handi hour

  • *the lab*
  • Molly: *working*
  • Molly: *thoughtfully* If you ever get married, would you invite me to the wedding?
  • Sherlock: *looking through the microscope* Can't have a wedding without the bride.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinks* I-I was talking to Anthony.
  • Sherlock: *looks up*
  • Molly's Intern: *waves awkwardly*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: So was I.
  • Molly's Intern: *panicky* What?
  • Sherlock: *looks back at the microscope; embarrassed* Get out.
  • Molly's Intern: *scurries off*
  • Molly: *amused* That wasn't nice. I needed him.
  • Sherlock: *blushing* Oh...be quiet.
  • Molly: *steps closer; smirks* That's no way to speak to your bride.
  • Sherlock: *smiles; nonchalant* So...so that's a yes?
  • Molly: *laughs* Of course.
'Orphan Black' Creators Promise 'Fantastic' Series Finale
There is no more important episode for any long-running show than the series finale. If you don’t stick the landing, it can leave a sour aftertaste for fans that have spent years taking that journe…

There is no more important episode for any long-running show than the series finale. If you don’t stick the landing, it can leave a sour aftertaste for fans that have spent years taking that journey with the characters in the hopes and expectations of having a satisfying conclusion.

The folks behind Orphan Black know this all too well, especially with the close relationship viewers (self-dubbed as the Clone Club) feel with the BBC America program. However, the creators of the show believe they will indeed deliver the goods this Saturday night (Aug. 12) at 10 p.m. when the sci-fi show ends its five-year run. (And you can see the first images of the series-ender right here.)

“We’ve really got a fantastic finale that plays out our entire series end game,” says exec producer Graeme Manson. “We’ve put our characters in the deepest, darkest hole, and they now have to get out. We’ve spent so long with these characters, and Tatiana [Maslany] has spent so long inhabiting this world of sestras so we’re really interested in paying it off for a Clone Club in a way that honors the sisters and the fandom. But we’re not a show that’s ever gone easy on the emotions.”

With that in mind, Manson has some advice to fans for props they may want to have handy for the final hour. “I would say trips to Costco for bulk Kleenex would be good, some very strong fortified wine perhaps, some brandy. John Fawcett directed it, I co-wrote it with Renée St. Cyr, and it’s an episode that we’re very proud of to wrap up the series.”

It seems the creators know from experience about the emotions the finale may bring up while watching. “I choke up,” says Manson of his reaction to watching it. “I’ve seen it tons of times, of course, and I choke up every time. John’s seen it even more times than me. I think John’s cried out. How are you, John?”

“I’m pretty cried out,” says fellow EP Fawcett, “but you never know. I haven’t seen it now for a while, and I’m looking forward to it. In a way, it’s sad to see the end of the road, with all of our fans and Clone Club behind us. But at the same time, I’m just really excited to show the work. We’ve always been that way. It’s always really just dying to see people enjoy all of the time and effort and love that we’ve put into the show, so I think people are really going to like it. It is a great ending.”

With Helena on the verge of delivering her twins, Sarah dealing with the loss of Mrs. S, and the phony baloney P.T. Westmoreland on the loose, there are indeed a lot of loose ends still to be tied. We’ll see how tight those ties are on Saturday night.


MR-73 Gendarmerie revolver

Manufactured by Manurhin in France since 1973.
.357 magnum or 9mm Parabellum with half-moon clips.

A good work of engineering, made from cold-hammered alloyed steel for exceptional durability. The trigger weight is adjustable for both single and double action, and about twelve hours of handy work is required to achieve the quality and accuracy standards of the company, making it desirable to sport shooters.

It also apparently turns it into a long-range sniper firearm ?


Dorm Cooking - The Tools

Before we can start talking recipes, we need to gather some basic equipment. Between Mr Hearth Witch and I we’ve lived in a few different dorms, and they can vary greatly as far as what’s available for cooking.

This series will assume no stove/oven and a simple bar fridge 

Crock Pot

This was one of my favorite kitchen items when I worked outside of the house. And I still use it a lot nowadays.

For me, to get the best out of a crockpot it needs a high/low/warm setting along with the timer. So often a recipe needs 4-5 hrs but you’re out of the house for longer than that… what do you do? Rather than risking burnt food, a timer changes the temp to warm after a set number of hours. Extraordinarily handy!

