chair is never with squeaky wheels or a loose bolt
- always checks ahead of time to see if places are handicap accessible


- He kinda gets it, but you’ll probably have to explain what you can and cannot do
- will sometimes forget that you can’t do certain things, but will apologize profusely
- “Can ya do a wheelie?”
- If your wheelchair ever breaks, he will be able to fix it in a heart beat
- will help you get up the stairs if there’s a couple of them by pushing you up, but will try to remember what places will have ramps and which ones won’t
- He will steal you cute trinkets that you can put on your wheel chair, like decals and such
- will make jokes about taking your wheels and using them for a riptire, but only if you’re okay with the jokes. If you don’t like them, he stops and feels bad
- will always be by your side and try to help you with anything you ask for help with.
- he might ask you about prosthetics as soon as you both meet, but if you don’t want to talk about it he’ll let it go

- He doesn’t have leg prosthetics so he won’t pretend to understand
- if you have medicine he will go out of his way to make sure your prescription is always filled
- Will push you around and might run with you if he wants to hear you laugh
- will help you install anything you want on your wheelchair, such as decals or other things
- Will help you fix your wheelchair, or take it to someone who can
- Mccree will make sure to let you do stuff on your own, he doesn’t want you to feel helpless
- He will make sure that he doesn’t mistakenly take you to somewhere that is very hard to get to
- will go with you to your doctor visits if you want

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I've mentioned him on you blog before, but I have a friend who has one arm who has beaten DS2, the most shittily balanced Soulsborne game, using only Gauntlets and a shittt Staff for magic. I am fully capable and gave not beat DS2 because I am bad at it. I think that the answer to making games accessible to handicap people isn't to make the games easier, but to give people access to the proper tools to enjoy the game fully. Making games "easier" is not the answer.

yeah. give folks better controllers and custom made controllers and options in the game for color blind people and subtitles. don’t cock up games because people are lazy.

I like to think that CHB is really handicap-accessible since Chiron uses his wheelchair a lot of the time, and it’s pretty likely that campers would end up injured fairly often, so it’d helpful in that way too.

Like, ramps to all the cabins and buildings, places to park wheelchairs, paths that make it easier to get from place to place without having to wheel over grass, etc.

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Any Hephaestus cabin headcanons?

They all have secret rooms under their bed. 

They have the most intense games of hide-and-go-seek in Bunker 9. 

Lee use to disrupt Beckendorf in the forge by singing “Grease Lighting” because he knew Beckendorf hated Grease. 

Everything, the cabin, the forge, the bunker, is 100% handicap accessible. 

A lot of them lose limbs, become disabled in some way, or are born that way, and they often use it as a reason to build themselves cool robot prostheses and other tools to help them get around. Nyssa actually wants to go to school for bio-medical engineering to build accessible and helpful prostheses.

Jake Mason never recovered from when Festus attacked him, and he needs crutches to walk, and often just gets around camp in a wheel chair. He usually doesn’t mind it, except when Leo tried to modify his wheel chair to be propelled by rocket power. 

Aphrodite kind of feels bad for disliking her husband so much, so usually tries to make sure that all of his children find love. Even if it’s with her own daughter. But who doesn’t love a tragic love story? 

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That store in New Hope that you mentioned is 20 mins from my house. She's got a bad reputation. Wasn't her shop closed for a few months anyhow? neither witchy store on that street is that great imo

G*psy Heaven was indeed closed for a few months due to flooding, but that was several years ago. Then again, her shop is closed more or less at random if she doesn’t feel like coming in, so….there is that.

And no, their reputation is NOT good. Lots of customers being told they’re doing things “wrong” if they’re not adhering strictly to Wicca, people being turned away for saying things she doesn’t agree with (she once yelled me out of the store for saying that SRW is not a trustworthy source), and overall a general air of insular elitism that tends to shut out newbies and non-Wiccans, to say nothing of the fact that there’s a racist slur in the name of the shop. (Yes she has been told, and no, she does not care. Middle-aged white lady thinks she knows better, go figure.)

Mystickal Tymes is somewhat better. I’ve had much better experiences there in terms of better merchandise, wider selection, and friendlier staff. If you’re looking for witchy stuff in New Hope, I’d definitely recommend going there and ignoring “The Witch Shop” altogether.

There’s also a place called River of Life Natural Foods about 10min up the road in Lahaska, right at the split of 202 and 263, just outside of Peddler’s Village. The street address is 5743 Route 202 (Lower York Rd), Lahaska, for those with GPS. It’s in the same lot as Twisting Knitting & Spinning, right across from the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory shop. And honestly? I love that River of Life. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

The proprietor is a delightful woman named Karen, and she has an entire room full of New Age accoutrements, including a wall of massive mason jars full of every herb or spice you could want. These are sold by the ounce for VERY low prices, and she only buys from reputable botanical vendors, so they’re top quality and not blended (unless indicated, i.e. pickling spices). I bought my herbs there for years, yes, even over the witchy shops in New Hope, partly to support a small business, and partly because Karen’s stuff is just BETTER.

The shop also sells teas, candles, essential oils, and a wide variety of natural bath products, nutritional supplements, and raw and organic foods. It’s a small place, but there’s lots packed into it. (It’s not very handicapped-accessible, unfortunately, but if you call, she does do some shipping if you can’t make it into the store.)

So yeah, if you’re going to that area just for herbs? Go to River of Life first. Chances are you’ll find what you need there, without every having to venture into New Hope (or pay for parking).

Faster Friend

ok as promised, its here, as always special thanks to my editor Tori who allows a dyslexic boy to post stories with no fear, and thanks to every single one of my readers you are lovely snowflakes who keep me going

if you like what you read please find and read my other works, old stories need love too.

