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🍾Introducing Bourton Hand!! My newest type family is the hand drawn version of one of 2016’s most popular fonts, Bourton! This fun collection is perrrfect for summer and includes all the same goodies as the original pack with bonus textures and mock up samples! Check'er out at @creativemarket

Side note: cutting 20 minutes of design work down to 1 minute is really really hard.

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Even MORE NPCs!!

I showed these two before, but I improved their animation processes, so thought I’d show them again and give them some background.

First we have Louis. He is every office worker’s nightmare co-worker; a freeloader who is the boss’s nephew. Louis gets a free pass on everything. He is employed as a records keeping clerk, but doesn’t do much of anything.

Then we have Jozlyn. A records keeping clerk who is drowning in paper work and picks up all of Louis’ slack. She doesn’t seem to be aware of Paprika’s actual operations.

Also shown here is the text message window design. 

biggest pet peeve: autism positivity written in a crayon-themed font. i have nothing against autism stuff done in real crayons, just the damn handdrawn style fonts. i can’t see them without immediately thinking of our infantilisation. please download something like open dyslexic or Noto because honestly readability and accessibility is so much more important than the Aesthetic