(you can even bake cakes and make yoghurt in a crock pot!)

Rice Cooker/Steamer

If you don’t have a stove, a rice cooker is an amazing tool. And one with a steamer basket is doubly so. Again, one with a timer is a lifesaver. Paired with a crockpot it’s so easy to have a full, healthy meal waiting at the end of a long day.

If I could have nothing else in a dorm, these two would be my go-tos. There are endless possibilities with the combination.

Toaster Oven

A full size oven is often not something a dorm room comes equipped with. And many folks would prefer a microwave to a toaster oven. However if you want to create healthy, homemade food, a toaster oven beats a microwave every time (in my opinion).


I’ve listed the items here in the order I would acquire them if I was starting from scratch. The crock pot has the most versatility, and the rice cooker expands on that greatly, with the toaster oven being a bit like the crown jewel of a stove-less cooking set up.

The Little Things

Mixing Bowl

Really, just a single, decent sized bowl should be more than enough. I personally prefer glass to plastic or stainless steel. Metal is reactive, so I just tend to avoid it. And plastic stains. 

Silicon Spatula

I much prefer silicon to rubber or anything. Stands up against heat a lot better, easier to clean, etc. And I prefer a spatula to a spoon if I’m trying to keep the amount of utensils to a minimum. Works mostly the same, plus works as a spatula too, lol.

Cutting Board

There is a LOT of debate about what makes the best cutting board. Personally I’m partial to a good solid wooden butcher’s block, but in a dorm, that might not be the most practical. I don’t tend to like glass because it dulls knife blades really quickly. Even if it is the easiest to clean, a dull knife is dangerous! Plastic is probably the most practical option (I know… I KNOW!).

Measuring Cups

Mostly I think everyone knows this one. It takes the place of all the measuring scoops, plus a spout for pouring liquid. Again, when trying to keep the extras to the minimum it’s super handy!

This one is possibly lesser known. But it can take the place of all the spoons. Plus it’s helpful when wanting smaller amounts of liquid.

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How would reaper or 76 react to there s/o giving them a much need back massage


It’s been a solid week of non-stop work and everyone riding his ass about every little thing that they possibly could.

When you walked into his room to check up on it was almost impossible to open the door because of the tension Reaper was building. Wisps of smoke was flickering every which and the floor covered in a layer of the same smoke as Reaper was sauntering back and forth muttering angrily. His garments were strewn around his room leaving only his shirt, shorts and mask on. The scars and bits of decay with smoke emitting from them.

“Hey there big guy.” You spoke softly, not to frighten him and cause him to snap. But it didn’t go as planned as he turned around anger clear with his shoulders held high and muscles tense.
“WHAT!” You flinched even though you were expecting him to shout. His shoulders relaxed just a bit as he finally realized who has entered his room. “Sorry…” He hated yelling at you, he tries his best not to. The wisps of smoke started to slow and return to his body. It was his way of not trying to be menacing towards you.

All you did was softly smile towards him and lead him towards his bed. At first he was unsure of what you were going to do, but he trusts you.
“Take off your shirt.” He was hesitant but still did as you said and gave you his shirt. His muscles were clearly tense and didn’t have a sign of relaxing anytime soon. “Now lie down on your stomach.” When he was on his stomach you hopped on the bed as well straddling his legs so you could get a better angle of his back.

You cracked your knuckles with a smile. The man under you started to squirm in discomfort at the sound while unsure of what you’re going to do. But when you started pressing the palms of your hands against his back gliding them up and down. Reaper groaned in pleasure as his muscles started to undo themselves from the stiff knots they were in. Your fingers were pressing all the corrects points with the right pressure.

Reaper was practically putty in your hands right now. He was moaning, groaning making all sorts of sounds of pleasure from your handy work. After an hour has gone by you hopped off him stretching your own back cracking it. All that Reaper could do was turn his head to where you were standing in his room.
“Better?” He could only groan in response. Your hands were absolute magic.

You walked over to him and put a kiss on his mask and walked back to the door turning off the light in his room.
“I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”


The old soldier was always either training or on a mission. The only time he would be relaxing is when he’s asleep or the five minutes he’s eating. He would always be on his feet moving around.

