I’m excited to say that there are just a few of our ‘Sleeves Up Hands Dirty’ prints available on our etsy store.

This one hangs proudly above my desk & is a much needed daily reminder to get it done! Carefully handprinted on unbleached woven fabric. Hangs well as is, or looks great framed. Get in quick as I’ve only printed a small quantity.

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I will be leaving town for 10-15 days so all orders will be delayed. (Especially custom and made to order items)

However, it’s really important to me that you guys keep me busy when I get back, so I’ll leave my shop open and of course,  here’s 20% off coupon code as an apology for waiting!  Just enter the code “JULY20″ before you checkout with your PayPal!

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave the code active, but I’ll remove it from my shop announcement before I deactivate it, so make sure you check it before you order. 

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Have a great summer  ❣ ☀

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Wow, I totally never posted these here! These are the newest iteration of my plush Cookie Cats, which sold at FWA this past March. Here’s an idea of their size! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12842921/

I am available to make more however- they are $40 which includes US shipping. :) Add $5 for international. If you’re interested in commissioning one, drop me a line! lobitaworks[at]gmail.com

Happy July 4th! Free Shipping using code FREESHIPS at www.buttaflyjonez.com over 50 pairs of earrings added to the site by Debra Harbour. Now, Buy her Ear Art #earrings !! One day only! Free shipping is over at 11:59p #afrocentric #naturalbeauty #BlackOwned #blacklivesmatter #earrings #handcrafted #handmade #teamnaturalhair #naturalhair #teamlocs #teamdreads #locjewels #loctician #locjewelry #dreads #eclectic #septumpiercing #locbeads #bathandbody #naturalproducts (at www.buttaflyjonez.com)


Shamrock Necklace - Handmade - Only 1 available!

Orders over $10 are on 10% off discount all June! Just enter the code “SUNSHINE” before you checkout with your PayPal.

Also, the shipping price for the second item is now only $0.50, so if you’re ordering make sure to ask some friends if they’re interested in something from my shop and get combined shipping!

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Making the collector’s edition of the book “Diez pájaros en mi ventana” by Ediciones Ekaré SUR felt very much like having a child. After all the work put into binding them, it’s hard to see them leave. One can only hope each and every copy falls into the righteous hands of caring owners. If you want to see the bookbinding process you can go here. You can also buy it here! /Participar en la producción del libro “Diez pájaros en mi ventana” de Ediciones Ekaré SUR fue muy parecido a tener hijos. Después del trabajo de creación y educación sentimental toca el desasosiego de verlos partir, guardando la secreta esperanza de que caigan en buenas manos. Si quieres ver el proceso de encuadernación del libro puedes hacerlo aquí. ¡También puedes comprarlo aquí