D Y N A M I T E // Z E L O S

      ↳ ‘god of rivalry, competition and jealousy’ 

✧ the music video shows a story of a man who failed to win a love competition
✧ the ‘evil eye’ is a key item that represents the consequence of making a love potion; this normally appears on the back of one’s hand

F A N T A S Y // H A D E S

     ↳ ‘god of the underworld

✧ the music video shows a story of a man going to the underworld to make a love potion so that he could make ‘the girl’ fall for him
✧ ‘thorn bush’ is a key item that represents the rule that in the underworld, you must bleed in order to make a love potion

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I'm enjoying Destiny
  • Mara Sov:*lounging on her recliner throne, being handfed grapes by robots* ugh, what do you want now, Guardian
  • Uldren:*doing situps* yeah bro what the fuck do you want *knocks back a protein shake*

http://www.gofundme.com/babythegek My name is Bryony Grover and, during the weekend of 5/16, I bought a leopard gecko on Craigslist.

and I am so glad that I did. Even though he screamed and gummed me when I picked him up. That was how he got the name Baby.

The poor gecko had been left in squalor with a poorly functioning heatpad and a heatlamp with a melting bulb. I tossed everything that had been given to me by his previous owners and cleaned out his 10gal tank, then immediately drove to the store to get him what he needed.

After he’d been settled in his new and clean home, I realized that he wasn’t using his back legs. Although it was evident that they’d been feeding him (there were a lot of dead insects left in his tank that had obviously never been cleaned), he had not been given the proper calcium he needed, if any at all. Not only that, he wasn’t eating.

For the weekend, I handfed him Jump Start and a liquid calcium supplement (and he screamed all the way through). But by Sunday night, I knew something more had to be done, so I called Pet Care Veterinary Hospital in VA Beach, and made him an appointment for the coming Tuesday.

When I took him to the vet, his prognosis was not good. Not only does Baby have poor bone density and a spinal injury, he may also have fatty liver disease.

Currently, I’m administering three medications a day (metacam, lactulose, and a calcium supplement), as well as assist feeding him Carnivore Care, and he’s already perking up considerably.

However, his next appointment is in a month, and with considerable bills to pay (and two other pets to keep up with), the estimated $50 to pay for his next exam (on top of the $300 for his initial appointment - this included medications, the exam, a fecal test, as well as x-rays) might make a considerable dent in my bank account.

So that’s where you come in! Every little bit counts for Baby and will go to his vet bills and to further improving his overall quality of life (20gal tank, more carnivore care, larger heatpad…etc,.).

Please consider donating here: http://www.gofundme.com/babythegek

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My wilds like to compile into corners together >.>

Got another tefe green and a blue heckel today :D

Also *DRUMROLL* project s-aro

Got a silver arowana about 6 inches in length. Gonna train him to be handfed krill, beefheart, and idk ofher stuff. So far he’ll grab onto krill and try to eat it and like literally bites it a couple times but then spits it out so. Yay another finicky eater to go along with my discus. But once he gets the hang of it he’ll probably dart for krill when I feed him.