It worried you, for the case of his health. The tension could not be good for him. He just needs to relax for at least an hour, you just wanted him to sit down. So you thought to give him a treat- well force it to him because you knew how stubborn he could be, you were going to make him cave into it. There was no other option.

There were only two possible places he could be if he wasn’t on a mission. Training room or gym. So it didn’t take you long to find him. He was by himself in the gym on the treadmill jogging, not a single drip of sweat broken. You couldn’t help but watch him, he was your boyfriend after all. After a few minutes you finally decided to stop watching him in all his glory and approach him.
“Hey there soldier.” You greeted with a smile as you slid into his vision. Your sudden appearance caused the soldier to trip slightly, almost falling off of the treadmill but he quickly regained the pace of his jog.
“What is it you want?” He knew you wanted something with look that was on your face.
“What I want is for you to relax.” You could tell he was looking at you confused as his forehead wrinkled above his visor.
“Back massage.”
“When’s the appointment?” He knew you would plan something ahead and organize it all enforcing him to do the task.
“Now, if you step off the treadmill. I’ve set up the room already.” Jack sighed turning off the treadmill and started to make his way to his room.

When he opened the room he was honestly shocked as his room was fragrance with vanilla candles dimly lighting his room creating a relaxing mood. His muscles already becoming undone. I the middle of the room there was a table that a masseuse would use.
“Now if you could discard your clothes, and visor if you wish, so that way we can start your appointment.” You spoke in a professional manner. Jack quickly discarded his shirt and visor on his desk before placing himself on the table.

He heard you open a bottle and squirt something into your hands. He flinched as something cold touched his back but then soon relaxed as your hands started to work their magic releasing his muscles from their knots. Jack rolled his shoulder as he felt lighter and looser. Faint moans of pleasure emitted from the back of his throat as you applied more pressure and slowly moving your palms up and down.

When the hour was up Jack could barely stand up because his body felt so light and free. He rolled his shoulders with a smile, a true smile that you’ve only seen about once or twice.
“Thank you (y/n). You made this old dog feel young again.” 

Let's talk about the human brain, shall we?

Okay, so I’m going to start this off with a little bit of a science lesson. How many of you know how the brain works? All of you? None of you? I’m sure at least some of you are familiar.
But for those who don’t here’s a little crash course in neuroscience. So your body is controlled by these synaptic firings, electric pulses that your brain sends out to your body through your nerves. It’s like a big, organic computer. So when a misfire happens, you can get a whole LAUNDRY LIST of physical health problems–up to and including: Seizures, memory loss, nerve spasms, and mood swings.
Sound familiar? Let me maybe jog your memory, hm? A nerve spasm in, say, your solar plexus, can cause your brain to think that your drowning, or choking. So you start coughing, to try and clear the nonexistent thing in your throat. Do it long and hard enough, and you can tear up the walls of your lungs. Causing you to cough up blood.
But then, this is to be expected, when you’re in constant contact with a low-level electromagnetic storm. That’s what TO most likely gives off, after all. It’s why he screws with cameras and such so much. Other symptoms–Repression, the DID–that’s all the mental strain as your deep fried brain tries to cope with being hunted by a faceless monster.
So what does this tell us, besides the fact that Trosephim are gods of research? Well, it explains two major things in the MH universe. The first, is what happened to Jay in 73, when his symptoms gave rise to the sudden development of anterograde amnesia, since up until that point we’ve only been dealing with retrograde. Anterograde amnesia (the inability to form new memories) needs more than just a misfiring. You need both a healthy dose of severe mental strain and trauma, and a crippling blow to your synapses. Which, finally, we did see together in that entry.
It also explains why Masky is triggered by Tim’s seizures. His brain relates the idea of seizures to the appearance of TO. And Masky is Tim’s last defence against his childhood nightmare. So it would make perfect sense.
One last thing. This all explains why Tim’s medication is so efficient in combatting TO. If the medication specifically keeps the synapses from misfiring, then it would make sense that his meds kept him (mostly) standing in TO’s presence. If TO can’t scramble your brains he’s close to powerless. So he vanishes.
(as an aside, this whole principle is the the basis for electroshock therapy. Except in that case, it’s attempting to correct the misfires and put them back on the right path. Tim and Jay would probably actually REALLy benefit from electroshock therapy.)

