handcrafted necklaces

“Enchanted Forest” pendant, fully handmade.
Polymer clay,  labrador,  acrylics,  leather cord, copper.
Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright.
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Charon’s Lantern Amulet in sterling silver.

Charon is the ferryman who navigates the rivers of the underworld and ferries the souls of the dead across… if they pay the toll of course.

This delicately crafted amulet was inspired by the myth of Charon. We imagine his skiff lit at the bow by a beautifully intricate lantern, lighting his way through the dim and damp mist of the River Styx and Acheron.

Quartz crystals are set inside the lantern to symbolise its eternal flame. Black tourmaline crystals are also available. Can be crafted in bronze as well.



Funky Poppy 

Funky Poppy is a store in Barbican, Plymouth that sells rather unusual buttons and statement button jewelry. If you don’t live near Barbican, Plymouth, don’t worry! You can shop online at Funky Poppy by clicking here.

Funky Poppy also currently has a tumblr, you can visit their page by clicking here.

If you are looking for some buttons or your next piece of jewelry– look no further! Shop at Funky Poppy today to get unique, one of a kind jewelry and buttons. 

Contact & Follow Funky Poppy:

Instagram: @Funky_Poppy

Email: info@funkypoppy.com

Telephone: 01752 261837



Store Information:

The House That Jack Built, 10 – 11 Southside St

Barbican, Plymouth

Mon – Sat 10.30 am – 5 pm & Sundays 12 pm – 4 pm

E P I C   N E W S

I’m getting a studio quite soon so I’ll be able to work a lot more! Also, I got a great deal for purchasing materials, which means - the prices went down! I’m so happy right now, please take a peek at my shop and share the news!

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