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💙 “You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” 💙
- Alan Watts

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~Helps heal ‘broken heart’ by relieving guilt and negative emotion
~Promote creativity and female sexuality
~Release tension, phobias and stressful situations
~Digestion, joints, metabolism, thyroid, menstruation, pancreas
~Reduce period pain and PMS and healthy fetus
~Fever reducer, blood pressure reduction, muscles, RLS, high blood pressure
~Balanced nature (neutrality) and self-awareness, motivation
~Detox and fortify liver; infections
~Emanates gentleness and power; stimulate throat for speaking and learning inner wisdom from heart
~Facilitate empathetic connection to earth consciousness
~Facilitate flow and dispel fire energies; communication
~Teaches how sound effects reality
~Assists in releasing sarcasm, criticism, and facetiousness and associated fear
~Release stress, anxiety, fear based imbalance

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Sometimes you just need to anchor yourself to see things in black and white! 




Secret garden Bottle necklace ´Purple Version`

Handmade. The most romantic necklace.
Czech glass flowers are perfectly hooked to both branches, which hold a tiny glass bottle, nicely filled with a white daisy.

- Vial size, without Cork: 10X20 mm (0.71in x 0.51in)
- Necklace lenght: around 25 cm (13 inch aprox.)

All the products are shipped well packaged, in a custom box with an cute organza bag :)
All the bronze parts are nickel free and non toxic ;)


It’s not easy being green, unless you’re this guy!