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I have a friend who met Neil degrasse Tyson via a internship at a big museum and she presented him w a handcrafted necklace from her tribe and he was like "oh I don't need that but thanks" and she said he was a huge egotistical drunk douchebag for the entire time she saw him. So there's a reason that he's the worst

ive heard so many stories like that. by all accounts hes just a total dickhead. what an asshole


Feather-light, handcrafted leather necklace with a little glass vial filled with forest treasures as pendant. The vial contains a tiny sample of moss, usnea (tree’s beard) and lichen I collected from the forest. Get your unique piece here!


Sometimes you just need to anchor yourself to see things in black and white! 




Secret garden Bottle necklace ´Purple Version`

Handmade. The most romantic necklace.
Czech glass flowers are perfectly hooked to both branches, which hold a tiny glass bottle, nicely filled with a white daisy.

- Vial size, without Cork: 10X20 mm (0.71in x 0.51in)
- Necklace lenght: around 25 cm (13 inch aprox.)

All the products are shipped well packaged, in a custom box with an cute organza bag :)
All the bronze parts are nickel free and non toxic ;)

Would anybody want to buy one of these necklaces from me? I don’t really have any money from losing my job and in the mean time I could make some of these necklaces. They are handmade and hand-sculpted out of clay and each one is unique. I can do different colors also, and I have a few other necklaces in different styles to list.

It would help me out SO MUCH. Because I am behind on money. If you want one please go here:


Thank you! 


You can get it here!: https://www.etsy.com/listing/221286737/chrome-and-garnet-dragon-tree-of-life