Retro Game Room Version 2
I needed to patch the walls and paint, so I thought I might as well change it all up.

23 different consoles and handhelds, about 450 old games. Framemeister xrgb-mini upscaler so it doesn’t look bad on a new tv, handmade custom MAME cabinet, and a fuzzy chair and fuzzy carpet :)

A lot of work, and a lifetime of collecting!


In honor of #PokemonDay I wanted to share some of my most prized and retro Pokémon possessions! I have some pretty obscure goodies like Pokémon Band-Aids, Pokémon watches, erasers of Pikachu, Meowth and Blastiose, as well as a Pikachu Walkie Talkie! (I used to have the matching Meowth Walkie Talkie, but I’m not sure where it is anymore!) I included some of the figures I got at Burger King when they did their promotion way back in the day as well as some guidebooks and consoles! I thought it would be neat to compare my first ever handheld gaming console to my most recent one in the last picture! I had a fun time putting together this little display and hope you all enjoy it as well! I have a Photoset of my Pokémon Video Games Collection if you’d like to check that out as well! All of these photos can be found in high resolution on my Flickr!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how old I am in technology years lately so here’s a bit of reminiscing for you kids in the form of stuff you’ll thankfully never know the pain of

  • having to rewind cassette tapes. you want to hear your favourite song again? no just clicking <<. nope, you gotta manually rewind that shit and keep hitting play to see if you’re at the beginning again.
  • like listening to your own music in the car? back in my day we had to bring a bag full of CDs and swap them out in our portable CD players. if the car went over a bump, the CD would jump in the player and the music would skip. eventually the CDs would get wrecked. I killed so many CDs thanks to all the moving around I did as a kid.
  • stifling the dialup tone when your parents were in bed. want to sneak online? good luck. I had the modem squeezed between my legs, with two pillows pressed on top of it, and still. crrrrrRRRSSSHHHHHHHHHHH
  • fucking. homepage wars. hacking was a lot easier back in the day thanks to no one knowing shit about security and nerds like my generation quickly learning more than the web developers did. this resulted in carnage if you owned your own webpage. it was commonplace for different groups to have wars and constantly hack each other’s pages and deface them. you could trust no one. you leave for five seconds and suddenly your state of the art homepage and all its lit wordart graphics has been replaced with a plain text message insinuating something about your mother.
  • an entire room in your house was dedicated to the computer. it was called the computer room. it was filled with wires you were constantly tripping over, and thanks to the fact you were on a desktop, there was no battery life. you better get used to tripping over your power cord or rolling back in your chair and ripping it out of the wall, therefore instantly shutting off your computer, because it’s going to happen multiple times a week my guy.
  • “get off the internet, I need to use the phone” “how long will you be?” “only a couple of minutes” *two hours later*
  • I’m pretty sure it was messenger that had this, but basically if someone ignored your message for too long you could send them graphics that would hijack their entire browser and pop up on the screen. they were huge and would sometimes make the screen shake and I heard rumours that some of them could even make noise.
  • this is one that’s near and dear to me because I spent like 60% of my childhood in a car but handheld game consoles didn’t have built in lights. I remember playing Pokemon on my big purple GameBoy as it got dark, holding the screen closer and closer to my face, and eventually having to resort to quickly jamming the buttons when we passed under a streetlight. I remember when the GameBoy Advance SP came out with a built in back light and I lost my fucking mind.
  • *is two seconds away from finally downloading a picture online that’s been downloading for 15 minutes* *someone picks up the phone downstairs* *internet disconnects* *download fails* *why must you hurt me in this way*
  • writing everything you wanted to say online in the raw html code because it didn’t do it automatically. fine if you just wanted to make things bold or underlined, a lot more annoying when you wanted to add an image or bullet points or something. no such thing as a quick rant.

this is really long already so I’ll stop here but long story short it was a dark time and you all should grab every technological advancement you can with both hands and never let them go. for the sake of my childhood self, nose-to-screen with a GameBoy. do not let them go.

The Chocobros, Nyx, Cor & video games!