Nordics packing for a long trip

Denmark: Half his suitcase is filled with bottles of hairgel. The rest is Lego and a few clothes thrown in here and there. Most of the more essential luggage is in his hair.

Sweden: He packs all the essentials, and a couple of IKEA catalogues. You never know when you might need one.

Norway: His suitcase has everything you need in it! Clothes, toothbrushes, towels, the coffee machine, clean undies, etc.

Finland: He has all of his and Peter’s essentials, but also some death metal music and some eyeliner. He wasn’t very happy when airport security gave him weird looks.

Iceland: The fridge.


Hey homefries! Made a little 48 hour film with my buddies lschmidtartblog and samisketches, fueled by lots of clementines and coffee. The theme was ‘The Other Side’.

Storm and Sea

Pairing: Ken/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: real-life!AU, penetrative sex, oral sex, recreational alcohol use, adult language, enough sweet fluff to give you hyperglycemia, cheesy romance

Wordcount: 4641

Request: Ken/Reader fluff

Notes: Don’t listen to me when I say I don’t have a romantic bone in my body because its a gross lie tbh…actually i’m not very romantic for myself but boy do i LOVE writing the cheesy romance! And this is exactly it, super sappy gross fluff just in time for V-day. I made this one AU because why the f*ck not, Jaehwan is a marine-biology student, but still his dorky self no worries. I hope y’all like it ^3^ xoxo

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Ask and ye shall receive

… In abundance

Okay this is getting out of hand

I spent over four hours on these. It just all came exploding out and I still have no idea what happened to cause it. Anyway, all these drawings are based around a headcanon I have that Robin doesn’t like to touch people directly a lot. So whenever she interacts with Franky physically, it’s through the hana-hana fruit, usually doing weird shit. And of course, Franky loves her weird shit.

There’s a lot of stuff I fucked up in these drawings dont say I didnt warn you

Countdown to Winter Holidays: Day 8 (Jin)

Sorry again for the mix-up between Kyungsoo and Jin. But either way, I really hope you guys like this installment of the countdown. <3

Based on the song Christmas Eve by Celine Dion

-Admin Kat

[Day 1], [Day 2], [Day 3], [Day 4],   [Day 5], [Day 6], [Day 7]

Originally posted by eriyelkimchi

“Okay, I guess you boys have practiced enough for today.” The choreography teacher announced. Jin was the first one to jump up and dash out the practice room. The sudden blast of cold winter air felt like fire against hi sweaty skin. But he didn’t care. He ushered the boys into the car and hurried back towards the dorms. It was already getting dark and he still had so much that he had planned. He looked out his car at the snow that glistened from the headlights of the passing cars. All the couples roaming around the sidewalks in their matching scarves or coats made him jealous. All he wanted was to be home and spending Christmas Eve with you.

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His Touch - Chapter 3

His Touch - Meryl can’t sleep while traveling for SOI

Ch 1 - Ch 2

Feedback is love

Chapter 3

The driver had dropped Charlie off at his studio first. They were training at separate studios. It had a reason, but she could care less. Practice at the rink had gone well. Charlie hadn’t mentioned her oversleeping again, which she was happy for. She was anxious to see Maks again, wondering what he would say about what happen the night before. She still had no clue as to what had gotten into her. She had never had any problems sleeping. They had traveled the world and she could sleep anywhere. Which came in handy when you spend hours upon hours on either plane, train or in a car.

She walked towards the studio door that was open, and their song was coming out from it. Walking in, she saw him sitting in front of his computer, looking at something. He looked up.

“Oh good, you are here” He gave her a huge grin.

She smiled back, not really knowing what to say. Walking over to where he was sitting, he got up and gave her a hug, like he always did. It felt good.

“Did Charlie say anything?”

“Say anything?” She looked at him confused.

“Yeah. I had just left your room, heading to mine to get changed, and Charlie was walking towards me. I don’t know if he saw me getting out of yours”

She was mortified. What if he had? He hadn’t let on to anything, but she bet her little slip up didn’t help either.

