I was watching the Shadow of the Colossus play through that @therealjacksepticeye is doing and after seeing the last one I decided to go back and watch The Last Guardian play through, and It reminded me of this drawing I did awhile ago.

So I decided to post it.
I love both the games so much, and am working on artwork for Shadow of the Colossus as well. These games are so inspiring.

You can’t see me, but I’m smiling… :) My new drawing with amazing Katie McGrath is finally finished :) Yay! :)
As always I worked with soft graphite & charcoal pencils. I also used paper designed for watercolor paintings. I made shadows mostly with cosmetic wipes and simple painting brush. Enjoy :) :) :)

_you need to wake up_

Drew up a lil something considering recent happenings. Yes back once again with some good ol fan art.
Hope you enjoy~


Black Crystals Master Post

((Obligatory Advisory Notice: The game contains suggestive material and allusions to sensitive topics. Nothing explicit. Please proceed accordingly))


  • Black Crystals is a lovingly hand drawn JRPG. 
  • Expected release of the first episode is Q4 2018
  • Story driven with many many characters and deep world history and lore.
  • Battle system with point and click elements.
  • Combat system handcrafted with many features.

The Story So Far

Starsio, a mild mannered occasionally sarcastic street performer, finds himself in the stickiest of situations. Starsio was kidnapped off the streets of his home town and brought to the raunchy brothel Paprika where he is forced to become a “performer” . One rainy night, Starsio gathers his courage and wits and plans an escape. He convinces Arthur, an apprehensive and fidgety new found friend, to accompany him. Starsio sets his escape plan in motion with one last song…


1)  Interact and Talk 

Use the environment to your advantage to conclude a conflict without bloodshed (most of the time)… More Info Here!


2) Skill Potential 

You learn new skills by using existing skills, so your growth is shaped by your playstyle! More Info Here!


3) Spontaneous Learning 

You learn new skills live in the MIDDLE OF BATTLE. How exciting! 

More Info Here!

4) Jigsaw Chain Coop 

Create a chain between skill jigsaw imprints and unleash awesome combos! 

More Info Here!


5) State of Mind (SOM)



6) Crystals Skills

Unleash Crystals skills based on your selected Octagon! So many!! More Info Here!

XX) More screenshots!

Last month I designed this siege camp for my patrons. The idea was to use a double perspective, a combination of front and top perspective, to help players understand the layout without too much information. A technique that is loosely based upon a Medieval technique used to map cities during a siege. Giving the owners both a artistic and tactical vantage point.

The siege equipment portrayed in this map is also available as separate files that GM’s can use for other maps as well. Equipment like a battering ram, trebuchets, pikes and ballistas. 

This is my first attempt at using new brushes for designing maps and I was very happy with the result. Using brushes I borrowed from the magnificent Dave Greco 


Once Hawks’ wings were confirmed as red all I could imagine is him lying on a pile of his feathers and pretending to be dead.

Somehow this sketch turned into a parody of when Midoriya meets Gran Torino. I have no Photoshop skills but I got an app on my phone and did all the inking/coloring there without a stylus, it took two days of struggling but I finished!