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Can I get some headcannons for honestly who ever you want with an s/o who feels like they're really fat and they weigh over 250 pounds ? I know I'm so specific 😂 but I've been really feeling bad about myself lately and your writing cheers me up :) sorry for bothering you -Extra thicc anon

You’re not a bother, Hun! Poly!hamilsquad sound good? (and Honey, you’re beautiful, I hope you know that♡)

  • You’re absolutely beautiful to them 
    • even though you might not like them, they love your curves
    • they encourage you to wear what you want 
      • no matter what other people say 
        • they bought you a crop top hoodie that says “more self love”
        • and insist you remember it
      • they’ll literally spend as much time as needed to remind you that you’re beautiful
        • sometimes you don’t like the attention, but they really just want you to love yourself

  • Lafayette made you cry, but in the best way
    • you were 100% down
      • nothing they were saying helped 
    • Lafayette took your hand
      • grabbed the keys and drove you to the museum 
        • “what are we doing here?” you sighed 
          • Lafayette brought you to the sculpture section
            • “my love, do you see that?” Laf pointed to a statue
      • the figure was on one knee, she was crouched down, she had tummy rolls and thick thighs 
        • “yeah?…” you asked quietly 
          • “that is Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. she’s got curves, just like you, and she’s a goddess, just like you.” Lafayette explained, holding your hands and looking right at you

  • John and Alex tag team it 
    • they’ll sneak up on you and sandwich you between them
      • “hey baby girl!” John kisses you 
      • “how ya doin’ Honey?” Alex noses at your hair 
    • they’re always down to cheer you up 
    • most likely coming up with something insane to do
      • there was the time they decided to create an indoor ice rink
        • setting a tarp down, filling it with water and turning the A/C to FREEZING 
          • it didn’t work and Her was mad about the cold
      • they tried to make a beach in the house, because you didn’t want to go to the beach in a swimsuit 
        • bringing piles of sand into the house
          • Laf wasn’t happy about this one, but it was sweet

  • One of Herc favourite things to do is make clothes for you
    • you might not like shopping for fancy dresses
    • or swimsuits
    • or lingerie 
      • but Herc baby has got you covered
      • he LOVES making clothes for you
        • you’re his muse 
        • and it makes you feel so special 
    • the other boys always sit in when Herc is measuring or fitting 
      • just so they can get a peek at you 

  • They don’t care about weight
    • not one bit 
    • they don’t judge you 
    • they want to show you off 
      • because they fucking love you 
    • you’re their princess
    • they make sure to tell you 
      • and you certainly feel it 
    • p.s. they’ll straight up murder someone who tells you otherwise 

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This may not be important but i noticed something about the 2 handgrabs. In S6 when S grabs J's hand, J doesn't look like he did in S7. Actually, he held her hand tightly. But in S7 J looks shocked, but then he stares right into her beautiful blue eyes with such a soulful look.

Sorry I’m so late, Anon, somehow this got lost in my inbox…

Jon genuinely looks shocked by the fact that Sansa is touching him. To this day, I am still puzzled by that… 

It’s not the same as him pulling away in a ‘don’t touch me’ response.

It might just be him being surprised that she’s touching him during a fight.

I’ve tried to explain it away, but I can only interpret this with my shipper goggles on. Jon is shocked because the girl he likes touched him, even if he’s not aware of his feelings yet.

Thanks for the question!

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If BH turns the whole hyyh-wings storyline into some heteronormative romantic cliché thing I'm gonna kill someone

ahahaha can’t say i’m not surprised, what with all the symbol pulling and k-drama like buildup, but right now, I totally 200% see why everyone’s lowkey highkey disappointed. 

To me, looking at it superficially without even deeply interpreting it back then, HYYH images were supposed to be dark, but strangely alluring as they dealt with mental anxiety issues and things like that. But now to tear that all down and replace it as simply a conflict because of a girl just…destroys that lovely illusionary facade for a lot of people. And I get it. 

But it’s ok, because as I’ve been saying, these symbols never had a conclusion anyway…and if they’re gunna conclude it this way. So be it. Sometimes cliches aren’t a bad thing, because they garner the attention that it needs from a more general audience. Cliches are there because they are recognized by everyone and gives an approachable plotline that everyone can follow. 

Alternatively, something that happens a lot with famous works in literature,  you may even want to see this “Love Yourself” storyline as an “a different ending” to the HYYH story, kind of a like a published fanfiction someone wrote branching off the original storyline to suit their tastes. It may not suit yours, but see what it has to say and be open to the spin it has on your original interpretation. 

Anyways, we shouldn’t be too harsh :) This is just a teaser. Maybe they’ll do a 180 and surprise us all? 

But I mean if you’re still really really salty…you can always be the person that critiques their acting and that’s it (i mean wtf was that handgrab and phone dropping somejuan plz explain no hate dough)

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the beautiful pain that is Symptoms

Lets start with the lyrics.

Kim Jonghyun OWNED those lyrics, from the opening line to the ending. 

