handbag handle


etsyfindoftheday | 7.8.17

bag styles by smallworlddreams

i love the neutral color schemes, leather-and-canvas style, and unique patterns at australian etsy shop smallworlddreams! i’d totally carry many of their pieces.


FerragamoVIP | Candela Novembre wears head-to-toe Salvatore Ferragamo. She selected a black chiffon dress with feather embellishments #FerragamoSS16, black strappy sandals with 3-dimensional rainbow polka dot heel, from Edgardo Osorio for Salvatore Ferragamo collection. And a multicolor nappa bucket handbag with top handle from the Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo collection. www.ferragamo.com

delinquent!luke finding out that his reform school has a new policy against piercings and purposely going out of his way to find every. single. way around the dress code; wearing doc martins and skinny jeans because they “didn’t actually specify what black shoes and trousers they meant” while unbuttoning all his shirts at the top, wearing socks that say ‘fuck’ and 'you’ on each ankle, deliberately rolling his sleeves up to reveal freshly inked tattoos with the excuse “they’re not allowed to touch fabric yet”, taking his piercings out when told to only to stick his pierced tongue out at the teacher once they turn their back and even going out of his way to make sure the PE kit was opposed by wearing t-shirts so tight that you could see every line and dip in his torso, it would get to the point where he was wearing so many bracelets that he was constantly getting caught on girls’ handbags and door handles, even pulling out a girl’s earring by accident at one point. after months of battling him, the uniform rule defying piercings would be dismissed and he would come to class the next day in pristine uniform, pulling his lip ring between his teeth with a smug “now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”