Two Worlds - Too Steamy

What happens when Ravio comes across a whole book dedicated to his awesome-ness? There you have it!

I just couldn’t resist this endorsement. Who wouldn’t be this flustered and excited by having a whole book about himself. So if you love Ravio go and check out Joodlez fan book dedicated to A Link Between Worlds (and more importantly Ravio).

She’s at Anime North, and you have one day left to snag a copy in person!

Bonus Points: If you’re the girl in the background of those GIF’s who cracks a smile towards the end, props to you.

Nintendo’s GameBoy was first released in Japan on April 21, 1989. That means it’s the system’s 27th birthday! Or at least it was a couple of days ago…

It’s still worth celebrating today, though, don’t you think?

If you agree, head over to my more traditional blog and read some of my thoughts on this anniversary of Nintendo’s first handheld system.

While you’re there, share some of your own memories in the comments section at the end of the post :)


The Legend of Hilda - Adventures of Ravio

Well what a day it was. Within the span of 24 hours Ravio saw and encountered many crazy characters. It was quite an adventure.

Rabbit ears up, rabbit paws in, rabbit troop 4eva!~

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Meet the SmartBoy, an upcoming Game Boy-compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus (with more compatible smartphones to follow). This concept art shows that it will attach to the iPhone 6 Plus, turning the phone into a handheld gaming device compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

It will also feature an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself providing 5 hours of gameplay. The gameplay itself will output through the iPhone 6 Plus’ own screen.

As this is only a conceptual design, features may be removed or added in its current development stage.