Pocket 9′s

A Smith & Wesson M&P Shield alongside a Glock 43. Both of these pistols are single stack slim profile 9x19mm semi-automatics. Both of them are pretty popular concealed carry options but each has their own minor differences. That may or may not influence someone when picking between the two. The Shield is just a tad larger but fills the hand better than the 43. One notable functional difference is that the Shield does have a manual safety, although you can also get a shield without a safety. (GRH)


Bren Ten

An iconic if not legendary semi-automatic pistol that is synonymous with the 10mm Auto cartridge. The Bren Ten was produced for only a few years before the company, Dornaus & Dixon, went bankrupt. Although it looks like a CZ-75, the pistol features design changes to accommodate the 10mm Auto ammo. They are considered collector items since production numbers are somewhere around 1,500 units but also because the Bren Ten was made famous for it’s use and appearance in Miami Vice. Expect to pay at least $2,500+ for one depending on condition. The most expensive Bren Ten I’ve seen sold for $4,800. (GRH)


Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail 10mm

Often referred to as the CBOB for short, the Commander Classic Bobtail is as it looks, a shorter framed 1911 with a bobtail frame. This isn’t a factory or stock model in it’s current appearance. The owner/seller bead blasted the finish, coated the match grade barrel in titanium nitride and had serrations cut into the slide. Definitely an eye-catching build but still a very potent concealed carry firearm especially in 10mm. (GRH)