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Would it be interesting and funny to see how Saiko and Shuu interact with each other. Like she will ask how tall he is like a model, asking to buy her candy and games like a little sister asking older brother. I know the met once or twice, but to see them in better circumstance where they can properly talk.

YESS!! They’d be so cute. I think they’d get along the best out of the q’s. (I’ve thought tsukiyama would also have a soft spot for mutsuki, but myb when they meet now, not as much :’D? I’m not sure)  I think i’ve mentioned it before, but I want her to make him play handheld games w her. *a* also him doing dramatic poses, and she’d be copying him in the background lol

lmao she can ask him when she can expect him to marry her maman. she’ll send him  her power to get the courage! lol


New & updated timeline of Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

My Red & Black XL has been great for the past 3 years but it may be time to upgrade to a New XL.

Which ones have you owned over the years?