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Hello! Thank you for always translating Barakamon & Handa-kun! I'm curious, do you happen to know anything about Totodon? I know it's another Barakamon spin-off but, about who??? Handa grown up???? Pooch-san?????????? I need to know...

woooow! hi there !!! yourwelcome~~~!

I cannot begin to describe how this went under my radar, I mean I saw pics but I didn’t paid much attention, can’t remember whyyyy WHY

ALSO I’ll be sooooo uploading translations of Totodon too!!!! bless you dear anon.

TOTODON//ととどん(Barakamon 4koma spin-off)

It’s a series, and I mean a bunch of 4 koma that have been slowly update to barakamon’s official twitter. It’s about Handa Seimei( Handa Seishuu’s father) when he was younger, the same age as his son in the main series, and he also went to the island. In most of them, if not almost all, he appears with the mayor (hiro’s dad).

can check the raws here if you want

Ono Daisuke won "Best Actor & Best Personality" in the 9th Seiyuu Awards

Congratulations to him, he really deserves it. He had lots of popular roles last year.


…and I remember the first time he won “Best Actor” was in the 4th Seiyuu awards for his role as Sebastian. That sneaky demon gave him luck this year too, althoughI don’t know yet if he won because of him. Either way HusbandoD deserves it!