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Animage June 2011

Inazuma Heroes, 10 years later!
Inazuma GO is set in Inazuma’s world 10 years later. All of our readers sent in so many ideas about what they want Endou and the others to do!

~Picture captions~
Kidou and Fudou: ‘Along with inheriting his family business, Kidou will become coach of Teikoku! Fudou could become CEO of a successful business or something, haha.’
-Almost everyone unanimously agrees that Fudou will successfully climb the corporate ladder.

Burn and Gazel:
‘Soccer senseis!’
-Cool as a cucumber Suzuno gets glasses. They suit him!

Endou and Gouenji:
‘They want to play soccer peacefully! They both become representatives for Japan and keep winning!’
-This golden combination hasn’t changed after 10 years!

Kazemaru, Fubuki, Hiroto:
'My three favorite characters! Kazemaru - Guidance councilor for the track club! It would be cool if he cut his hair!
Hiroto - He works for the Sun Garden. I’d love if he straightened his hair again.
Fubuki - Coach for Hakuren! If he would cut his hair just a little I’d be happy! I want to draw more characters but these are my favorites. I think Endou won’t change too much…’
-There were a lot of people who wanted Kazemaru to cut his hair.

-It seems like Tachimukai will become a good man

Gouenji, Kazemaru and Fubuki: 'Gouenji - I definitely want him to become a doctor. And I wonder if Shuuya and Yuka’s Dad and Toramaru’s mother will remarry…
Kazemaru - He continues playing soccer with Endou up to high school and becomes a representative for Japan after that. If he became a track and field player, I feel like he’d be popular with girls, haha.
Fubuki - As for the almighty Fubuki, since his bond with Atsuya is in soccer he has to continue that no matter what. Personally I think he’d be great with kids.’
-You definitely won’t rule out the possibility of Gouenji becoming a doctor?

'He’ll definitely become something like an astronomer! It would be good if he still plays soccer sometimes too.’
-There were a lot of people who wanted him to do something related to astrology!

Handa and Max:
-doesn’t the suit suit you, Handa-san

-Ohh! Hiroto and the others are small! Haha.

-Our editing team is waiting for you!

High school Yuka:
-Shuuya is proud of his little sister’s growth!

-His beauty has been polished!

Chensoo, Aphrodi, Gazel and Burn:
'Aphrodi - A Korean Star - I don’t want him to marry… G&B - I want them to stay this way, together after 10 years!’
-It just feels right to give Chensoo a beard!

As for opinions about what the others will do~
Endou: A representative for Japan!
Gouenji: A doctor. If he wears his hair down and straight and wears glasses he’ll be striking (Translator’s notes: If he did this d get sick just to visit him)/When Yuka-chan gets a boyfriend he will cry out loud.
Kidou: In any case, he’ll graduate in his goggles and cape! / He’ll get full marks on his Japanese exam!
Kazemaru: He’ll happily be captain forever
Kabeyama and Kurimasu: A comedy duo!
Fubuki: He’ll continue his studies to college, and live with Someoka!/ He’ll become captain of Hakuren and play against Raimon / He’ll become a ski teacher in Hokkaido. He’ll still be as popular as ever./ What if his personality suddenly became like Atsuya?
Aki: A nurse for Raimon Junior
Rika/ Touko/ Reina: They win the Japanese women’s cup!
Tsunami: Become a world renowned pro-surfer
Natsumi: Become governor of Raimon Junior
Haruna: A sports reporter for a magazine
Fideo: An MVP for European soccer
Hiroto: Number one HOST!!!
Midorikawa: Open an ice-cream shop. Please sell matcha ice cream./ Work as nursery school teacher at Sun Garden and teach small kids soccer
Kidou-loving Sakuma will become a secretary for Kidou corp. Genda will become a handsome nursery school teacher.
Sakuma: A penguin caretaker. The penguins surely adore him.
Ichinose: His wish came true and America becomes a big soccer country! / He makes his debut as an idol!
Tobitaka: Policeman.
Aliea Top5: They continue to run Father’s company together
Aphrodi: A magazine model. He has angel wings in photos.

Translator’ Notes: I’d love to hear your opinion! What do you guys think? Some were accurate… Some not so much… Fudou climbing the corporate ladder lmao…

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Hello! Thank you for always translating Barakamon & Handa-kun! I'm curious, do you happen to know anything about Totodon? I know it's another Barakamon spin-off but, about who??? Handa grown up???? Pooch-san?????????? I need to know...

woooow! hi there !!! yourwelcome~~~!

I cannot begin to describe how this went under my radar, I mean I saw pics but I didn’t paid much attention, can’t remember whyyyy WHY

ALSO I’ll be sooooo uploading translations of Totodon too!!!! bless you dear anon.

TOTODON//ととどん(Barakamon 4koma spin-off)

It’s a series, and I mean a bunch of 4 koma that have been slowly update to barakamon’s official twitter. It’s about Handa Seimei( Handa Seishuu’s father) when he was younger, the same age as his son in the main series, and he also went to the island. In most of them, if not almost all, he appears with the mayor (hiro’s dad).

can check the raws here if you want

Ono Daisuke won "Best Actor & Best Personality" in the 9th Seiyuu Awards

Congratulations to him, he really deserves it. He had lots of popular roles last year.


…and I remember the first time he won “Best Actor” was in the 4th Seiyuu awards for his role as Sebastian. That sneaky demon gave him luck this year too, althoughI don’t know yet if he won because of him. Either way HusbandoD deserves it!