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This is the finished Green Dress. The dress and design was made by me. Everything was hand sewn. The design is renaissance inspired, but I made the patterns myself. I will post the progress pictures below.

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The time has come…

I finally made this purse! I bought the fabric for this a few months ago and it just took me ages to get the proper inspiration, and drive to make it. The big thing was that I didn’t believe my sewing skills could master making a circle bag. But after a few quick YouTube tutorials, I was on my way!
The outcome is amazing! I love this purse to death. I still can’t believe I made it all by myself 🙌
Only one downside, I wish I used stronger stabiliser, as it is a bit mushy and can lose some of its form.
But it was so nice to see how much I have actually managed to pick up on while messing around with sewing. Now if only I could just start making clothes…


Sometimes you just need to anchor yourself to see things in black and white! 



I’m working on a new renaissance inspired dress. It was designed, drafted and hand sewn by me. This is The Navy Dress and I designed this one for my dear Oana. The top and skirt are almost done. The dress will of course have a piece that covers the chest that I haven’t made yet, that’s why she’s wearing a sports bra in the pictures. I’m currently working on the sleeves. I will post progress pictures of the sleeves too after they’re done. I’m really proud of the top for this dress because it’s the first time I made the inside pretty too. For the other dresses I really didn’t pay any attention to how they look on the inside, but for this one I made the lining pretty and I really like that. As usual, absolutely everything was hand sewn. This is the design I want to make for the sleeves:

I wanted to make these sleeves for The Green Dress, but I changed my mind because I loved how the simple puffed sleeves turned out. 

- Maria Heller