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One of your OTP comes home drunk makes a mess and gets put to bed by the other. When that person wakes up they expect to get yelled at only to be greeted by their unusually chipper partner. Person tracks down eldest child and asks for a clarification about what happed last night. Child responds, “Oh after mom got you to bed she tried to undress you. You slapped her hands and yelled out go away I’m married.”

I laughed way too hard at this.

these kind of mornings

Bellamy leaned his full weight on Clarke, his arm slung across her shoulders as they struggled up the front steps of the house. Clarke positioned him in front of porch swing and eased him down. He rocked a little— slumped back, head rolling.  

Clarke snickered to herself quietly as she pulled the keys out and let herself into this house, she set her purse down on the kitchen counter and let the babysitting know they were home.

She handed Harper a wad of bills, “Thanks again, Harper. We’ll call you about next weekend— did you need a ride home?”

“No, ma’am, my sister is on her way— do you need any help with Mr. G?”

Clarke smiled, “Ha, no, I think I can manage. Thanks, have a good night.” 

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Let’s face it: Our world is in trouble. We’ve got coup attempts in Turkey, North Korea throwing threats around every couple of weeks, and the recent unrest in the U.S. Unrest which seems to indicate that another World War is right around the corner. At this rate, the dangers appear to be rising faster than we can create the weapons needed to protect ourselves from them. With that in mind, why don’t we use Samsung’s massive recall to our advantage by repurposing these dangerous explosives as intentional weapons?

The applications are endless when you’re dealing with volatile handheld devices like the Note 7. For example, video game modder HitmanNiko edited the grenades in Grand Theft Auto V, reskinning them as Note 7’s with hilarious, thought-provoking results.

While it’s funny to behold, I got to thinking “Why the hell not?” It already doesn’t take much to set the Note 7 off into a blazing inferno. So throwing these things at our enemies on the battlefield would work about as well as any grenade. And your typical grenade can’t store over 50,000 songs. It’s only with the Note 7 grenades that you can blast Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone at full volume while blowing your adversaries to smithereens.

How Samsung Can Recover From Their Exploding Phone Fiasco

For Iwata! - Thank you for Nintendo SWITCH

“Last year (2013) Nintendo reorganized its R&D divisions and integrated the handheld device and home console development teams into one division under Mr. Takeda. Previously, our handheld video game devices and home video game consoles had to be developed separately as the technological requirements of each system, whether it was battery-powered or connected to a power supply, differed greatly, leading to completely different architectures and, hence, divergent methods of software development. However, because of vast technological advances, it became possible to achieve a fair degree of architectural integration. We discussed this point, and we ultimately concluded that it was the right time to integrate the two teams. If you only expand upon existing hardware, it’s dull.” -Satoru Iwata 1959 - 2015

Forever and a Day

Captain Swan. When Zelena takes away all Hook’s memories of Emma, the saviour is forced to confront just how much the pirate means to her. [Set during season 3b. AU. Eventual TLK] (For resilient-tophat)


Previously: Part 1


Part 2

Who’s Emma?

The second the words leave his mouth Emma knows that his confusion is true, the confirmation punching her in the gut.

“What do you mean ‘Who’s Emma’?” David asks, clearly not amused.

“I can assure you I’m not.” Hook replies, clearly not playing around. “Who’s Emma?”

Despite her every instinct saying it’s not worth the pain she finds herself answering, “Me. I’m Emma.” 

Hook turns his attention back to her, but not without an appraising glance. She isn’t sure whether to be annoyed or relieved. At least some things don’t change when it comes to this man.

“I was hoping that was you,” he says, smiling flirtatiously. “A beautiful name for a beautiful face…”

If it were any other situation she would have shaken her head at him. Instead she gives him a sad smile, a pool of guilt beginning to form in her stomach.

“How do you know David?” she asks, hoping to figure out the extent of his memory loss. It’s clear that he at least recognises her father.

Hook shrugs. “In the Enchanted Forest. I helped retrieve a compass that brought his wife back here.”

They lock eyes for a second and she wonders what became of the beanstalk, of her chaining him up only for him to later reveal that he would never have done the same.

“Of course I also saved his life in Neverland,” He adds, turning to look at David. 

Emma nods, waiting for him to continue, with bated breath.

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Julian loosened his tie as he threw his blazer across the room. There was homework to do but little will to do it, instead he opted for an evening of handheld video games he had yet to beat. The ping of the device starting up was followed by his shoes falling on the floor as he made himself comfortable.

Then he heard the familiar sound of his window being propped open from the outside. “You’re here early today.” He stated without moving his eyes away from the small screen.