handhelds on motorcycles

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(Yay! TY!) Could I please request a 100 AU low budget documentary fic like the Long Way Round series? (LWR was one third UNICEF charity awareness, one third let's ride fun motorcycles all the way around the world, final third let us see the world up close, much handheld cameras). Motorcycles/documentary focus at your discretion?

Clarke’s bike breaks down spectacularly about sixty miles from anything in the middle of Mexico, which is around when Bellamy was expecting their first major crisis.

They’ve dealt with malfunctions before; it’s part of why they have Raven on the team. They’ve made it, so far, from Alaska to Mexico without any serious problems. All of the regular annoyances of long-range motorcycle travel are within Raven’s abilities to handle, and she’s gotten them through punctures, fuel malfunctions, and unexplained phenomena without much incident. A few times, the issue has required welding, but in the past they’ve gotten it patched up enough to make it to a town where they can get the work done.

This time, Raven just scowls. “What the fuck did you do, Griffin?”

“What percentage of your dialogue is going to be bleeped when this airs?” Monty asks. “Like, ballpark estimate. What do you think?”

“It would be a lot less if you assholes didn’t keep breaking your fucking bikes.”

“Hey,” Clarke protests, without her usual spark. She looks and sounds exhausted, worn out like he’s never seen her. The trip is wearing on all of them, but Bellamy’s not surprised it’s hitting her worse right now. She’s never happy when she feels like she screwed up, and breaking her bike beyond Raven’s ability to fix it is a lot of screwing up. “This is the first real break we’ve had.”

“Yeah,” Bellamy agrees. “You just like swearing. Don’t put this on us. Are you okay?” he adds, to Clarke. The crash wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, but there’s not really such a thing as a good motorcycle crash. It’s still a lot to deal with.

Her smile is tight. “Yeah. Just a little rattled.”

The admission is a lot, coming from her. He’d sort of assumed that if she lost a limb, she’d still respond to questions about her well-being with I’m fine.

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