“No, he didn’t say anything”



“Ok, why don’t you get warmed up, and then let’s dance”

She looked at him. That’s it? That is all he had to say about last night?

She guessed so as he got back to the computer, doing whatever he was doing.


They finished practice and a driver took them back to the hotel. It had been a good practice. They had watched a video of a runthrough from the day before, and were fixing the details. They had laughed, joked around, just like they always did. The initial awkwardness she felt was gone, and she was grateful.

They finished practice feeling great. A car picked them up, and took them back to the hotel. She quickly took a shower, grabbed her stuff and headed to the rink with Charlie. They did another great show, did the meet and greet, before being escorted out to the waiting van. Their stuff was already in it, as were their partners.

Getting in the backseat, she noticed Maks leaning his head against the window. He looked up as she got in.

“How was the show?”

“Really good. Great crowed. And we met the cutest little pair of ice dancers at the meet and greet”

She really liked the meet and greets. It was mostly cute little girls wanting to become an Olympian in the future.


“They were maybe 8 years old, had already been skating together for 2 years according to their moms, and they both started crying when it was their turn in the line. Both Charlie and I gave them a hug, which made them cry even more. They didn’t say a word, but their moms told us they were just so excited.” She bubbled over with excitement.

He gave her a huge smile. He must be getting used to her excitement after the shows by now, it was the same every time, but he didn’t seem to mind listening to her.

She got comfortable. It was only a 2.5 hour drive. Usually they would drive in the morning if they weren’t flying, but they had all agreed that they rather driver over tonight and sleep in (as much as 8am was sleeping in) the next morning.

The car soon became very quiet. All exhausted, trying to maybe get an hour or two of sleep. Relying on her skills of falling asleep everywhere, especially while moving, she closed her eyes and waited for sleep to come.


Checking her watch she saw that they has been driving for about 45min. She let out a frustrated huff.

“Can’t sleep?” She whipped her head towards the voice.

“Apparently not. It’s usually never a problem. And I’m exhausted. I should have been asleep the second I closed my eyes”

He looked at her, his eyes full of concern and kindness. How anyone could not see that this man was full of care and nurture, she had no idea.

“Maybe you just need to get comfortable?”


“You can use me as a pillow if you want. There isn’t a lot of space, but you can either lean in, or use my lap as a pillow if you want” He had the calmest voice.

She thought about it. She was so tired, and knew that she need all the sleep she could get. Moving around a little, she slowly laid down, curling up and using his lap as a pillow. His arm came to rest at her waist. It felt really good to be close to him. Take in his smell, the warmth from his thigh and arm draped around her. She felt herself drift off to sleep as her hand sought out his, just like the night before.

After what felt like 10min, she noticed that the car had stopped. Checking her phone, she saw that it had been 2 hours, Charlie was already out of the car and getting his stuff so she guessed that they had reached their destination. Lifting her head, she tried to get untangled from Maks’ arm, but he wouldn’t let her go. Looking up, she saw that he was still sleeping.

“Maks” She whispered. Nothing.

“Maks, we are here” A little louder, but still no reaction.

Sharna turned around and looked at them. She smiled when she saw Meryl’s predicament.

“He sleeps like a log, and is grumpy as hell when he gets woken up like this. Good luck with that” She opened the door and got out.

“Sharna, don’t leave me, help” All she heard was laughter. She knew about Mr.Grumpy, she had dealt with him a few mornings before he had gotten his coffee.

“Maks” Loud this time. She also tried to shake him, but no luck.

After several more times she realized that the gentle approach wasn’t going to work. She turned her head, which was still resting on his thigh, opened her mouth and bit him through his pants. It wasn’t hard, and it was meant to be playful.  

“What the hell?” His voice startled and he looked around confused.

“It’s your own fault” He stared at her.

“How the hell is you biting me, my fault?”

“You wouldn’t wake up nor let me go” He just looked at her.

“Here I am, offering up my body for your comfort, and this is how you repay me?”

“Well, we are here, and I want to go to sleep in a proper bed, not the backseat of a car. I’m sorry” She was getting worried that he was really mad. She didn’t mean to upset him, she just couldn’t wake him up.

“I’m sure there were plenty of other options, all of which are much more rewarding than getting bitten in the thigh” She didn’t catch the playful look in his eye or the smirk on his lips as he said that.

