Grey Agata Stone Rosary Necklace by Lucifer Jewellery

Lucifer Handcrafted Jewellery ANGEL OF GLORY Rosary with Detailed Winged Cross with Orb set Cystal Gems in Silver Rhodium.

Rosary Beads are cut and polished from the very Finest Ancient Volcanic Melange Grey Agata Stone.

Necklace Chain length 33cm to Lucifer logo ball

Pendant Cross length 7cm

The feel, weight and quality of Lucifer Jewellery Rosaries are exceptional

High Quality Fashion Jewellery made to Lucifer Jewellery unique specifications


Who loves pink ^_^ ?

Wire crochet earrings with glass beads: Barbie pink circle

These handmade earrings are made of silver plated wire and bright pink glass beads. They are fun and youthful earrings that stand out with their bright colour.

The circles measure 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) in diameter. The overall length of the earrings is 4 cm (1.6 inches).

Check more at my Etsy shop :). 



🍔🍦🌽 My Latest pieces for Dolls House Magazine Is OUT NOW! Go grab a copy and have a go at making my miniature NYC bagels with a side of corn and chocolate shakes ooooh yeah! 🌽🍦🍔

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People called me crazy. They said “only a Shimada can control the dragons”, well today I’ll show everyone how wrong they all are! Fear me and my unstoppable determination and creativity!

Now on a more serious note LOL, today I’ve been sculpting hanzo and genji pendants ready for a local market i’m going to be selling stuff at. The top two don’t glow, but the transparent one glows a lovely blue cyan for my favourite shimada :P

Gosh i’m going to be so sad to see them go q.q


Limited Edition Solid Silver Men’s Ring by Lucifer Jewellery 

Lucifer Handcrafted Jewellery ACTIVE RING with 666 Logo and Crystal Gem Stones

Only 666 pieces produced (Limited Edition)

  • Engraved logo inside Weight 30gr
  • Size S-M-L
  • First Edition Pieces - Limited Availability - Order Restrictions May Apply

Handcrafted Fashion Jewellery made in Italy