Rating: PG for cuddles and vague references to sex

Characters: Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Miles (original character)

Timothy Drake leapt from the top of the high wall at two in the morning onto the grounds of Gotham Academy for the Extraordinarily Gifted. GAEG is the kind of school you only get into if you’re top of the class or your crazy rich. Luckily for Tim he’s both, and The Red Robin. Ducking from shadow to shadow with his cape around him, Tim made his way to the Wayne dorm. Sliding around the side, he shot a rope up to the fifth floor, before he hit a button on the grappling hook gun and zipped up to the window in the top left of the dorm.

Crouching on the window ledge, he slipped his fingers into the small crack and slid the window open, pushing his upper body through into his room. Tim stepped out onto his bed, his eyes landing on his roommate Miles in the other bed. Miles’ hair in the day time was a soft puffy afro around his head, but it was braided tightly into cornrows for the night. A single dorm room would have been better for crime fighting, but Tim needed this room. He’d hacked GAEG’s computers to get it. There were a number of reasons, but the en suite bathroom was a big one. After a long night of crime fighting, the last thing he needed was to try to explain the bruises or stitches to a bunch of guys in a communal shower.

Another reason was that on the top floor, no one really bothered with bed checks, while Miles helped with that too. Tim easily could have assigned the boy to a different dorm, but Miles was the only student in GAEG who was in a wheelchair, and this was the most modern, handicapped accessible room on campus. He wasn’t about to throw a kid out like that, plus Babs would murder him if she ever heard, so he’d tried to sneak around behind his roommate’s back. The problem was that Miles wasn’t one of the rich kids, he was one of the smart ones, and in a few years the Ivy League would have a bidding war over him. Add to that he didn’t get out of the room much for anything other than class, as he’d joke being black and crippled didn’t make you friends at prep school, and he was a total insomniac, Tim only lasted six months before he was caught red-handed. Miles cracked a eye open and looked at Tim as he stood on the floor between their beds pulling off his mask.

“Your boyfriend is here,” he said, his voice thick with sleep.

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Bambu (Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: Elegantly perched on eight and a half acres atop this hill is Bambu, a grand six-bedroom private villa distinguished by its classic architecture and appreciated by discerning vacationers. Bambu was designed by architect Robert Hartley in the early 1960’s as a unique melding of West Indies architecture and Italian Venetian style. Its Palladian arches, dramatic central pool, Italian sculptures and breathtaking view make it one of the most photographed homes in this collection. 

With multiple dining areas take advantage of the spaciousness and vast views from this special property. Breakfast at the river is a marvelous way to start the day. Cocktails on the terrace over the bay and dinner in the gazebo feature one of the most beautiful nighttime light shows in the world.

Multi-million dollar renovations of interiors and grounds have resulted in an impressive facelift of this elegant grande dame. Today its modern comforts and infrastructure mesh with Bambu’s original Euro charm and glamor. As designer Charles Faudree wrote when it was featured on the cover of Veranda magazine, Bambu is the “….blending Old World elegance with New World comforts.” Its newest folly is an open-air garden shower and bathtub outside a small hideaway bedroom downhill from the main house … with a nine-mile view across Montego Bay.

Notable also are Bambu’s sprawling grounds and gardens… a lush and lavish tropical paradise, with natural stone pathways that wind through gardens to unexpected terraces for private quiet times.

With handicap access in mind, a separate entrance designed specially for guests in wheel chairs features a ramp to a level entrance to the villa, avoiding all stairs. The Bambu pool features a broad 4" deep wheel chair platform as well. This shallow water platform is also a thoughtful, safe pool area for toddlers.

So..... where's the outrage for us?

   This topic has been turning in my head a lot lately. I’m not sure how to put it into words without potentially offending someone but this is a topic that needs awareness and we need people to help us spread that this is STILL happening!

  What if I told you there are people in this minority who are physically barred from going into stores and businesses?

   People who die waiting for government care?

   People who are denied basic rights because of what they are?

   This hour to disabled people all over the country and the world. 50% of locations are not accessible to people in wheelchairs and with mobility issues.

     Disabled people experience police brutality without the police experiencing any sort of punishment. In Indiana last year? A man in a power wheelchair accidentally ran over a police officers foot. This police officer then SHOVED the man so hard by pushing his head that he KNOCKED over the powered wheelchair. These are made to NOT tip over.

   50% of locations are not handicap accessible. Even though in the USA we have the ADA it’s still done…. why? Because no one is standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.

    Some businesses don’t even try

Others give it a half assed shot (this wheelchair spot under the snow is NOT van accessible) and then people like the plow man fuck it up

Or the carts make it impossible to get through AND impossible to get out the mobility scooters the store provides

We are provided with the bare minimum and sometimes not even that. It takes on average 3-5 YEARS to finally get disability meanwhile a lot of us go without insurance and needed medical care. I think this country is hoping we’ll die before they have to pay us anything.

We are human beings and we are not a ‘drain on resources’ we deserve to go into the same stores and businesses as anyone else.

So do me a favor people of tumblr…… take a look around your town and I know it’s hard to consider something you’ve never lived but take photos of businesses without ramps. Places without accessible parking and then call the said business, call the head office if you must.

Help us have the ability to navigate in this walking person’s world…. please?

(note: I realize I addressed physical disabilities only. This is mostly because I’m not even in a place I can emotionally address mental disabilities currently. I will do another post at a later date.)

Bittersweet Flower Arrangements

super late, but @lapidot-week-2016​ by insominiacarrest

prompt: weddings

genre: humor, UST, gay weddings

summary: Lapis and Peridot are rival wedding planners who are hired to work on the same ceremony, they fight over everything from flowers to venues to who’s the better kisser. It’s a strange arrangement.

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