“I’m sorry” Still looking down she turned around and got out of the car. She grabbed her stuff and hurried into the hotel, hoping to get to her room before he caught up with her. Luckily, Charlie was waiting just inside, her room key in his hand. Handing it to her, they got in the elevator. Looking up she saw Maks entering the hotel, staring at her as the elevator doors were closing.

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Australian time I’m really late, but I think it might still be the 6th of 25 days of Klaroline somewhere in the world! This has no reflection of what is currently going on in both shows because I don’t watch them.

25 Days of Klaroline, Day 6 – Klaroline +TVD/TO Crossover

All You Need is Love

“If you’re going to abduct me, the least you could do is play some good music,” Caroline complained, watching as the scenery raced past the car window.  

“This is good music,” she countered, turning it up just to annoy the blonde. “I missed out on the seventies, so I’m trying to make up for it now.”

“I can tell,” she muttered. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard this much Abba in my life.

“Are you just going to sit there and complain the whole way to New Orleans?” Rebekah asked, her eyes firmly trained on the road.

“Well maybe if you told me what prompted this kidnapping I might reconsider?“

“I told you, it’s important.”

“Yes, but is that all I’m going to get?“

“You’re not going to give up on this are you?”

“Well I figure we’ve got a bit of time and I’d much prefer an explanation as opposed to a repeat of Dancing Queen,” Caroline groaned. “Plus it’s the least you could do after giving me this headache from hell.”

She’d been walking down the street in Mystic Falls innocently; when Rebekah had appeared telling her she was required immediately. Not one to back down, Caroline argued back but when you’re up against an Original,  the outcome is pretty much a forgone conclusion, unless you happen to have a white oak stake handy. 

She’d woken up hours later, her head and neck throbbing, which Caroline assumed was from a hard neck snapping. God she hated that blonde Original bitch.

“If you must know it’s Nik,” she began, making Caroline’s head turn curiously. Although she wouldn’t admit it openly, Rebekah now had her full attention.

“What happened?” She asked, trying not to appear too interested.

“Let’s just say he’s put a lot of people off side in New Orleans…”

“You don’t say,” Caroline drawled, remembering the Original hybrid’s penchant for ruffling feathers.  

“Anyway,” she said dismissively. “He’s fallen prey to a house arrest spell. One that unfortunately can’t be broken until a certain someone can penetrate the house.

“And here I thought you would have liked your brother confined to a small space,” Caroline joked.

“Not when it’s my house too,” she pouted. “I can’t even get in to rescue my new Manolo Blahniks, I had plans for those shoes.” Caroline shook her head, thinking the blonde’s selfishness was hardly surprising.

“So if you can’t get in and you’re an Original, what makes you think I can?” She asked, thoroughly confused by the whole situation.

“Oh trust me you can,” she replied knowingly. “I have some friendly witches who have all but confirmed it.”

“How though? Last time I checked I’m only a vampire, I have no special powers Rebekah.”

“In this case you actually do,” she answered, making Caroline want to wipe that smug grin on her face.

“So I assume you’re not going to tell me?”

“I think it’s probably best this way,” she smiled deviously, turning up the music and drowning out what conversation they had left with the opening strains of Mamma Mia.


“So now we’re here, what exactly do I have to do?” Caroline asked, impatiently running her hands through her blonde waves. She was actually doing some last minute grooming after their prolonged road trip; she couldn’t let Klaus see her like this after all.

She gulped nervously realising they hadn’t seen each other since their tryst in the woods, and she’d be lying if the thought of seeing him again wasn’t conjuring up explicit images in her head. They’d vowed never to see each other again but she was secretly excited for the unexpected opportunity. At least she could use his bully of a sister as an excuse.

“All you need to do is walk through the front door,” Rebekah remarked, making it sound so easy. Caroline still couldn’t understand why she of all people could break the spell.

“Well that’s not entirely true,” the witch, Rebekah had referred to as Sophie, said. “There’s a little more involved.”

“Why am I not surprised,” she muttered.

“You need to formally break the seal by kissing your beloved,” she explained.

“My beloved?” She squeaked.

“You know your one true love?” She repeated, confusion etched over her face. “I thought you said she was the one Rebekah?” 