Requests are open!


  • Really enjoys RPGs
  • Still hasn’t finished the main quest of Skyrim
  • Romanced Garrus in Mass Effect with a Shepard called Luna
  • “Is your FemShep named after Lunafreya?” “No…?”
  • They were
  • Fishing Simulator 2017
  • Plays Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley when he wants to relax


  • This boy is an absolute beast at FPS games
  • Borderlands is one of his favourite FPSs
  • Picked Lilith in 1, Gaige in 2 and Claptrap in TPS
  • Don’t challenge him at arcade games
  • He will actually destroy you
  • Especially at House of the Dead
  • Undertale made him cry just a tiny bit


  • Doesn’t get to play games often so he doesn’t keep up with latest releases
  • Really enjoys handheld games that he can play on the go
  • Even has King Regis beat at Candy Crush
  • Got so angry at Flappy Bird
  • He smashed his phone because of it
  • Actually reallys loves the Cooking Mama series
  • Would go competitive with Pokémon if he had the time
  • Very proud of his Alolan Vulpix


  • Enjoys some quality survival horror games
  • Resident Evil 3 was his favourite
  • Iris used to sit and watch him play RE3 and loved Jill
  • He spent ages religiously trying to get all the endings to Clock Tower
  • Likes a good hack n slash like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry too
  • Is an actual boss at rhythm games
  • His favourite are the Hatsune Miku games
  • Which are totally Iris’s games
  • Has beaten all songs on Project Diva 2nd F on extreme


  • Loves multiplayer games
  • Can’t pick between maining Sombra or McCree in Overwatch
  • Gets really pissed off at people who demand healing when they don’t protect the healer
  • Nyx is that one friend that steals your stars in Mario Party
  • “My turn to pick! I choose Rainbow Road!”
  • He’s the asshole that picks Rainbow Road and everyone hates him for it
  • Would be the first to volunteer to play Rock Band on vocals


  • Wouldn’t admit it but loves to play fighting games when he has chance
  • Mains Devil Jin in Tekken
  • Has entered and won tournaments in Insomnia
  • Straight up the saltiest person when he loses at Smash Melee to Ice Climbers
  • Plays a mean Princess Peach in Smash Bros
  • Would destroy you at Dance Dance Revolution if you can get him to play
Latest Updates on the TWEWY2 Situation

Since the only thing I actually really do on this website is insistently and beyond human capacity for sanity continue to push that TWEWY2 is a thing that will happen, I figure I should probably make sure this news that TWEWY2 is probably a thing that will happen makes it over here.

This comes from a decently verified leaker Jose Álamo through their decently verified source within Square Enix, neither personally verified by me but I’m aware of the legitimacy of said leaker in the past.

“TWEWY2″/”New 7 Days” concept was established before or in 2014 (two years after Solo Remix revealed Hype-chan, and the year of the 7th Anniversary that we were sure something was going on at SE with all the push for TWEWY). This was a thing at this point in time that was planned to happen.

However in 2015, the project was scrapped by upper management (supposedly involving Yoichi Wada, though he had stepped down from his President role in 2013 so I’m not 100% on this) and the project as it was at the time was put away. The reason for this was that the game did not match up with the current market of time (it was a “handheld touch control game for experienced players”, from what we know, maybe SE wanted it more approachable to a very wide audience. Can only speculate on this point).

The timing of these points matches up with the TWEWY ARTNIA Campaign in 2014. You’ll remember if you’ve been around that long that literally everything about that promotion was suspiciously timed to line up with the 7th Anniversary, and it seemed beyond obvious that something was going to come out of that. We were all surprised when nothing really happened, but it was such a push for the brand that it still came off feeling positive.

Thinking about that, it feels likely that it was actually intended to lead up to news about TWEWY2 as we all suspected, but development issues and management held it back and turned it into nothing.

Anyway, the good news. This stuff came up because, already in this year, there are meeting happening to discuss the future of the TWEWY brand and it’s likely to turn out more positive this time. It might still be a ways away, but it may once again be a thing that exists. Probably they know the 10th Anniversary is the next good time window to do it in, so we’ll have to keep an eye out this year for more teases.

