Dick: Stop squirming.

Jason: Stop whining.

Dick: I’m literally handcuffed to you and it hurts whenever you move.

Jason: If you forget we’re also handcuffed to the Replacement and Demon Spawn.

Tim: Yeah but you’re the one thats squirming Jason.

Jason: Well excuse me for wanting to be in a comfortable position.

Damian: Tt, you’re a sorry excuse for a Robin Todd. Even Drake is being somewhat of an asset.

Tim: Was that a compliment?

Dick: Jason for Pete’s sake would you stop squirming?! You’re going to dislocate my shoulder.

Jason: Got it! *rubs wrists*

Tim: That’s great and all but what about us?

Jason: Sorry Princess, but I ain’t touching the Demon Brat with a ten foot pole.

Damian: Wouldn’t want your filthy paws touching me anyways Todd.

Dick: Damian!!

Jason: And you were complaining about my squirming Dickie.

Dick: Jason please.

Jason: *tosses lock pick at Dick* There you go Wing. A little help.

Dick: *unlocks handcuffs*

Tim: This is why Dick’s the favorite.

Jason: Fuck you.