“She is the one,” she shot back. “Oh come on, stop complaining Caroline, it’s not like you haven’t gone there before.”  She felt her cheeks flush wishing she was anywhere but here right now so she could contemplate what was happening.

“I’m not the one,” she murmured.

“Well if you can’t enter the house we’ll know one way or another,” Sophie said.

“And if I can?”

“Well that means you and Klaus are true loves.” Caroline sat down on the nearest section of curb, trying to process what it all meant. Could Klaus be the one? He’d made similar declarations towards her in the past, but Caroline had always been in denial about their connection, even after the best sex she’d ever had.

“It’s okay Caroline, he grows on you over time,” Rebekah teased. She really wanted to kill her right now. “Just one little peck and you can go back to boring old Mystic Falls.”

She stood up defiantly, knowing that this must all be some crazy plot concocted by Rebekah; it wouldn’t be the first time after all.

“Fine,” she said her legs shaking slightly. “Let’s get this over and done with; after all it’s only a peck on the cheek.”

“No, it has to be on the lips,” Sophie warned.

“Gee, these witches certainly were specific,” she muttered, nervously approaching the door. If she were lucky, she wouldn’t be able to enter anyway. Klaus was over a thousand years old; surely, he’d had a few different loves over that time.

She placed her hand on the doorknob, stalling on purpose. If this door opened, it was going to change her life irrevocably. She turned it slowly, hearing it click. She pushed the door open searching for signs of life but it seemed eerily quiet. If Caroline was being honest she expected him to be pacing at the door like a caged animal.

She stepped over the threshold, closing her eyes as she did. When she felt her foot touch the floor, she peeled one eye open noticing she was well and truly inside. The universe had apparently decided her future in one step, just like that. Caroline wasn’t sure whether to be upset, excited or deeply apprehensive.

She crept in slowly, not wanting to wake the beast. Caroline knew his grouchy temper all too well, especially when he was disturbed. The compound was big and spacious, and she couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a life he had here in New Orleans. Was he happier here than he’d been in Mystic Falls?  

“Hello love?” He said, more like a question than a greeting. “Am I dreaming?”

“No I’m very much real,” she mumbled, trying not to get lost in his dark blue eyes as he approached from the nearest doorway. His black Henley fitted tightly across his broad chest, and she was struggling not to rip it off.

“To what do I owe the pleasure? I didn’t think we were supposed to see each other again?“

“Well you can’t get everything you want,” she quipped. “I heard you’ve been terrorising people so they locked you up in here for safekeeping.”

“They started it,” he replied childishly, sending her a wolfish grin.  

“Oh, I’m sure they did,” she scoffed. Caroline knew she had to kiss him to lift the spell, but right now she was trying to work up the courage. Finding out he was her one true love had been a lot to take this early in the morning. 

“So what exactly are you doing here?” He asked curiously, his eyes flickering over her body briefly before returning to her face. Caroline was glad she was at least wearing her favorite dress. She’d have to remember to dress impeccably all the time in case she got into more kidnapping scenarios like this.  

“Well here’s the thing,” she began shyly, wondering how to explain everything without telling him about the whole true love concept. She didn’t think she could take his ego right now, and she was almost too afraid his reaction would influence hers. “Your sister was kind enough to abduct me yesterday because she knew I could free you from this spell.”

“I’d usually reprimand little sister for this type of childish behaviour but given I get to see you I might hold off this time,” he smirked knowingly. She could feel a blush cross her face, hoping it wasn’t as obvious as it felt. “So how is that you could get inside when nobody else could?”

The million-dollar question she was hoping he wouldn’t bother asking because Klaus would be too busy plotting his ensuing revenge on the witches.

“Not too sure,” she shrugged her shoulders. “But that doesn’t matter now, let’s just get you out of here.”

“I’d know that high pitched, squeaky tone anywhere,” he said, gazing deeply into her eyes, threatening to unsettle her composure. “What aren’t you telling me love?”

“Apparently I’m your one true love,” she mumbled quickly, hoping he wouldn’t catch everything she’d said.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he smiled knowingly, catching her off guard. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” She asked against her better judgement.