It’s a mysterious, no, it’s a strange thing, it might be a sickness
I have no strength in my body, I can’t control it
These bad symptoms appeared after I met you
I’m left alone on this black night (in my room that’s filled with thoughts of you)
I can’t do anything and I draw you out as I am in pain all day
Your indifferent face that I can’t figure out makes my breath stop

Your cold eyes digs into my heart, cutting deeply through the center
If I don’t cure this wound, I might die, I might go crazy, I don’t know what will happen
The sickness that is you, the worse it gets, the more exhausted I get but the only medicine is you
If I can’t have you, I might die, I might go crazy, I don’t know what will happen
The only medicine is you
I can’t live if I lose you

Jonghyun portrayed perfectly pain and it’s just—god he’s such an amazing artist/composer/musician. “Your cold eyes digs into my heart, cutting deeply through the center.” The imagery, the emotion. This is why I’m waiting on his single or more of his originally composed songs. 

Another thing he did was that opening line “Its a mysterious, no, its a strange thing.” Maybe I’m reading to deeply but what I get from this is that, it’s not a mystery, he knows what it is, he just doesn’t understand it, it’s strange to him.

The next thing is this line- I’ve dried up like the desert, I’m hoping for a sweet rain that is you, to fall” This is my favorite, all time favorite line. It’s so poetic and just…Jonghyun you amazing human you!

Okay, next is the melody, now I’m no musician or anything like that, but the beat was really addicting. It just had something that made you want to listen to it again and again and catch the little things. Another thing is their voices, of course Kim Jonghyun catches you with the first line and the rest of their voices are all low and whispery and just *shinee coma* Symptoms lyric video—listen, just listen to the song. And SHINee being SHINee, they use their voices amazingly, making us feel the song instead of just hearing it. 

Now, the choreo, oh bless the beautiful choreo

The chorus move literally grabs at your heart

the beginning has this super, seductive snap thing going on

They snappin all slow and elegant and smooth.

The slow handgrab minho does, wrapping his fingers round and the move they do in the back, leaning to the side.

Of course the slight body rolling^

Then this, which is amazing how they all do a slightly different pose, but it’s referencing the same thing, the pain/reaching for the girl *coughs guy*

There are no words besides perfect, sway to that side Minho, I see you too Bummie!

I couldn’t find a gif, but this is the move they do along the line of “My breath stops, stop, stops.” So they’re reenacting or portraying their breath stopping (state the obvious why dontcha)

And the finishing move in which Jonghyun owns (what did he not own in this song)

They’re like statues.

And thus concludes my breakdown on why Symptoms is amazing, there’s probably somethings I could add….Jonghyuns an amazing artist/composer and SHINee they’re just amazing.

Symptoms everybody!

Who she loves

I speculate as she writes,

how it must be

to be

the object of her affection,

what blaze of an enormous celestial sun,

stretching it’s dawning fingers

across the landscape

only to grace your standing solitary soul.

What a cosmic event it must be

to know her love has come for you,

that her willingness to accept you

vibrates in her every fiber,

showing in her imploring eyes

as they meet your own imploring eyes,

her hand

grabbing your arm

to come lay beside her

in the infinite heavens.

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Here's a question for YOU, miss! Since we're both bored, lol. What are your favorite Ichabbie moments so far in this new season? ;)

Aww, I love that you know me well enough to know this is the precise way I most wanted to kill my boredom (and that I’m currently unable to even talk about anything that isn’t SH/Ichabbie for more than 5 seconds). <3 

I’ll try to keep it short and down to 5, or 10, or 15 or something…

1. The purgatory reunion scene, because A) HUG, B) close talking, C) handgrab and D) it was the perfect start to the new season. Also the hug. 


2. Car flirt scene, because it starts out light and fun and sexy and there’s banter and then it goes into wedding vows and seriousness and then right back to sexy flirting again - it’s like a mixed bag of everything that’s awesome about them.

3. Drowning scene - never ever over him freaking-the-fuck out and saying her name and looking so completely terrified. 

4. Coffee date cuteness. <3 

5. Abbie being mistaken for Mrs Crane and then being the cutest cutie to ever cute and joking/laughing about it.

6. I know it’s short but my heart grows like 5 sizes everytime I see him smirk all proudly when Abbie breaks the flute for Nick, it’s just such a cute “and that is why I love you” smile. Also in that scene: Crane being all “well fuck you and your stupid face” when Hawley’s bailing and then going over to the practice-daughter and looking at him all “I win, look what a cute family we make, come on Abbie, I told u he was scum”. 

7. Second hug in the premiere, cause even if it was with a fake Crane it was real for Abbie and she’s just so happy to see him and huuuuugs. 

8. Birthday party in the purgatory illusion.

9. Really small but Crane saying “Abbie” the second time in 205, and it being what gets him running (whereas “Katrina” was more like “oh ffs my wife’s in danger?? AGAIN? For crying out loud… Well, I should probably go sa– OH NO, MY LEFTENANT!”).

10. These:

*Collapses into a pile of flailing and sobbing and feels* 

(Idk if you have any feelings one way or the other on me posting this publicly but my followers generally don’t object to Ichabbie gif spamming/incoherent wailing about Ichabbie moments so I’m posting it. Also thank you for the ask, one coming back at you right away! <3)