Long live 2D animation!  Share this clip with everyone you know.  if you don’t get a chill or two watching this, you’re dead to me.  

Please believe in yourself.
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In celebration of Pride Month, I would like to share with you all the first picture of an upcoming project I’m working. “Of Light and Darkness” (tentative title) is the classic fairy-tale story, in a far away kingdom full of magic, enchanting forests, dragons, forces of evil, and a handsome young prince who ’s going on a journey to save his kingdom, discovering the power of true love, and eventually gets the… other prince!

I’m an illustrator and photographer, who simply got tired of waiting for the big-shot studios to make my dreams come true, and decided to do it myself! “Of Light and Darkness” is what I wanted to see in theatres as a kid, and hopefully in the near future, the next generation will be able to experience it in all its glory, and learn about acceptance, judgement, darkness and Light.

Please join my page David Kawena, spread the word around and support this upcoming project, by sharing it with everyone you know. We need your support to make it happen!

- David K.