“I understand now,” he murmured, moving closer so that he was only inches from her face. “To be able to get in here you have to be my one true love, and I have to be yours. It’s the only way the spell could truly be broken.”

Caroline wasn’t too sure how he’d come to that conclusion and so quickly, but at least he was the one who’d said it and not her.

“Well I think that’s debatable,” she stuttered, her eyes cast downward his close proximity and intoxicating aftershave making this more difficult.

“It’s okay love,” he murmured, running his hand through her blonde waves slowly. “When I said however long it takes, I meant it.” She looked up unable to avoid his gaze any longer, his blue eyes searching hers. It was at that moment she felt the relief wash over her.

Today had been so overwhelmingly emotional. Whatever their future held, Caroline had no intention of falling into his arms just yet. She needed time to process her feelings first. The fact that Klaus was willing to wait and not push her meant everything to Caroline.

“I, uh, apparently have to kiss you now,” she explained feebly, remembering why she was actually there. His eyebrows immediately shot up in response. Caroline realised just how strange that must have sounded, damn those dimples for throwing her off. “To lift the spell off the house, I mean.”

“This day just keeps on getting better,” he laughed. “They should lock me up here more often.”

“You know I could still refuse,” she argued.

“That’s okay love, we could stay here, just the two of us,” he smiled.

“I have things to do and places to be,” she shot back, realising this was getting entirely too comfortable for her liking. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

“Well when you put it so romantically, how can I refuse?” Klaus joked snaking both arms around her waist so he could pull her flush against him. 

Klaus closed the gap and leaned in devouring her mouth, transporting Caroline back to that day in the woods. She groaned against his lips, unable to hide the raw desire coursing through her body. His tongue travelled teasingly along her lips finally delving into her hot mouth. His lips felt just as soft, the familiar taste of his mouth just like home. 

“Finally, my bloody shoes better be around here somewhere,” Rebekah screeched stomping past them. They broke apart, albeit reluctantly. Klaus rolled his eyes no doubt due to his sister’s interruption.

“Here I was hoping it might take more than one kiss,” he grinned at her mischievously.

Spg should make a video of the bots selling vq like an infomercial

Does this ever happen to you ?
*rabbit puts headphone jack in an eggplant* no music but whhyyyy???? D:

Uh oh rabbit looks like you need some music to go with those headphones

Good thing SPG is here to help with this handy 2 hour long 2 disc album with full color illustrated lyrics and fold out jacket.

the CD has like 6 hands on it doing the sexy hand modeling thing

Awe thanks disembodied voice that’s just what I needed
Wait this is my voice
I sang this?
Who are you what is this

You’re in a commercial to sell your wares.

Werewolfs? Where??
Let me out of here !!!

Rabbit runs out.
Camera pans to spine off screen
He looks at the camera like its the office.

Cut to Vq ordering information


I have nothing for this cosplay right now but I couldn’t help doing a makeup test anyway, ,, oops

anonymous asked:

This is my first time robbing a bank, and I’ve never done anything like this, I jsut really need the money, and you’re the cute employee who’s giving me tips under your breath while I improvise this hostage situation’ klaroline au

Desperate Times

It was Bonnie who had suggested it. It’d been a joke but…the second the thought was out there, it latched into her brain and wouldn’t let go. She was jobless, loveless, and now apparently sane-less. Because she was actually considering this. No, not considering, she was planning it in her head. 

She watched all the movies, and good news, most of the time the robbers got away, lived somewhere on a beach that was warm and sunny bathing in their millions of dollars. The thing was though, they were all professionals and she was just…her. One, lowly unemployed blonde who’d never even stolen a piece of gum before. 

The other catch was that in the movies she watched, when they didn’t get away they usually died. In violent, violent ways at the end usually involving a police shoot out. But, after a few hours of research, and by research she meant watching Oceans 13 about four times, she was ready. 

For the first time in her life, she thanked god that Elena was trying to become a stage actress. The girl had some serious make up. And wigs. Which would come in handy. So a half hour later, her lips were redder than she’d ever seen them, her eyes were covered by over sized sunglasses and her hair was now a long brown do, thanks to Elena’s wig. She covered the ensemble with a pair of jeans and loose plain t shirt and hat. 

Well, she’d officially gone crazy, because she was actually going through with this.

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