That’s all we have for now. As always, I encourage you all to KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE. Even with worse management back in the day at SE, the specific reasons behind the cancellation are concerning and they need to know this audience still exists.

Keep it up, Players.

Imagine Kenma having multiple handheld gaming devices so if anyone takes one away from him he just pulls another one out of his bag and continues like normal

castiel-the-queen-bee  asked:

How about a little fic where Rocket, Groot, and Tony are geeking out over the Iron Man suit (and Tony can totally understand Groot) while Peter stands off to the side in amusement/joy at the sight of his boyfriend and family being total dorks before joining them in the conversation or just standing behind Tony and wrapping his arms around him and snuggling up while listening to the nerdy engineers go at it?

A/N: This drabble doesn’t contain any plot spoilers for GOTG 2; however, it does spoil an after credit scene. Proceed with caution. 

“Not bad for something made on this backwater planet.” Rocket stroked his chin as he looked over the hologram blueprints for Tony’s latest Iron Man suit. He grabbed one of the suit’s arms and eyed the repulsor. “Could be better though.”

“Excuse you?” Tony said snidely, holding the tablet Peter had given him, which was loaded with as much information on the most badass technology in the universe.

Peter sat back in one of his boyfriend’s lab chairs, sipping what Tony swore was a recreation of the Squeezeit drinks he used to have in his lunchbox when he was a kid. He didn’t remember the drink being so sugary, and he was having a hard time drinking it now.

“I’m not saying you did a bad job. You did as good a job as you could have, considering all you had was crap.”

“I am Groot.” Groot never looked up from his video game. Groot used to be intrigued by Tony’s lab, but ever since Tony banned Groot from playing with anything flammable, Groot had taken to finding a corner in Tony’s lab and playing whatever handheld video game he had in his possession.

“Don’t you start with me, sapling.” Tony wagged his finger at Groot, smiling the whole while. He knew exactly what kind of reaction he was going to get out of the angsty teenager.

“I am Groot!”

“Right, right. You’re not a sapling. How about ‘sprout?’”

“I am Groot!”

Groot hunched his shoulders and glued his gaze onto his video game, refusing to talk to Tony anymore.

Tony chuckled. “Aw, c’mon. Don’t be like that.”

“And to think people call me an asshole. At least I’m not picking on kids.” Rocket picked up a screwdriver from one of Tony’s toolboxes and without any warning started taking apart the armor.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tony flung himself over the top half of the armor. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Rocket shrugged. “What? I’m doing you a favor. I’m upgrading your armor.”

Tony shook his head. “Not without telling me in exact detail what it is you’re going to do.”

Rocket sighed. “Fine. Pull up a chair while I explain it to you, primate.”

Tony grumbled something that Peter was unable to hear from his location, but Tony did as Rocket asked and plopped himself in the nearest chair. Rocket then dragged the hologram showing the blueprint of the armor forward and had the hologram zoom in and out of pieces of the armor Rocket wanted to improve. At first he spoke slowly and deliberately, like he did with Groot when Groot was still young. However, once Tony started butting in with his own thoughts, Rocket picked up the pace, and soon the two were working on building a completely new suit of armor.

The sight of Tony working with Rocket–Peter’s family–warmed something in Peter. He felt like he was high, and he wasn’t going to come down from the rush anytime soon.

He set down his drink and walked over to Tony.

With the sound of his footsteps as his only warning, Peter wrapped his arms around Tony’s shoulder from behind.

Tony paused in what he was saying to look behind him. He smiled when he saw it was Peter.

Peter returned the grin, his happiness doubling.

“I am Groot,” Groot groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You’re going to have to learn about the birds and bees some time, kid,” Tony hollered at Groot.

Groot sneered. “I am Groot.”

Tony clutched Peter’s arm and laughed at whatever Groot had said.

The moment was pretty damn close to perfect, and Peter loved it.