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The Sierra Chair by Croft House

The Sierra Chair is a Scandinavian and Japanese minimalistic interpretation of a classic lounge chair with a Californian summer twist to it. It is designed by the Los Angeles based Croft House company, who carefully selected the materials that give this beautiful piece of furniture its light wight and comfortable summer appearance. They also took great care in selecting the Los Angeles based craftsmen, who hand make all parts of the chair and put it together.


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Spikes X009 is made of 16 oz. Japanese heavy red line selvedge from the Kurabo mill. The denim is stiff due to being constructed on a tight weave promising some great crease fades. Added details include back pocket hidden copper rivets, triple-stitched seat flat seams, triple-stitched belt loops that are tucked under the waistband for a clean finish. The X009’s, along with all of their other jeans, are completely built from cutting, sewing to finishing inside the Railcar Workshop in Arcadia, California, using traditional and vintage equipment. The combination of exceptional American craftsmanship and quality Japanese denim make these a great addition to the Railcar collection.

-16 oz. Japanese red line selvedge from Kurabo
-Rear pocket hidden riveting
-Triple-stitched seat seams
-Triple-stitched belt loops that are tucked under the waistband for a strong and clean look
-Two-piece inner and outer waistband to reduce waistband stretch and better fades
-Continuous chain stitched waistband that are tucked to reduce unraveling
-Chain stitch bottom hem
-8oz raw leather patch that is heat-burnt branded and hand made in the Railcar Workshop
-Graphic printed olive green pocket bags
-Railcar branded buttons
-Copper burr riveting
-Railcar signature “R” fly stitch
-Selvedge out seam, coin pocket and inner fly
-Crafted in the USA

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Etsy shop:https://www.etsy.com/shop/LunarLightForge?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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